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    What the Hell is Wrong with the 2015 Cincinnati Reds?

    in Sports

    I will be breaking down the failure that is the 2015 Cincinnati Reds with my man Joseph Fletcher.  The topics to be covered include:

    What has gone wrong for the Reds?
    How can a team with an ace like Johnny Cueto (before he was traded) and the best closer in baseball in Arodis Chapman (he may be traded soon) suck so bad?
    Should the Reds have kept Dusty Baker?

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    Guest: Dzung X. Vo, MD, FAAP, author of The Mindful Teen: Powerful Skills

    in Relationships

    In this powerful book, a pediatrician specializing in teen and adolescent medicine offers a breakthrough mindfulness program to help you deal with stress in healthy ways, improve communication, and reduce conflicts with family and friends.
    Being a teen is stressful! Whether it’s school, friends, or dating, the teen years are full of difficult changes—both mentally and physically. If you’re like many teens, you may have difficulty dealing with stress in effective ways. You aren’t alone, and there are things you can do to stay calm, no matter how stressful life becomes. All you need to do is stop, breathe, and be mindful and aware in the present moment.
    The Mindful Teen offers a unique program based in mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to help you deal with stress. The simple, practical, and easy-to-remember tips in this book can be used every day to help you handle any difficult situation more effectively—whether it’s taking a test at school, having a disagreement with your parents, or a problem you are having with friends.
    If you’re ready to uncover your own inner strength and resilience through mindful awareness and take charge of your life, this book will show you how.
    Dzung X. Vo, MD, FAAP, is a pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine at British Columbia Children’s Hospital, and clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, Vancouver, Canada. His medical practice, teaching, and research emphasize promoting resilience in young people to help them thrive in the face of complex stress and adversity. He has helped to develop and teach mindfulness training programs for youth with chronic stress, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. You can find him online at www.mindfulnessforteens.com.

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    Armed & Fabulous : Epidode 6 | Stonewall Was a Riot

    in Politics

    The Stonewall Riot:  State violence , secrecy and shame =====> radical social and political changes.   Revolutionary violence is justified where it qualifies as self-defense. The aggression on our people and the riot(s) that finally happened.

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    Suck Less

    in Automotive

    Auto Dealer Live is a weekly radio show that broadcasts nation wide for the automotive industry. We bring together the most up to date news, information, controversy and methods being used around the country to progress the industry.

    Co Hosts David Villa, CEO of IPD, and David Cribbs, Lead Trainer of Auto Dealer University, have a combined 45 years working in the Automotive Industry. The Automotive industry is one of their biggest passions in life. They strive to continue pushing it forward.

    Auto Dealer Live is not a run of the mill show. We bring content, people and information others aren’t. We were first to get Edmunds on the phone and sales people on the phone when the edmunds commercials came out and brought a lot of anger with it. We held a full blown BDC debate between Industry greats Sean V Bradley and Alan Ram. We bring big names guests in the industry such as: Grant Cardone, Jim Ziegler, Tom Hopkins, Alan Ram, Danny Benites, Amanda & Erin Ryan, Laura Madison, Corey Mosley, Kate Frost and many others.

    Want more information about who we are and what we do? Visit our site:


    Tune in each Thursday at 3:30 PM (EST) to hear us live.

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    The Late Late Shift with Steven - Episode 19 (The Guns Suck Edition)

    in Entertainment

    I always wanted a pet raccoon. They just seem so cool, you know? They're perpetually wearing pimp suits and superhero style domino masks, all washing their food before they eat it and doing pseudo human stuff. Raccoons just seem like they know what's going on, you know? Like they've got the inside line on what's up.

    This podcast is not going to be about raccoons. Probably. Hell, it could be. I sincerely doubt it, though, because I don't so much plan ahead with these things. The Late Late Shift is literally my stream of consciousness for a half hour. Sometimes mildly controversial, sometimes informative, sometimes simply conversational, the one thing I always try to make it is entertaining with maybe a piece of funny here and there. Do I succeed? Listen to it and find out, dig?

    Chester. That's what my pet raccoon's name would be. Chester the Raccoon. Esquire.

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    Intel Chip Chat - Live from OpenStack Vancouver 2015 - Day Two

    in Technology

    Host Allyson Klein broadcasts live on technology trends from OpenStack in Vancouver, BC. 

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    in Culture






    S SHOW

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    Asylum Fantasy Sports Show 252- 3 Yards and a Cloud of Suck

    in Sports

    Because you need honest, truthful, blunt and accurate information, Fleeger & Briggs are here again to help you get started in your fantasy championship quest! Covering everything in fantasy football that you will want to hear, the boys are here to help! Tonight, Fleeger & Briggs are going to be focusing on backfields and backfield depth. Don't be left out and stay informed! Sit back, relax and tune int. This is YOUR time!

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    Intel Chip Chat - Live from OpenStack Vancouver 2015 - Day One

    in Technology

    Host Allyson Klein broadcasts live on technology trends from OpenStack in Vancouver, BC. 

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    Week 10, 2015: The C's join the party

    in Sports

    Short-season MiLB is away, with the GCL Blue Jays, Bluefield Blue Jays and Vancouver Canadians all getting into the swing of things. In Vancouver, first-rounder Jon Harris makes his professional debut. In Lansing, the Eastern Division champion Lugnuts welcome back Home Run Derby champion Ryan McBroom, now leading the Midwest League in batting average. In Dunedin, the D-Jays greet top prospects Anthony Alford, Rowdy Tellez and Chase De Jong while celebrating Jairo Labourt's Futures Game selection. In New Hampshire, Dalton Pompey continues to hit while Blake McFarland enjoys his best relief outing yet. And in Buffalo, Devon Travis continues to progress in his road back to the Major Leagues. Join the voices of the Blue Jays' Minor League system for the latests insight and outlook from all along the ladder! #AroundtheNest


    in Christianity

    At the same time anarchy is seeking to sweep away all law, not only divine, but human. The centralizing of wealth and power; the vast combinations for the enriching of the few at the expense of the many; the combinations of the poorer classes for the defense of their interests and claims; the spirit of unrest, of riot and bloodshed; the world-wide dissemination of the same teachings that led to the French Revolution—all are tending to involve the whole world in a struggle similar to that which convulsed France.

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