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    Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy joins Anna's Journey

    in Business

    Join the show live... listen to the replay... get good cancer care info from the doctors and staff at Mercy Medical Center's Institute for Cancer Care...

    Dr. Vadim Gushchin, Director of Gastrointestial Oncology, shares information with listeners about his areas of Interest: Robotic Surgery, HIPEC treatment, isolated limb infusion (ILI) for melanoma treatment, abdominal cancer and colorectal cancer.  It is exciting to learn he will be going to Europe to share and gain info as well as hosting a Mid-Atlantic consortium of doctors who will share their knowledge and expertise to benefit all patients

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    Raising Cancer Awareness with Mercy Medical Center on Anna's Journey

    in Health

    Dr. Vadim Gushchin, one of the Surgical Oncologists, joins Anna's Journey to introduce surgical oncology services at Mercy Medical Center's "CANCER INSTITUTE AT MERCY" as a new feature on Anna's journey of sharing info.

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    Emery High Multicultural Fest Featured Entertainers & Vendors

    in Health

    Learn about different cultures there food and dance. Take a trip around the world with us . Featured entertainer Fari Shields, vendor Vadim representing China, Greensoul Movement doing healing, Samba dancers and so much more

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    Epiphany's House Featuring Preach Jacobs!!!!!

    in Entertainment

    Every now and again I like to throw ya'll a curve ball...well here..catch....

    Preach Jacobs is an Emcee, Journalist and the founder of Sounds Familiar Records. Residing from Columbia, South Carolina he has shared the stage with the likes of 50 Cent, George Clinton, Nelly and more. His brand of Neo-Soul / Funk inspired Hip-Hop is reminiscent of the Native Tongue era.

    Preach Jacobs is also an accomplished journalist and photographer with his work gracing the covers of Vapors magazine (L.A, California), Lo-Fi and more. He continues to push the latest 'Maple St. Sessions' project with other releases scheduled later in the year/early 2010 including an EP with Marc Mac, DJ Vadim and project titled Analog with producer Dose on Sounds Familiar Records.


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    Journalist Vadim Lavrusik Goes Back to School

    in News

    Today's guest on mediabistro.com's Morning Media Menu is Vadim Lavrusik, a contributing writer at Mashable.com and journalist who decided to go back to graduate school for journalism.

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    Leave it in The Ring "The One" Finale

    in Sports

    Joing Leaveitintheringradio.com co-hosts David Duenez and Gabriel Montoya as they break down "The One: Floyd Mayweather, Jr vs. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, Danny Garcia vs. Lucas Matthysse, Fiction vs. Reality, Poppin' vs. Lockin' and Harry Potter vs. That Guy from Twilight.
    5:30 -  Boxer Ray Beltran fresh off his split draw with Ricky Burns in Scotland. Beltran was flat out robbed. He'll likely have a lot to say.
    6:00 -  welterweight contender Ruslan Provodnikov and his manager Vadim Kornilov will join us to talk about his quest to test with VADA (the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) for his fight with "Mile High" Mike Alvarado.

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    ALEX VEADOV-Actor, director

    in Entertainment

    Alex Veadov was born and educated in Russia. He is an accomplished actor and is the lead star, co-producer and director the series called lust ’n’ LOVE. Alex has been involved in theatre since the age of nine. Upon coming to America in 1980, he became successful  working on stage in NYC.
    Alex has appeared on TV, film and many other entertainment venues. He is known for his work on the TV show Svetlana.  Mark Cuban’s HD Network bought it and aired it for two seasons. You can view most of the series on Hdnet.com. Since then he has many movies to his credit. Alex is well known for his role as Christo in the movie Act of Valor and his role as Vadim Nezhinski in We Own The Night.  Most of the movies are on DVD, Netflix, etc. 
    We are in post production with "lust'n'LOVE" season one and beginning work on season two and three. We are excited to see our work all over the internet and elsewhere. We both have huge networks with a fantastic fan base so we know the support will be incredible and the best ever!

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    Rustle of the Morning Stars: Brain and Intuition

    in Education

    Today our guest is Nikola Kindrad. He was born Ukraine.
    He has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and had been studying and practicing Meditation, Divination, Healing, Manifestation and other Mystical Arts for over 15 years.
    He's deeply rooted in Science and Rational methods as a way to verify the Visions and Knowledge that come through the Intuitive channels. In the last year he's been focusing on Opening and Developing Intuition through the use of the Transurfing methods - methods developed by the Russian scientist and mystic Vadim Zeland. As Zeland puts it - "One has to learn to Listen to the Rustle of the Morning Stars."
    Another passion for Nikola is learning about the Brain and it's functions. So many new and astonishing discoveries had been made in the last decade allowing us to deeper understand who we are and why we are the way we are.
    Today we'll combine the two - Transurfing and the Knowledge about the Brain to gain an Insight into the Intuitive Mind and how one could Improve or Develop this ability.

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    in Entertainment

    Alex Veadov was born in Chernovtsy, Ukrainian SSR, USSR now Chernivtsi, Ukraine.  Alex now resides and works in Hollywood, CA. He is an accomplished actor. In 2007 Alex Veadov was cast as Vadim Nezhinski in the movie WE OWN THE NIGHT. In the latest movie ACT OF VALOR he plays the role of "Christo."
    Above is the link to his IMDB.  Currently, Alex is working on set in the movie AMERICAN DREAM: THE TRUE STORY as Julian Sanchez.  I met Alex Veadov on the set of THE FIGHTING CHANCE with Evander Holyfield, directed by my friend Trudy Sargent. Alex Veadov is multi-talented and a great human being. Keep your eyes open. He is a superstar!

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    Wanda's Picks: Robert King's 11 Anniversary ; Della Reese

    in Art

    On his 11th Anniversary of freedom, Robert Hillary King joins us to talk about the case of the Angola 3: himself, Albert Woodfox and Herman Wallace. April marks the 40th Anniversary of their incarceration, King is the only one of the three currently released. King was released after 29 years in solitary confinement, 31 years total only when against his initial response agreed to plead guilty to a lesser conspiracy to commit murder charge. Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox are still prisoners in Angola prison and are working to get released. In March 2008 they were moved, after 36 years, from solitary confinement to a maximum security dormitory. Their cases have gained increased interest over the last few years. Since his release, Robert Hillary King has worked to build international recognition for the Angola 3. He has spoken before the parliaments in the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Indonesia, Brazil and Britain and about the case, and political prisoners in the U.S.. King was received as a guest and dignitary by the African National Congress in South Africa, and has spoken with Desmond Tutu. Amnesty International has added them to their 'watch list' of "political prisoners" / "prisoners of conscience." They have a pending civil suit 'Wilkerson, Wallace and Woodfox' vs. the State of Louisiana which the United States Supreme Court ruled has merit to proceed to trial based on the fact that their 30+ years in solitary confinement is "inhumane and unconstitutional". The outcome of this landmark civil case could eliminate long term solitary confinement in U.S. prisons. They are the subject of 2010 documentary In the Land of the Free, directed by Vadim Jean and narrated by Samuel L. Jackson. Visit http://www.angola3.org and http://3blackpanthers.org/ We close with an interview with Ms. Della Reese who is opening in San Francisco Feb. 16-18 at the Rrazz Room.
    We close with an archived broadcast: 02/06/2012

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    SOCIAL MEDIA: What We Learned Teaching Social Media

    in Social Networking

    Columbia Journalism School (@ColumbiaJourn) presents a conversation about teaching social media to journalists, based on the school's Social Media Skills for Journalists course. The speakers have all taught these classes at the J-school: Jennifer Preston (@NYT_JenPreston), the first social media editor of the NYT; Zach Seward (@zseward), outreach editor of the WSJ; Vadim Lavrusik (@lavrusik), community manager and social media strategist of Mashable. Moderated by Sree Sreenivasan (@sree), digital media professor and dean of student affairs. See the syllabus for the course at http://bit.ly/socmediaskills and join us with your questions and comments. If you want to e-mail: sree@sree.net. Hashtag: #cjsoc NOTE: HIT "REMIND ME" ABOVE TO GET AN E-MAIL REMINDER; AND/OR HIT "FOLLOW" TO GET FUTURE ALERTS