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    The Value of Friendship

    in Motivation

    Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz will discuss "The Value of Friendship" on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. Friendships are an important part of many people's lives. We are going to share our experiences with friendships and why they are important. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 10/4 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/10/05/the-value-of-friendship

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    How Strategic Planning & Execution Impact the Value of a Business

    in Business

    Seasoned business advisors Jeff Blanton, Jim Eaton and Richard Munro share their insights, experiences and stories from the trenches on how Strategic Planning & Execution impact the value of a business. They discuss why business planning and execution is important to optimizing valuation (and where you should start), the key reasons why businesses don’t execute strategically and the potential impacts on valuation and transaction success for business owners, and how to recognize the common business symptoms and warning signs that lead to sub-optimal performance and valuation.      

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    The Value Of Suffering

    in Christianity

    Although we typically dread suffering, there is great value in it. Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he discusses the value of suffering. In addition, we will read and discuss today's daily Mass readings. Tune in and see why so many people are making The Gary Zimak Show part of their daily spiritual routine!

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    From Strategic to Value-oriented: Driving Procurement’s Influence

    in Business

    ** Update: On December 7th, The Procurement Value Proposition received the Grand Prix ACA Bruel award at the Plumes des Achats ceremony in Paris. For more information on the award and other recognized titles, click here. Congratulations to both authors! **


    Today Buyers Meeting Point welcomes Gerard Chick and Dr. Robert Handfield the co-authors of The Procurement Value Proposition: The Rise of Supply Management. Gerard is the Chief Knowledge Officer at Optimum Procurement Group and Rob is the Bank of America University Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at the North Carolina State University Poole College of Management, and director of the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative.

    Since being published in 2014, The Procurement Value Proposition has quickly become one of the most referenced books in our profession. Click here to read Kelly Barner's review of the book on Buyers Meeting Point.

    In November, The Procurement Value Proposition was shortlisted for The 2015 Procurement Author Awards in Paris. On December 7th we will learn which title is selected for the Grand Prix ACA Bruel award.

    In this conversation we discuss:

    The difference between strategic procurement and value procurement, and what organizations need to drive their progress along that maturity curve.
    How procurement can learn to thrive and build influence in an environment of greater uncertainty.
    The importance of bolstering procurement’s capabilities in the areas of finance, behavioral studies, and understanding the local implications of global trade.

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    Silver, gold and other stores of value in these times of extreme uncertainty

    in Prepping

    You may have noticed the stock market's off to a rough start in early 2016, and cheap oil's not delivered the positive economic boost many so-called experts predicted it would. 

    Dry bulk shipping, the kind of shipping that moves masses of raw materials by sea from sourcing to manufacturers is also now reported to be "in a state of collapse." It's a dour data point suggesting manufacturers don't share the rosy economic optimism publicly expressed by politicians and media. 

    We had some good response when a recent program drifted into a discussion of silver and gold not long ago. This Friday, we'll asssess the topic again, along with some other potential stores of value in times of uncertainty.

    No, we're not saying 2016 is the year things finally fall apart. 

    But Don and Doug do see a continuing decline that has reached the point where every day that's perceived to be one of normalcy is one that perhaps does so on borrowed time.

    To ignore the danger signs at this juncture seems nothing short of foolish. 

    Agree or disagree, feel free to join our discussion at noon on Friday, january 22nd. 


    Please note, Don and Doug do not dispense investment advice, but would like to share our non-professional opinions to encourage your deeper exploration of some of our areas of discussion.

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    SOUL PURPOSE: A Lifestyle of Vision Value Empowerment and Self-Care

    in Women

    Beauty from the inside out. With a mix of soul music and spoken word, Soul Purpose CEO and I'm Walking In Wellness' Director, Jacqueline Taylor-Adams share a compelling Soul Purpose Lifestyle story of vision, value, beauty, empowerment and self-care. Call In (646) 716-7994 to listen and share.

    A socially responsible direct selling company, founded by Nadine Thompson, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company redefines empowerment by supporting individual purpose and vision through the marketing of natural, vegan, organic, quality products that illuminate body, beauty, style and spirit.

    Core Belief: "Every individual is blessed with a specific purpose in life and once that purpose is identified, life can take on extraordinary dimensions."

    With the goal to help entrepreneurs launch and sustain viable, socially responsible businesses that generate wealth, stimulate growth and revitalize diverse communities throughout the world, Soul Purpose provides affordable access to nuturing high quality products for our hair, face, and body.

    "Soul Purpose is dedicated to providing entrepreneurial opportunities and resources that empower people, especially African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women."

    Also, Soul Purpose is a gateway partner to Youngevity and other brands with high purity and product efficacy of nutritional products, and essential oils that compliment the #SoulPurpose brand.

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    Selling Value

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews Don Hutson: The Global Expert on Sales & Negotiations.

    At age 17 a young Don Hutson helped his dad selling houses in a brand new subdivision outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  Don had a problem.  As a skinny teenager, he needed to wear a suit, to appear older and more professional.  He thought adding a hat to the look would do the trick.  And so launched a legendary sales career for Don Hutson.  It was in that year he and his dad sold 76 houses, and the rest is history.

    Although his plan was to succeed his mother and father to get his degree at their alma mater, fate had a different plan, and that twist of fate was the key to Don Hutson’s incredible journey.  He worked his way through the University of Memphis, graduating with a degree in Sales, the only one in America at that time.

    Don went on to become the #1 salesperson in a national training organization. He established his own training firm and was soon in demand as a professional speaker.

    Don has been recognized with many honors, most recently the National Speakers Association’s “Master of Influence” Award.  He shares this recognition with leaders that include Ken Blanchard, Jack Kemp, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale.  Don is the author of 14 books, including his latest, Selling Value: Key Principle of Value-Based Selling, and his two Wall Street Journal and New York Times best sellers, The One Minute Entrepreneur: the Secret to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business and the One Minute Negotiator: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements.

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    in Health

    My guest tonight, Keith Thompson, a Clinical Hynotherapist is back to update us on his upcoming "Value System" webinar. .   A long time  student of the mind,  Keith started his journey in 1974 when he discovered the world of meditation and martial arts. From 1978-80, Keith attended Washington School of Professional Hypnosis where he obtained his certification in clinical hypnotherapy.  He has also worked in a private practice, "Inner World", where he worked with people with major illnesses and/or traumas in their life. 

    In 2006, Keith started his own radio show, “Designing Your Mind with Keith Thompson", and in 2008 he received his certification as a professional health coach.  Keith is currently  building a new website, "A journey into Value Systems" and spending  time writing, speaking, and teaching when the opportunities present themselves.

    Website:  www.myvaluesystems.com

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    Homeowner's Protect Your Value

    in Real Estate

    Foreclodure homes, board up property, and desperate sellers, kills your home value

    We tell you how and what you can do to STOP IT...
    On Mortgage Talk1

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    The Value of Value Investing

    in Finance

    Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” with a primer on value investing, including key metrics to look for and why management is a key factor in “deep value” investing.

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    Unconsciousness and Value Destruction

    in Lifestyle

    Are you aware of what is happening around you?  Do you notice when people gain fake prestige at the expense of value producers?  Do you "see-through" those who appear valid but don't really benefit their followers and society?

    Are you ready to claim your power and rewards simply by being aware of when people are stealing power from your efforts?   Being awre of the elements used by people to take power from others will help you overcome being used in  personal and business situations.  

    Would you like to avoid harm and profit in all situations?  You can.  You simply have to look at where a person's base of power comes from.  Do they put in the effort to gain in money, romance and power or do they get it because others do the work?  

    This could be your lucky day!  When I say luck I mean finding the honest equation in life.  One either brings value to life or rides off the efforts of others.  Stop those who take from you so you profit beyond what you ever thought possible.  You are one amazing person!  Can you Neothink?