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    WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Valiant returns to Pipebomb Radio!!!

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    Born in Tennessee, Jimmy Valiant started wrestling in 1964 as Big Jim Valen, which morphed into Handsome Jimmy Valiant when he wrestled for the World Wide Wrestling Federation in the 1970s. He soon formed a dominant tag team with his "brother," Johnny Valiant. One of the dominant wrestlers in Memphis, Valiant feuded with the likes of Jerry Lawler and even recorded a song, "The Ballad of Handsome Jimmy." In the 1980s, Valiant morphed once again into "Boogie Woogie Man" Jimmy Valiant. Today, Valiant runs Boogie's Wrestling Camp in Shawsville, Virginia.

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    Jeff Trek: Vance Major of The Fan Film Production - STARSHIP VALIANT

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    Fan Film actor Vance Major returns to the program to share his experience at playing the chief engineer on the STARSHIP VALIANT. He will let us all know what it is really like acting in a top notch fan film, as well as the different projects he will be stepping into, and what anyone can do to be in the STAR TREK universe yourself. Get a transporter lock and beam on board!!! \\//,

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    WWE Hall of Famer The Boogie Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant is live tonight!!!

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    Jimmy was first to enter the sports-entertainment world, debuting in 1964 after training with fellow Hall of Famer Verne Gagne. Johnny followed soon after in 1967, and together they won several regional tag team championships. The Valiants entered WWE in the early 1970s, and at times they seemed unbeatable. Together, the pair captured the World Tag Team Championship in 1974 and held them for just over a year. Later, a third brother, "Gentleman" Jerry, joined them, teaming with Johnny to once again win the World Tag Team Championship in 1979. The Valiants were just one of the dozen tag teams that fellow 1996 Hall of Fame inductee Captain Lou Albano guided to the World Tag Team Championship in his career.

    Jimmy is also an accomplished author of his own Autobiography entitled, "WOO....MERCY DADDY! Welcome to my world the Jimmy Valiant story. We talk about his storied career in wrestling and what he is up to today

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    The Valiance of Valiant Ent.: Super Hero Movie Orgy in the near future.

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    This weekend Valiant Comics, publisher of comics like Manowar, Shadowman and Bloodshot, annouced a 9 figure deal with Chinese Film company DMG to bring their properties to Big and Small screen in both America and Asia.

    What does thaat mean? it means this is no longer a coke and pepsi game and the Superhero genre may get even more crowded if this deal sets a precedence for other Comic Book publishers in the independant realm. 

    we'll discuss this and talk about Super Girl's costume...because...well...what else is there really? 

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    IWX 12 Jimmy Valiant Calls In

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    It's put up or shut up for Prof Big Daddy. For week's the big man has been shooting his mouth off about Jimmy Valiant. After catching wind of this, Pro Wrestling LEGEND, Handsome Jimmy Valiant contacted us so he could have a few words with Prof Big Daddy. - IWXshow.com

  • Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Ray Kosulandich, Updates with Fab 4

    in Paranormal

    Ray Kosulandich is here to give us important updates to the new earth and 5D paradigm shift. 

    Are we leaving?  Is the world changing?  Are the 3D people ready?  What is happening with the dark cabal?  Are we almost free from slavery and tyranny? 

    There are many questions that we all have about our changing world.  Ray got some important updates from George, yesterday!  Check and see what the Star G-Alliance is telling us and what we need to know as we approach the ever increasing KABOOMs of the dark cabal. 

    Are there going to be any fake allien invasion?  What about the AI intelligence? 


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    All Hurricanes originate off the coast of West Africa from the cape Verdi Islands. The scared Mer-Ka-Ba (water house) and the Menet are the Power of Spiritual connections between Egyptian historical events and the Power of the storm called Katrina is vivid to those of us who study the mystics. As I was speaking yesterday about the spirituality of Black People in New Orleans I realized that most people haven’t a clue of what true African Spirt is.  So I am going to take it way back to that time when we worshipped the concepts of our ancestors we will compare the Mississippi Delta to the Nile Delta. To  our Ancestors, the time of the Menet Necklace or the beaded collar, in New Orleans this culture is alive but buried. Did it ever occur to Black People who created the  MARDI GRAS to coincide with the Epiphany or  the Theophany means in the Greek language “Vision of God”.  The beads thrown during the celebration are representative of the Menet given by Thoth to Hathor or the Daughter of Ra who was the EYE of Ra.  "  The deaths of so many Black People at the time before Katrina can be compared to  Hathor warrior daughter of Ra who killed so many human beings it was said that she walked in Egypt and the blood of men was as high as her thigh high boots. To stop her from killing all of man Ra gave her in marriage to his most valiant warrior Horus or Thoth in the Greek language. The word Theophany derived its meaning from the legend from our ancestors of the Menet Necklace of Hathor given to her by Horus as a symbol of peace and unconditional love. She is represented as the River for it is said that it was a river of blood of men that she walked through. This is the same spirit called Ochoun that lives in the rivers of the world by the Youraba and it is a more ancient version. The Mississippi Delta the Nile Delta?


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    The Genesis Awakening: Overcoming Obstacles to effectively promote the Good News

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    Join Me as We discuss how many obstacles the Father has helped Us overcome, many of My own through much Prayer and in HIS perfect Timing. To strengthen Our Testimonies for HIm and to declare His Love for Us. To Spread The Good News of Salvation and to Wake People Up to the Reality of what is coming. "Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you" Eph 5:14

    Are there Questions about the soon to come 'new world order' antichrist regime that You wish to have answered, in order to strengthen You in Your Knowledge and to INSPIRE You to overcome any obstacles which may be preventing you from being as EFFECTIVE as You COULD be? You aren't alone. I too have more stumbling blocks to remove, through His Graces. "Therefore, go and make disciples of all Nations..." Matt 28:19 is HIs Command I desire to follow the most.

     My name translated means "The Supplanter Who Is Valiant For 'God', bearing a Shield" ~ "Before I formed You in the womb, I knew you..." Jer 1:5 "My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be" Ps 139:15-16 " ALL Who Love Him and His Son are HIS CHILDREN! We are ALREADY Victors who have WON the Battle! We are to Encourage One another as the battle heats up, and it IS heating up. LOOK around You. READ the 'News'. 'Seek and You will FIND, ASK and the Door will be OPENED TO YOU..." Matthew 7:7

    "Iron sharpens Iron" - Please come join Me as We get whatever is in Our Way, out in the Open. " confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed" James 5:16 I love You all, tune in!


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    Tonight Marcus Garvey's poetry will be read this is a sample of human history being told through other mediums. We started this work on Garvey's Birthday and named this week Garvey week on World Wide Africa. If we could only Unite all of the factions of Nationalist together to create a real Movemnt like the Back to Africa movement we would have successfully completed something of the dream of our forefathers. We will be working on this until it is done

    The Tragedy Of White Injustice - Poem by Marcus Mosiah Garvey


    And now  valiant Black men of the west

    Must ably rise to lead and save the rest':

    This is the ringing call Africa sounds,
    As throughout the Godly world it resounds;
    Clansmen! black, educated, virile and true!
    Let us prove too that we are loyal blue.
    We must win in the blessed fight of love,
    Trusting on the Maker of men above.

    The Christian world is yet to be saved!
    Man, since the risen Christ has not behaved!
    Wanton, reckless, wicked, he still remains,
    Causing grief, sorrow, tears and human pains!
    Can we show the Godly light to anyone
    Seeking for earnest truth while marching on?
    If so, friend, let us tell you now and here,
    For love, freedom, justice let's all prepare!

    God in His Glorious Might is coming,
    Wonderful signs He is ever showing,
    Unrest, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and storms
    Are but revelations of Heavenly Forms:
    The proud white scientist thinks he is wise
    But the Black man's God comes in true disguise,
    God is sure in the rumbling earthquake,
    When He is ready, the whole world will shake.

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    Hales Franciscan High Starts School Year Offering Scholarships

    in Women

    Historic Catholic High School Hales Franciscan ended last semester on a tentative note, with fears it may be closing, but valiant efforts from alumni along with new Board Chairman Melody Spann Cooper, President and CEO of WVON Radio Station, the school has remained opened. It's $7,500 yearly tuition cost will be supplemented by scholarships in the amount of $3,500 for incoming Freshman. There are still 20 more slots available for Freshmen enrolled. Today, the Principal of Hales Franciscan High School, Dr. Nichole Jackson, discusses her vision to make this school one of Chicago'a premier learning academies. We're also joined by three current students, Nick McKenzie, Dakhaari Ingram, and Alfred Lott, all seniors, who explain the benefits of learning with a small, close knit student body where each student receives personalized attention from the teacher and administration.


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    Valiant and Virtue

    in Spirituality

    Psalm 108:13(KJV)

    13 Through God we shall do valiantly: for he it is that shall tread down our enemies.