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    The 2013 NFL Utility Challenge 100

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    Mac Bizzo, the commish of the 2013 NFL Utility Challenge 100, describes changes, updates and the rules of contest.  If you joined the challenge, this is a proitory podcast for you.  
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    More Utility Issues and Reasons to Say Hell No!

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    New Show: Wednesday September 4, 2013 at 8 p.m. Central – Call us and join in the discussion!Title/Link: More Utility Issues and Reasons to Say Hell No!    Discussion Topics:1.    Utility Company Issues1a.    We Energies – Hell No!1b.    Smart Meters – Hell Yes?2.    Tattooing Ban3.    Boating Safety4.    Issues in Syria5.    PayPal Holds6.    Child Identity TheftWhat is Hell No! the radio show? Well, Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth as well as giving a voice to people left in the dust. Hell No! isn't democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We're going to have fun and get down to brass tacks.Sponsors: The Alley Blues Bar in Sanford, Florida. Therapeutic Massage Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    Hell No! I’m not putting up with greedy utility companies

    in Education

    Hell No! I’m not putting up with greedy utility companiesDial (718) 508-9419 then press option #1 to join Nick and Terry! 7/31 8 p.m. CentralDiscussion Topics about water/electric/gas utility companies:1. Smart Meters and meters over charging customers.2. Nobody at the office to talk to you about your bill.3. Who certifies these meters and oversees the process?4. Is this an exception where the free market system doesn’t work?5. Empowering people to vote with your payments and alternate providers.6. Who can attend public service commission meetings?7. Add-ons to bills – what are they and can you object?8. How do you read the bills and do you ask for help?ABOUT THE SHOW: Hell No! is friendly, funny, real and focused on empowering the truth as well as giving a voice to people left in the dust. Hell No! isn't democratic, fascist, politically correct or a place for sacred cows. We're going to have fun and get down to brass tacks. "Hell No! the radio show" takes an objective look at civics, education, communication and how we shape our future. Join us and call in to share in the discussion!Upcoming Show: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 8 p.m.Fan mail: Nick Augustine PR, 1717 McKinney Ave, #700 Dallas, TX 75202Sponsors: The Alley Blues Bar in Sanford, Florida & Therapeutic Massage Associates in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    E2E Podcast Episode 329 - 22lr vs 12ga and Utility of a Blade Discussion

    in Hobbies

    E2E Podcast is brought to you by: Dogwood Custom Knives, Live Fire Gear


    Fire Ant Campstove Part 2 

    Doom and Bloom Survival! Kickstarter

    Training with your children part 4

    Survival Question: .22lr or 12ga shotgun

    Knife Selection Discussion: How does one actually use their knife? What role does this play in the selection process?

    E2E Forums Monthly Challenge:



    Our friend Skylar at Able2Survive has closed the doors, but only temporarily. Skylar his having his website redone, and one of the things that he will be doing when he returns should be very interesting.

    His idea is to have a chat room with a embedded movie player, where the room will watch a video of a Kit, or a review, and have a live conversation about the video. http://able2survive.com/

    Gear Spotlight: 

    Dan:  Cordura fabric Robert mentioned it to a while back and i am excited I have had trouble getting some hard numbers but it looks promising enough that I am having a tarp made and am looking forward to putting it threw it’s paces this summer

    Robby: Claytor Hammocks Expedition Hammock :


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    YMM PM - Your Utility Bills Could Be Going Higher

    in News

    WSJ's Hank Weisbecker on why you may see an increase in your utility bills and watch out for an influx of penny stock spam emails.

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    Sponsor Energy - Save $ on utility bills and support your favorite charity

    in Business

    Sponsor Energy Inc. is an electricity and natural gas retailer that donates 50% of its margin on each unit of electricity/natural gas consumed by its customers to a local charity of that customer’s choice.

    Their unique model harnesses the power of everyday consumption by splitting profits with charities based on energy consumption.

    They have partnered with 50+ well respected Alberta charities dealing with social issues (poverty, homelessness, addictions) with formal profit-sharing agreements in place. We plan to roll similar partnerships in Ontario and nationally prior to launch in those markets

    Sponsor Energy have recently been selected as a finalist (out of over 270 nominees) for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce  (Business of the Year Award) for Community Impact.


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    Glenn Heran - Vero Beach Electric Utility Customer

    in Politics

    Join your host Wes Blackman as he welcomes Glenn Heran to the High Noon in Lake Worth studios.  Mr. Heran is a customer of the Vero Beach municipally owned electric utility, but lives outside the city of Vero Beach himself.  He put together a study of the rate differential between municipally owned utilities which are unregulated by the Public Service Commission.  Read the article that talks about his findings and how municipal power companies take "profits" from the utillity business to augment other city departments.  If you don't live within the city, well that is just one of the problems.  He has been at the forefront of the Vero Beach utility situation and can teach us a lot about what to expect as we examine alternatives here in Lake Worth, including the possible sale of the utiility to FPL.  Click here for more information on Mr. Heran's background.  This may be the first in a series of shows on this topic.

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    TECH AM - Utility Companies Need an OS Update

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    Mathew Passy explores why utility companies could be more vulnerable to cyberattacks soon; Google is pushing Android for mobile devices and getting a check-up without seeing the doctor in person.

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    UnderRated Radio#48:(Ratchet Saturday)Are Black Men Used As An Utility?

    in Music

    UnderRated Radio Saturday Night with BrooklynKid1 @ 8pm Est Don't Forget It's Ratchet Saturday!!!!!! Topic is: Are Black Men Used as an Utility??





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    Survival Know How- When the system Collapse

    in Environment

    A LaMar Alexander Story:

    LaMar Alexander grew up in a homesteading family. For him, self-sufficiency, including gardening, raising animals and “doing for ourselves” was normal and necessary. He tried city life after college, but says he felt like a slave to a house, bills and employers. At 35, he made a change.

    “I had a wake up call,” he explains, “that made me realize that what I really wanted was a simple homestead cabin and to eliminate my dependence on the system, so I could live sustainably while I pursued my dreams.”

    So Alexander built a house. A very small, 14 ft. x 14 ft. house. A solar and wind powered off-the-grid cabin with a kitchen, bathroom and living room downstairs and a bedroom and office upstairs. It cost him $2,000 to build not including the recycled doors and windows, the front porch, and the solar system.

    Being an avid outdoorsman, Alexander didn’t need a lot of indoor space, but as an author, videographer, and off-the-grid builder, he did need need modern amenities including a cell phone, Internet access, electric lights, indoor toilet, and shower etc., and he has them. Alexander says his tiny house is easy to clean, cheap to heat and cool, and he has no house payments or monthly utility bills.

    “I now have the freedom to pursue my dreams,” he says, “and the money I make stays in my pocket and can be used for vacations or to help my family and for a secure retirement. That is the freedom that an off-grid lifestyle makes possible.”

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    The Conservative Refuge

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight's show:

    Maryland Democrats show what they think of you the citizens.  Hint, it isn't flattering.  

    BGE rates just went up for the fourth time in four years.  We discuss the O'Malley legacy of ever higher utility rates.

    Remember a year ago when Barry Rascovar wrote the obituary of the MDGOP? Tony O'Donnell does and he has a great "I told you so" for Mr. Rascovar.

    We start a discussion about how "Pro-Business" the Maryland Chamber of Commerce really is.

    Some fun time, I will tell you about 21 phrases you are using without realizing you are quoting Shakespeare.

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