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    LatinoTalk Texas 2014, 0042 Texas & Latino Values

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    LatinoTalk Texas is America's only daily independent political analysis from the Latino perspective.  On today's show I discussed a number of timely issues important Latinos and Latinos in Texas. First, I read an article from Latina.com that pointed out Latino celebrities that are not afraid to comment on political issues especially those important to other Latinos like Immigration Reform which this show favors greatly. Next, I discuss the insulting prospect that a conservative "news" outlet joked the murderess of Selena Quintanilla Perez would be released from prison. This is not true but remains personally insulting. I read an article from "Latinos Ready to Vote" outlining the religiosity of Mexicanos and Mexican Americans in America. No surprise the vast majority, like this show, are Catholic. Later, I mention that Texas Values is working on a number of morality issues in Texas and among them is the effort to defend Christmas and other religious expression which this show also supports. Another issue in the sights of Texas Values is the City of Plano, Texas that has passed a controversial "equal rights" ordinance. Opponents say it violates the First Amendment Freedom of Religion. I enter into a reminding discussion of my perception of the two major political forces in America. They are the Culture of Life and the Culture of Anti-Life or the Culture of Death. Because this show and the vast majority of Latinos are Catholic, we are among the Culture of Life and work to expose the Culture of Death and its means of undermining the Culture of Life. Lastly, I read two articles about Immigration Reform. One article from CNN and by an economist reports on the financial benefits of Immigration Reform which confirms what we have said for years. Lastly, another article articulates the political pitfalls the Republicans have now they have failed to act on Immigration Reform.

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    Ethics vs Morals: Are We Sending Mixed Messages?

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    Join A.Raquel, Mahoghani Dawn and Ray Cornelius on Tuesday for another edition of The Conversation Cafe™ as they discuss the latest news and entertainment topics of the day during their “Keeping You In the Know” segment and in the second half of the show A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn will discuss Ethics vs Morals:  Are We Sending Mixed Messages? Tune in to join the conversation at 773-897-3986 and “Remember…where there’s no dialogue, there’s no conversation!”

    Follow The Conversation Cafe™ on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @theconvocafe or www.theconvocafe.com

    Follow Ray Cornelius on Facebook: facebook.com/Ray-Cornelius Twitter: @RayCornelius75 Instagram:instagram.com/raycornelius. 

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    Show 24: Professor Helen Jackson and Her Class on Ethics

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    Helen Jackson has taught a class on ethics this past semester that became a hit with the students from day one.  They found thsmselves discussing matters from ethical perspectives that they had never thought about before the class. Then one day Mrs. Byrd sat in on the class and was so impressed that she decided to do a show including a 30-minute class discussion involving the students and Mrs. Jackson. On today's show, John and Karla talk with Mrs. Jackson about the class and then allow you to listen in on the class discussion. If you wanted to know what goes on in a college class, this is your chance to find out!

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    Critical Conversations: CIA Torture, OPEC & oil prices and media ethics and UVA

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    Communities Digital News Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth, a former CIA analyst and Senior Political Editor Dr. J.W. Picht will tackle this weeks headlines from the Democratic Torture Report to the Saudi manipulation of oil to discourage fracking and green energy entrepreneurship in the the U.S.   Dr. Picht will be joined by national journalist Kevin Fobbs to discuss media ethics. 

    Critical Conversations is a weekly headline show that discusses the headlines - from politics to entertainment - the dominate the news cycle. Critical Conversations is live, Thursday at 6:30pm EST.


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    Aviation Ethics

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    http://m0a.com I bit of a sideroad from our normal "flight training conversations. I was approached this week on the topic of aviation ethics and what they mean to me and what new pilots should know to follow.

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    Thanksgiving special, consumerism and ethics

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    A discussion on the relationship between material wealth and happiness.  Including so called "consumerism" "anti materialism".  Focus on the ways in which in irrational perspective on money creates sub par outcomes for people.

    Some questions about our cultures perspective on money

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    Dialog on the fundamental questions of ethics.

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    Dialogue between me and James Ellias.  Tackling the fundamental questions of ethical theory in philosophy

     Focus on Ayn Rand's attempt to establish an objective theory of morality, my concerns with that attempt,  and the general major questions of ethics

    James and I wanted to have a conversation about a long standing set of questions and making it publically available is great added value.

    Promised early on podcast would include regular philosophical conversation, and here it is.

    might end up running into second episode due to time constraints.

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    You are welcome to join this insightful discussion by calling in 347-850-1533 on Sunday, October 26, 2014 at 12:30pm for episode of TRUE TALKS WITH OFAE OFAE with our special guest OLOYE SOLAGBADE POPOOLA, President of the International Council for Ifa Religion (ICIR).  We will be discussing the CODE OF ETHICS FOR IFA & ORISA DEVOTEES AND INITIATES WORLDWIDE. 

    What are the CODE OF ETHICS as handed down by the ICIR? Who are expected to follow these Code of Ethics? Is there or will there be a campaign to instill these Code of Ethics in the minds and hearts of devotees and initiates? What are the implications for not following these Code of Ethics? Is there some form of disciplinary action in regards to breaking the rules as set forth in the Code of Ethic? Who will be responsible for disciplinary action, if need be?

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    Fantasy Football Weekly: Week 16 DFS Values

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    Kevin Hanson and Dan Yanotchko discuss Week 16 fantasy football values in daily fantasy sports (DFS) leagues at all of the major positions.  Also, check out our Week 16 fantasy football rankings.

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    The United States has always prided itself in proclaiming that we are a nation that was built on Christian values. Yet, upon closer observation, true Christian values include a variety of things that we have historically and currently have failed to live up to. Historically, we established this nation by virtually annihilating the Native Americans who had settled here many thousands of years before the Europeans sailed the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The honored Founding Fathers who fought and died for liberty and justice for all men, owned slaves, got rich from the African slave trade and reduced those of African descent to being mere chattel, not recognized as being even human, but rather animals. The Chinese were treated as slave laborers during the building of the transatlantic railroad and American-Japanese were imprisoned as enemies of the state in internment camps, during World War II.

    Currently, the war on poverty has become the war against the impoverished. Immoral lifestyles are being supported and viewed as an alternative. The disabled, senior citizens and others that are considered outside of what society defines as being viable and contribulatory are treated as second class citizens. Then there is the question of immigration. Oddly, this issue is a hotbed one, even though every citizen that makes up this country is a descendant of an immigrant. We are came off of a ship, boat or dingy.

    So, when we say, Christian values, exactly what do we mean? We will be looking at St. Matthew 25: 34-40, Hebrews 13:1-3, Acts 4:32,34, 1 John 3: 16-18, and  1 John 4:20-21.

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    Fantasy Football Weekly: Week 15 DFS Values

    in Football

    Kevin Hanson and Dan Yanotchko discuss Week 15 fantasy football values in daily fantasy sports (DFS) leagues at all of the major positions.  Also, check out our Week 15 fantasy football rankings.

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