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    Valerie Ellis - a Unique Story

    in Management

    Valerie Ellis came up through the ranks of the Army only to find it very difficult for vets to find jobs. With a family with several entrepreneurs, it was only logical to open her own recruiting business focused on veterans. Through Veterans2Corporate, LLC she is helping companies understand the skills these candidates bring to the table and helping translate their skills for the business world.

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    IN THE SPOTLIGHT with authors Lynice Jackson & Valerie J. Lewis Coleman

    in Motivation

    This week's special guests are debut novelist, Lynice Jackson, and Dayton Book Expo founder/author Valerie J. Lewis Coleman on IN THE SPOTLIGHT, the place where authors, publishers and literary industry professionals connect.  Supporting authors is what we're all about!

    IN THE SPOTLIGHT airs every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sundays at 3 pm. est.  Hosted by award-winning author, Tumika Patrice Cain.

    To be considered for an interview, email your headshot (jpg), book cover, company logo or product image (jpg), and your bio to saywhatbc@yahoo.com.

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    Rev. Valerie Faust about race relations in Albany

    in Politics

    Reverand Valerie Faust about race relations in Albany

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    Incarcerated Lives Matter Season Premier Opener introducing Founder Valerie Shaw

    in Culture

    Incarcerated Lives Matter Season Premier Opener with Founder Valerie Shaw.

    About the founder of Incarcerated Lives Matter: VALERIE SHAW: A BRIEF BIO No, She Ain't Crazy! Valerie Shaw M.PR, an L.A. native and double U.S.C. graduate [Liberal Arts '66 and Master's degree in Public Relations '79], was the first journalist to work for the View Section of the Los Angeles Times, where she also founded the Black Journalist's Association of Southern California. Shaw has been an entrepreneur and journalist throughout her illustrious career. She was the producer of the "Black Hollywood Yesterday" series of calendars and memorabilia (including live shows featuring show film pioneers from the 30s and 40s. She founded and ran four upscale shoe repair and shine salons, including the premiere store on Sunset and Vine and she was elected to the prestigious Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Shaw's experience in the "shoe business" inspired her to write an underground bestseller, Himpressions: The Blackwoman's Guide to Pampering the Blackman, later released in hardcover by HarperCollins, Inc.

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    Medium Valerie Gayle

    in Spirituality

    Medium readings today for free. See my website to schedule a full reading. 

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    Valerie Spencer: The Reality, The Healing, The Perspectives.

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone has a story. Some are openly shared and others lay dormant in the mental psyche of the individual. It is because of those occurrences that we are able to navigate through circumstances designed to slow us down. Valerie Spencer is going to give us a peek into her life. A woman who has overcome diverse odds and persevered to a place of assurance. Her zeal for life, passion for people and solid spiritual base has made her a nationally sought after figure.

    This show will be inspiring, as well as challenging. We will be motivated by a visionary filled with ideas on ways to nurture a community bruised by the actions of a wounded society.

    Gather round and listen in.

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    I told the Storm

    in Religion

    Do you know what to do when the storms of life come? Well, tonight the holy spirit will give you examples of what to do when the storms come. Yes, there is no getting around them, but it's how you handle them that determine whether you're operating in faith vs. Fear. Tune in tonight to hear what the spirit is saying. 

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    Truth Without Filters-13 Hours Review/Valerie Jarrett-In The Belly of the Beast

    in Current Events

    This show, the boys will review the much anticipated movie 13 Hours, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. If you are a Mrs. Clinton fan, go see this movie. You may be shocked enough to change your mind. If you are not a fan of Mrs. Clinton, go see this movie. WARNING, you will be pissed afterwards and will need some time to calm down. If this movie does not put her out of the running for President, then we are doomed as a Republic. In the second hour, the guys delve deep into the most natorious personal assistant to ever direct a White House administration. Yes, Valerie Jarrett is directing behind the scenes of the doings of the Obamas and she has some issues. We are happy to open those up so you have the truth........without filters. Of course, we will talk some currrent events in the news. This should be yet another good one.

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    Mistaken Identity

    in Religion

    Have you or someone you know been mistaken for someone else, either good or bad? Well God is saying, it's time for you to know and understand your true identity. We've been walking around with the identity of someone else, but not our true identity. Tune in tonight to hear what the spirit is saying.

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    Truth Without Filters-Bobby's message. The truth about Valerie Jarrett.

    in Current Events

    Bobby releases some plans that will help save the Republic. He and John Miller will have the first hour as Doug Simpson and Mark Beuerlein attend Church council meeting. Doug and Mark will be on in hour two to bring some light into the darkness that is Valerie Jarrett. You will want to hear this! Incredible

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    BOOST! Morning Inspiration - Proverb-a-Day - Proverbs 31

    in Spirituality

    The BOOST! family is at it again! We're diving into Proverbs this time around, in all expectancy of GOOD with the WEALTH & WISDOM of King Solomon. Join in and make a spectacular QUANTUM LEAP into an EPIC, LEGENGARY & BIG 2016!!!