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    The Value of Friendship

    in Motivation

    Dr. Aikyna Finch and Jessica Leichtweisz will discuss "The Value of Friendship" on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. Friendships are an important part of many people's lives. We are going to share our experiences with friendships and why they are important. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 10/4 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/10/05/the-value-of-friendship

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    How Strategic Planning & Execution Impact the Value of a Business

    in Business

    Seasoned business advisors Jeff Blanton, Jim Eaton and Richard Munro share their insights, experiences and stories from the trenches on how Strategic Planning & Execution impact the value of a business. They discuss why business planning and execution is important to optimizing valuation (and where you should start), the key reasons why businesses don’t execute strategically and the potential impacts on valuation and transaction success for business owners, and how to recognize the common business symptoms and warning signs that lead to sub-optimal performance and valuation.      

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    Selling Value

    in Business

    Denise Griffitts Interviews Don Hutson: The Global Expert on Sales & Negotiations.

    At age 17 a young Don Hutson helped his dad selling houses in a brand new subdivision outside of Memphis, Tennessee.  Don had a problem.  As a skinny teenager, he needed to wear a suit, to appear older and more professional.  He thought adding a hat to the look would do the trick.  And so launched a legendary sales career for Don Hutson.  It was in that year he and his dad sold 76 houses, and the rest is history.

    Although his plan was to succeed his mother and father to get his degree at their alma mater, fate had a different plan, and that twist of fate was the key to Don Hutson’s incredible journey.  He worked his way through the University of Memphis, graduating with a degree in Sales, the only one in America at that time.

    Don went on to become the #1 salesperson in a national training organization. He established his own training firm and was soon in demand as a professional speaker.

    Don has been recognized with many honors, most recently the National Speakers Association’s “Master of Influence” Award.  He shares this recognition with leaders that include Ken Blanchard, Jack Kemp, Zig Ziglar and Norman Vincent Peale.  Don is the author of 14 books, including his latest, Selling Value: Key Principle of Value-Based Selling, and his two Wall Street Journal and New York Times best sellers, The One Minute Entrepreneur: the Secret to Creating and Sustaining a Successful Business and the One Minute Negotiator: Simple Steps to Reach Better Agreements.

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    in Health

    My guest tonight, Keith Thompson, a Clinical Hynotherapist is back to update us on his upcoming "Value System" webinar. .   A long time  student of the mind,  Keith started his journey in 1974 when he discovered the world of meditation and martial arts. From 1978-80, Keith attended Washington School of Professional Hypnosis where he obtained his certification in clinical hypnotherapy.  He has also worked in a private practice, "Inner World", where he worked with people with major illnesses and/or traumas in their life. 

    In 2006, Keith started his own radio show, “Designing Your Mind with Keith Thompson", and in 2008 he received his certification as a professional health coach.  Keith is currently  building a new website, "A journey into Value Systems" and spending  time writing, speaking, and teaching when the opportunities present themselves.

    Website:  www.myvaluesystems.com

  • The Value of Mentorship

    in Motivation

    Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will discuss “The Value of Mentorship” on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. Growth requires changing. In that process it is imperative to both have a mentor and a mentee. Tune in to learn the value of mentorship in your journey of personal growth. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 10/11 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/10/13/the-value-of-mentorship


  • The Best of Own Your Career: How to Articulate Your Value with Branding Expert

    in Jobs

    As the CEO of Me, Inc. knowing and leveraging your value is key to career success. Branding Expert Chip Hartman takes us through the process of crystalizing your value statement/s which enables you to possess a powerful brand.

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    Your Value Doesn’t Decrease By Someone’s Inability To See Your Worth

    in Religion

    What if your strengths are NO VALUE TO ME?


    If I would put all my energy in trying to make something work, trying to help someone heal, but would abandon my own needs or truth in the process, because the desire to recognize or honor my own worth was not as strong as it was for me to show you yours.



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    The Value of Value Investing

    in Business

    Ron Gross kicks off “Strategy Week” with a primer on value investing, including key metrics to look for and why management is a key factor in “deep value” investing.

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    The Value of Puppies, Children, and kisses

    in Lifestyle

    Have you thought about why humans own puppies?  Have you thought about why people have children?  What is the purpose of life, anyway?  What is puppy love?  What is friendship love, what is romantic-love?  How do you get the feelings associated with love.  What is love?  Where does love come from?

    Do you long for the peace that is associated with a lasting loving relationship?  Do you yearn for more than a dry kiss?  Do you want a big smack on your lips when you get home from work?  Not a kiss from the puppy, but, from a human being who cares about what you do to be of value?  Well, let's talk about love today!

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    What Is The Value of "NO": Is "No" Your Friend or Your Enemy?

    in Education

    What are you afraid of the most, when someone ask something of you, and you don't want to do it?  Have you ever been able to say NO?  Did you ever wonder if NO had a value?

    How does NO affect peoples lives, How does one react when you say this word?

    Do people respect the word NO, where did this word come from and why does this word, cause some people to challenge you?

    Can people feel rejected and try to manipulate you to say, YES?

    When does NO become a lifesaver to ones life, when should one use NO?

    Why does Warren Buffet say NO makes you "very successful?"

    Is the word NO your Enemy or your Friend?


    Come Join me, Akeelah Ali and Ms. D. and the "Party Of NO"  on a journey to EXPRESS YOURSELF and learn..THE POWER OF "NO?" 

    Call in 347-884-8684

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    How to Create Value

    in Self Help

    During the month of November we are celebrating you.  Find out what makes you unique and how to create value for yourself and loved ones. Pat Council and guests will share information that will help you identify your authentic personal power.  Develop the clarity needed to set achievable goals and build your dream life.  Celebrate with us all month long, as we also celebrate 5 years of sharing inspirational, enlightening, and entertaining information.  Invite your friends to listen in this month as we all do our part to create a "powered up nation."  Learn beyond a shadow of a doubt how to "do life with power"!

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