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    You Have Got to be Real with Natalie Albano

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    Im back!!!!!

    Can you have MLK day without Jesus???



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    Yuryra Guzman | Could you really have it all?

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    About Yuryra Guzman

    Yuryra is a student of lifelong learning and exploration, a 15-year professional in the field of Human Development, a go-getting, change-making/risk-taking millennial. These are just some of the epithets that can be applied to Yuryra. She is also a Bestseller Author with "Colors of Now "and "I'm Having it", Coach of Possibilities,  Host of "Seducing Beyond Limitations" Radio Show at A2zen.fmInternational Workshop Teacher, Reiki Master, Access Consciousness®, Right Relationship For You ® Certified Facilitator and your Playground Hostess. She is recognized for her seemingly magical ability to open up the possibility  for others to enjoy life and start playing again

    Could you really have it all?

    What if you could have everything that you ever desire in your life and it doesn't requires to sell your soul to evil?  If you could have it all, what would you choose to have? Would you choose it all? Do you really desire to have it all? Are you willing to do and be what it takes to have it all? Even if it means to get uncomfortable and people may judge the hell out of you?

    We use the tools of Access Consciousness on the show, which includes the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement. You can find more information on the Clearing Statement at www.theclearingstatement.com.

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    You Have Got to be Real with Natalie Albano

    in Current Events

    What a year in the wilderness!!

    Im Baxk!!!!!!!

    Talkin bout that pc parrot!!!!



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    You Have Got to be Real with Natalie Albano

    in Current Events

    Powerless Christianity...........The church in the west is in trouble

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    Are You a Dreamer? What Do You Have to Offer? & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

    in Spirituality

    It's fine to dream big but you must have a plan.  Do you want to be very wealthy?  Do you wish to be very wealthy? Be careful what you wish for.  You just might get it but at what cost?  Do you wish for someone to love you? You just might get your wish, however, even if it's with the person you want they might be so obsessive and controlling. Wishes are more spells.  There is usually a huge price to pay when you wish.  If you put a love spell on someone it would change who that person truly is and you wouldn't be happy.  If it's meant to be than it shall be. If you want wealth you need to do self reflection as to why this is so important to you? Money is not going to make you happy and happiness comes from within.  Yes, we should raise the polarrity on money and love and raise the vibrational level.  We do need goals in life and it takes hard work sometimes.

    What do you have to offer in a relationship?  A relationship is giving and not just receiving.  What are you going to contribute?  When you are independent and you are happy within than you will find your other half. No one can make you whole. You must do that.  Remember a partner is not a goal.  When you are confident and happy within that's what you send to the Universe and you will attract the right partner.  Women are often programmed from a child that a Prince will rescue them and that is not reality.


    Private readings contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com. 

    Love and Light,


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    Matthew 5:13
    "You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. Saints, we are representatives of God, when we receive Him as our savior. We are no longer our own, but we have been bought with a price. 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20. So when we backslide or live on the fence, lukewarm, we lose the God influence, confidence, that other saw in us, and may never be able to win that soul to God. Mark 9:50
    "Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other."
    We can become salty again by repenting and receiving God back into our lives. God is married to the backslider.  There is no divorce in the Lord.

    Keep your SPIRIT SALTY AND SEASONED, TASTEFUL, so that you represent our father well and others will want what you have. Stay focused, meditating on God's word and prayerful.

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    What Have You Learned!?

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    I carry the lessons that my Granny taught me every day. I use them to dig me out of death traps set for me by others and myself. There are moments when her voice is faint and I need to STOP, tune in and catch my breath. You are invited to take 60 minutes to catch your breath to identify if we’ve been fools or if we’ve taken every opposition and turned them into jewels?

    I was prompted me to stop and gather all of the nuggets I’ve learned over the past year. I learned a few things about myself, some that I loved and some I hated. I realized that I was doing a lot but not really getting a lot done. I wasn’t producing the best results and for me results mean a lot of things (MONEY-FUN-SEX-ROCKnSOUL)

    As I recalibrated myself, I learned that I didn’t need to try so hard to be the business, the brand; coach/speaker/teacher. I AM spiritually all of those things and that trying to be them meant I didn’t actually believe that.

    TIP: You don’t have to try to be anything that GOD has called you to be. Just show up and put on your anointing. It’s not one size fits all. It was made just for you!


    Ask yourself:

    What has life really taught me?
    What lessons have I really learned?
    How have I applied those learned lessons?
    Am I living a remedial life, constantly repeating the same destructive patterns?



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    11292015 Finding what you have lost.

    in Religion

    Join Bro. J.O. Sparks at 11:00 PM (EST) as he preaches a message titled, "Finding what you have lost." So many today are weary from the searching. They have become frustrated in their search to find what they have lost, the thing that made them happy, that gave them joy. When we lose sight of Jesus, and walk away from Jesus and are unaware of how valuable Jesus really is to us, we simply just exist and we lose sight of what truly is the cause of our joy and His Name is Jesus Christ.

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    Determining Who Or What Is Of Value To You in 2016!

    in Lifestyle

    Who matters to you and why?

    What mattest to you and why?  

    Knowing the answers to this question will cause you to have a more prosperous and happy New Year 2016!  You are fortunate to be living during the Great Technological Revolution.  This is an Era that will go down in the history books as the most freeing time in the history of mankind!  This is the time that we will evolve beyond consciousness. This is the time predicted by experts in the past and current experts as an evolutionary leap beyond poverty, suffering, and, dying!  

    Your awareness to these two questions will help you have a more balanced new year.  2016 serves as the bridge to happiness, prosperity and romantic-love.  Come play with me today on the radio and have a Prosperous Romantic New-Year!

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    What to expect on your journey to rising in love with you?

    in Self Help

    I, Dionne Adessa will discuss the "other side" of rising in love with you.  We often hear about the fabulous sensationalized part, but what about the side that hurts?  How will your life change for the better of yourself, but not so much the better of others, and are you really ready to rise in love with you and what does it really take?  Be ready for this episode will strike some feelings that you may not have known were still present.  

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    Jeremiah 29:11, For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
    Do you and I realize that, God has declared that He has plans for us. Have you ever asked God what are His plans for you? I love it how that God has me in mind. Look at His word, It is for me and you to prosper in every area of our lives. Where did we miss it? Is it that we have not received Christ in our lives? Is it that we are living a luke warm life? Are we living a religious life and have not a relationship with God? Do we not fellowship with Him? Do we not take the time to read God’s word, pray, communicate, meditate, believe what His word say, trust Him. Where is our confidence, faith. Is it in everybody else, but God?

     God's purposes. We often do not know our own minds, but the Lord is never at an uncertainty. We are sometimes ready to fear that God's designs are all against us; but as to his own people, even that which seems evil, is for good. He will give them, not the expectations of their fears, or the expectations of their fancies, but the expectations of their faith; the end he has promised, which will be the best for them. When the Lord pours out an especial spirit of prayer, it is a good sign that he is coming toward us in mercy. Promises are given to quicken and encourage prayer. He never said, Seek ye me in vain.  I know—I alone; not the false prophets who know nothing of My purposes, though they pretend to know.

    thoughts …

    expected end—literally, "end and expectation. Since God knows, why not ask Him, We have not because we ask not.