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    Activation of Spiritual Gifts

    in Religion

    Welcome to the Show today as we talk about Activation of Spiritual Gifts


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    Have You Been Called Into The Great Work? Discover Your Psychic Gifts.

    in Spirituality

    This show will discuss ways to develop your psychic abilities. Join host, Ordained Esoteric, Interfaith and Psychic Minister, The Priestess.  With over 28 years experience, The Priestess has done readings for people from every walk of life. She has been featured on VH1 and Bravo and will be answering your questions live, using the amazingly accurare talking board to tell you directly if you are called into the Great Work. If you are, you will be given spiritual direction on  what steps you need to take to grow your gift and what lifestyle practices keep you from growing your gift. You will be given personal techniques, prayer, meditation, diet and exercise instruction, all by way of Spirit, for developing your gifts and the path you should take in using your gifts for helping others. If you feel you have a gift but not sure of your abilities, or maybe you have been studying, doing spiritual work and have not made the progress you feel you should have, this is the show for you. Call in, see what advice is given, see how Spirit guides you on your psychic journey, see if you have been called into the Great Work, and see if you have what it takes to be successful at it. Please visit www.thepriestess.net

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    Sweet Wines for your Valentine

    in Wine

    Need last-minute Valentine wine recommendations? Listen in for Jennifer's "sweetie" wines, meaning some are sweet and all of them are favorite go-to wines for drinking and gifting.

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    Foundational Gifts: Finding Your "What"

    in Women

    There are different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. (1 Cor. 12:4-5)


    Each of us has a primary spiritual gift, a set of secondary or supporting gifts, and passions/interests that will help us determine our WHAT:  what God has ordained for us to do and accomplish on earth.  Our spiritual gifts are a key tool to help us accomplish that bigger, overarching WHAT--the calling of God on our lives for ministry and for service.  Join Coach Nicole as she walks us through one process that we can use to determine what our BIG WHAT may be.



    HuffPost Article, How to Identify the One Thing You Were Born to Do by Steve Olsher

    Free copy of Steve Olsher’s book, What is Your What?  Discover the ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born to Do (requires email sign-up; paid offer follows--I am not an affiliate or endorser)

    Nicole on Twitter @CoachNicole:  http://twitter.com/coachnicole

    Nicole on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/foundationalgifts

    FG show archives:  http://cwaradio.com/foundational-gifts/


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    Celebrating Valentine Day-By Dr.Afshan Hashmi

    in Entertainment

    Friends when Valentine Day comes love is in the air.  In this special episode  on Valentine Day  I will take you into the journey of Bollywood way of romancing.


    Dr.Afshan Hashmi


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    Touching Em' All with Gary Phillips (Matt Valentine)

    in Sports

    Join host Gary Phillips of Double G Sports, FanRag and The Setonian for "Touching Em' All with Gary Phillips" this Monday!

    Phillips will be joined by Matt Valentine of Seton Hall's WSOU as the two break down the latest in the sports world, including the Yoan Moncada signing. You are not going to want to miss "Touching Em' All with Gary Phillips" on February 23. Tune in and listen live at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time!

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    Platonic Valentine

    in Radio

    Can you have a valentine with whom you have no romantic interest??

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    Frankie Valentine joins SGWS

    in Sports

    Frankie Valentine makes his way to Sign Guy's Wrestling Show for the first time ever. He's making a big name for himself in the UIW of Georgia. He's one of their top performers regardless if he is in singles or tag team competition. Heading into the first UIW show of 2015 he's bound to have plenty to say on what is happening in that company. Join us and find out more about this great young competitor.

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    Be My Valentine or Not...Carla Lynne Hall & Curtis Becraft

    in Relationships

    Celebrate Valentine's Weekend and hear from Carla and Curtis.  LOVE is in the air.
    What is this thing called LOVE?  You talk about it, you complain about it, you brag about it.  "Love me, love me not,"  unconditional love/conditional love; unrequited love, romantic love, and so on.  If "love makes the world go round," what does it do for your world?
    Carla Lynne Hall and Curtis Becraft talk about songs that depict different kinds of love.  Which of these songs resonate with you?
    Happy Valentine's Weekend.  Have FUN!  "ENJOYCE"

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    "I SURVIVED" Women With Gifts

    in Radio

    ***SHOW AIRS 6:30 PM EST/5:30 CST***

    Fort Worth, March 7, 2015:  Women With Gifts is hosting "I Survived" Gospel Concert to celebrate survivors of breast cancer, sexual abuse and domestic violence. A portion of the proceeds will benefit both Dunbar High School and UMOJA. We are survivors!! 

    Women With Gifts is an organization of women using their gifts and talents that GOD has blessed them with. Our organization believes in leadership development, teaching and motivating others.  UMOJA. a teen program that not only help steer our teens of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex but also provide a positive future and coach troubled teens.

    Some of the artists performing are Christian Rapper: I Am Justified of Houston, Gospel Artists: Nicole LaShaun of Fort Worth, Texas , LeKisha Earles of Houston, Texas and Quartet Groups: Minister R. L. Taylor and Sons of the Father of Arlington, Texas, New Generation of Houston, Texas and many other performers.

    Event information:

    Date: March 7,2015 at 5:30 {Saturday}

    Location: Paul Lawrence Dunbar 5700 Ramey Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76112

    Tickets are $12.00 and available online at www.womenwithgifts.com or $20 day of the event


    Website: www.WomenWithGifts.com


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    "A Valentine Love Message" from Brianna Leos

    in Christianity

    "A Valentine Love Message" From Brianna Leos...

    Brianna shares her story of growing up, being the oldest sister of 5 girls, the joys, challenges and responsibilities of growing up in her family; high school and college life; marriage to her true love; and what it takes to raise a child in the 21st Century.  She also will share some of her goals and careers plans to help other young women who may be struggling know that "With God, All Things Are Possible"....

    Our call in number is 646-200-0680.  (To reach us by email, the address is prayer@earthlyministry.org).. 

    The Christian View is brought to you by EarthlyMinistry.Org... EarthlyMinistry Foundation P.O. Box 775, Spencer, OK 73084

    Contact Info:  claudette@earthlyministry.org

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