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    Whats the 411 Wednesdays! *Valentines Day Special*

    in Entertainment

    Hey Wus good Fam Tune in this and every Wedesday night for #Whatsthe411 with your dope Hosts @DJNiaBoom, @_Smangiee and @TruthLogik. Get the latest in HipHop Music, Entertainment News and more. This wednesday is our Special Valentines Day Show so will be discussing our usual news topics Plus a coversation between men and women can we communicate better "He said, She said" . Plus "The Dating Game" If you are single and looking this is for you. Here are the rules. Email us your instagram link at ThaBoomShownyc@gmail.com Tune In Live Wednesday at 8pm. We will blast your IG account on air room and the rest is up to you! You can also call in and give your info on the air Hit us up! in the chat room or call 323-443-7518 Lets GO >>>>

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    Valentines Day Party

    in Entertainment

    Happy Valentines Day! Call-In To TalkTo Natalie Peri Live @ (718) 766-4164

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    A Possums Happy Valentines Day

    in Lifestyle

    Author Jamey M. Long goes Online With Andrea to discuss his children's book A Possum's Happy Valentine's Day. Hosted By Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Is Valentines Day Just For WomenThese Days??

    in Social Networking

    Join the show as we discuss the very touchy subject of Valentines day and the reasons that it's not just for the ladies. Call (818)301-5834.

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    Valentines Day Special - Music To Make Love To

    in Romance

    Love has many facets – each side representing a different emotion, a different relationship, and a different experience. On this show, we will discuss our romantic moments and listen to the most passionate love songs that you have ever heard.

    Call us to share your love story – we want to help you heal from your heartbreaks and we want to hear your inspirational story of how he proposed. This is for the ultimate romantic in all of us. If you would like relationship advice, Solaris is happy to help you.

    Solaris has been an Astrological Advice Columnist for BE! Magazine for over 5 years and has been writing Astrology Horoscopes for FAE Magazine for the past 2 years. By using Astrology, she can see into your energy and explain the magic that lies within you. She can illustrate your deepest gifts, your past lives, your destiny, and help you to understand your soul mate and why they do what they do. By following the changing planets, she can predict the perfect timing to plan your life events and when things will most likely happen for you. And wherever there is fear or challenges within you, she can help you transcend your psychological blocks so you can have the love life you have always wanted. She loves to inspire people to follow their hearts to make their most luminous dreams come true!

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    Fitness and Valentines Day

    in Health

    Dinner and chocolates are great but giving the gift of fitness this Valentine's Day is a creative, thoughtful way to truly honor your partner or spouse.  Dr. E will talk some ways you can inject a little fitness into your Valentine's Day, including partner stretching, exercising, cooking together and other fun, healthy activities. No calls please...listen only mode.

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    10 for 10 Network Valentines Day Special

    in Sports

    Johnny Showtime is MIA once again, but it's ok because Razor Ramon, Whiteboy Stew, & a brand new co host have a jammed packed 1 hour show! We will discuss NBA all star weekend, a little NFL, & our Showtime Moments!! Make sure to tune in at 10 tomorrow to the 10 for 10 because it is the way sports show for the best sports fan!!

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    Weird News, Valentines Day, and More!

    in Pop Culture

    Andrea Nelson, from the Clover Agency, joins Joe to discuss recent news events that you probably won't hear anywhere else. 

    Valentines day brings every man to his knees in fear. WHY!? Michelle Skeen, PsyD joins Joe to discuss ALL the things you men can make go wrong on Valentines Day. Lighten up and relax!

    Wisconsin high school assignment says Republicans think it's a waste of money to help the poor an only the Democrats want to allow you to read whatever you want. Really?

    Un-coupled? Single on Valentines Day? There are things you can do. You don't have to have a significant other to show love to people around you. Care packages to family and friends. And random acts of kindness to people you often cross paths with.

    And 50 Shades of Grey. What message does it send to young ladies?

    Anti-Military rant from Brown University student says that ROTC recruitment is an "attempt to rope the best and brightest into the industry of state-sanctioned violence.” Yet another person who has no idea who is protecting his free speech rights. Maybe he should try life in the Middle East or China for a little while and see how his anti-military articles fly out there?

    Blinn College threatened to kick a student off campus for trying to sign up her peers for a new conservative club. They said she needed special permission. Fortunately, the college granted it the following week.

    Are the emails that Jeb Bush released an act of total transparency or a total lack of privacy? There are some things that should be redacted out of concern for the well-being of others, you know, like social security numbers and email addresses!

    Constitutional sheriff in New Mexico has standoff with IRS and U.S. Marshalls to prevent Federal overreach taking citizen's property.

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    MMOTG Presents "The Love Affair" Valentines Day Special

    in Books

    Welcome to the Valentines Times Day Special "The Love Affair" featuring Author of The Genesis Breed Queen Anoshi. We will have the some of the greatest love songs commercial free so get your recorders ready. You can also call in and proclaim your love for your favorite Valentine. It's guaranteed to be agreat show.

    Master Mindz of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show, hosted By: Author Andre James Author of “The Man-ual” The Relationship Manual Created For Men But Loved By Women. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GBFTNHO This show is dedicated to all the Literary Artists that would love to have more publicity and learn new marketing techniques. The Master Mindz Of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show is in collaboration with the Facebook group Master Mindz Of The Grind!

    (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mastermindzofthegrind/) where authors, Poets and literary artists of all types can post and advertise without restriction. It doesn’t matter if you are published by a major publishing house or self-published we want to hear from you. If you are working on a new project that has not been published as of yet but, you would like to announce we want to hear from you.  So if you need FREE advertising, or just need to get your name out to the public The Master Mindz Of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show is for you. The call in number for this show is (917) 889-3241 or you can listen from your computer at: 

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    Valentines Day Pampering by Kenya Johnson

    in Entrepreneur

    What are some great Pampering ideas for your loved ones for Valentines Day? I am speaking with the Pampering Expert, who specializes in Massage Therapy and Spa Services. Listen in men and women and get some great suggestions for your lover on Valentines Day!


    To learn more about Kenya Johnson be sure to catch her on Facebook and Her Spa Products and Services. To reach her directly call her at 678-525-8397 and book your Spa Session today!

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    Happy Valentines Day on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Have a Happy Valentines day one and all   Let your Glow and grow with the love of Jesus.  Thank you for all your love and suppott.

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