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    The USS Liberty attack and what happened that day with Ernie Gallo

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    During the 1967 Arab-Israel war, US Navy intelligence ship the USS Liberty entered the Mediterranean Sea to gather information. The Israeli regime, which was dissatisfied with the presence of USS Liberty in the region, decided to attack the USS Liberty. The Israeli forces attacked with full knowledge that this was an American ship and lied about it. 34 people were killed and more than 171 were wounded in the Israeli attack. Israeli regime insists that they mistakenly attacked the USS Liberty.

    My guest tonight is Ernest A. Gallo. MR. Gallo is a Graduate of Philadelphia Wireless Technical Institute with undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland.

    He is also a USS liberty survivor who left active duty as a Second Class Petty Officer -- Communications Technician, Maintenance Branch (CTM-2).

    Mr. Gallo also completed a 28 year career with the Central Intelligence Agency and received the CIA’s civilian intelligence award, the CIA Commendation Medal.

    Following the CIA, he worked for GTE, Quality Services Incorporated, TriCorps, Marconi International and BAE taking him into retirement. 

    Ernie is a member of: the Elks; Veterans of Foreign Wars; The Navy League, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association; the USS Liberty Veterans Association, and the American Cold War Veterans.

    He is the current & former President and Vice President of the USS Liberty Veterans Association and founder of the Liberty Foundation.

    He also authored, “Liberty Injustices – A Survivor's Account of American Bigotry”.  The book is available at http://www.amazon.com/Liberty-Injustices-Survivors-Account-American/dp/1935795198.

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    USS Hornet

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    Keith Hedley , Manager Membership and Donations for the USS Hornet gave me a tour of the ship and personally had my flag flown on board the ship , we will discuss the Hornet, mutual sea stories, flag flying stories. Two old salts sharing stories 

    All old sailors are welcome to join in 

    flag flown 8-2-13 on board USS Hornet 


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    What is TRUTH? 'The USS Liberty'

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    The Israelis attack on the USS Liberty in 1967 is one of the most blatant acts of war ever happening on an American ship especially by a supposedly "friendly" country.   Why did this happen?
    Why does there seem to be a coverup even after all these years?  We will be discussing these issues and play some interesting interviews.

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    USS Stargazer, Mirror Universe, Target Prime, Star Trek 2 the Wrath of Khan

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    During the first hour of Talking Trek, Dan and myself will take a detailed look at the OP3 prize ship, USS STARGAZER. We will go over each card in the prize pack, and, look at the USS STARGAZER as a ship in STAW. Next on the schedule, we will explore the Grand Prize OP ship, USS ENTERPRISE-D (Mirror Universe-Target Prime). We will talk about aeach and every card in the Grand Prize Pack as well as discuss the Mirror Universe faction. We will also have the semi-final results in the Federation STAW ship vs ship battle. We will draw and announce the winner of the USS STARGAZER OP kit and one lucky caller will win a FREE blind booster ship. Caller? Yes, I said caller  nad this is number you call to win (646) 668-2433. During our second hour we are going to geek out, and, have some fun talking about Star Trek 2 The Wrath of Khan. Make plans to join us TALKING TREK, on the phone or in the chat room. Resistance is Futile.....

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    USS Chicago Cg-11 vets

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    A  small group  of Los Angeles area vets of the  USS Chicago. Cg-11 gather to share sea stories, tales of good vs evil, how we defeated communism, saved  the world, and still got the girl , or any other good sea stories.

    ifyou were a shipmate on USS Chicago CG-11 and live local to the Local Los Angeles are you are welcome to meet me at Heritage PARK in Santa Fe Springs or call in from 1100 to 1200 Saturday 12-14-13 

    Thank ALL of you for your Service

    all are welcome to join in via call in number 347-884-9787


    more details to follow 


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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Authors Heather Ashby & Christopher Bergeron

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      Meet the UNFORGETTABLE heroes aboard the USS New York…
    The 9/11 spirits aboard USS New York are back! Their mission: help Adam, Gwyn, Mike, and Cate find their happily ever afters—and stay alive. As the only person who can see them, Lieutenant Gwyn Pritchard tries to help the spirits move on to the light. That is, when she’s not helping Gunnery Sergeant Adam Connor heal from his PTSD—or falling madly in love with him.

      Captain Cate Hawkins, has run from her unconventional childhood by becoming a Marine Corps pilot. But when a mission in East Africa goes awry, she finds herself in a race for her life. After burying the hatchet with Cate, Navy pilot Mike Nikolopoulos wants nothing more than to rescue his new love. If the spirits help him save her, they will be free to move on. But can Mike overcome a sudden fear of flying to find his way to Cate before terrorists repeat “Black Hawk Down”—with a female American pilot this time?

      Book 4 of the “Love in the Fleet” Series, which includes: FORGET ME NOT, FORGIVE AND FORGET, NEVER FORGET and UNFORGETTABLE

      “Heather Ashby has a gift for combining duty, honor and happily-ever-afters!” Terri Osburn, Bestselling Author of the Anchor Island Series

      “These are the books we believe should be on everyone’s shelves.”—Suspense Magazine

      “Heather Ashby writes authentic Navy stories with heart and a good dose of humor.”—Geri Krotow, Author of Navy Orders and U.S. Naval Academy Graduate

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    Join host Hollywood Rick Brutal and his co-host, Judgement J. Esquire, for The Unstoppable Super Show! Tuesday nights 10pm-midnight EST. Listen in as they discuss all things Wrestler Unstoppable and who knows what else they will talk about! You have to be there to find out! Don't miss the fun!

    Callers are always welcome! (646) 478-0073 Or, click the Skype button at the top of the chat page!


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    Episode 275: Best of John C. Harvey, Jr, ADM USN (Ret.)

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    We are frmly in the middle of the 2nd decade of the 21st Century. What path were we put on at the start 21st Century that got us here? How do we evaluate the right decisions, the neutral decisions, and the less than optimal calls of the last decade and a half? What lessons can we take away now in order to make decisions to best position the Navy on the approaches to 2030?

    Our guest for the full hour this Sunday to discuss this an much more will be Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr, USN (Ret). 

    Almost a year since he joined the retired ranks, when in uniform Admiral Harvey was one of the of the more engaged, visible, and accessible Flag Officers of his generation - and in retirement he continues to be an influential voice.

    Admiral Harvey was born and raised in Baltimore, MD and is a 1973 graduate of the U S Naval Academy.

    In his thirty-nine year Navy career, he specialized in naval nuclear propulsion, surface ship and carrier strike-group operations and Navy-wide manpower management/personnel policy development.

    He commanded the USS DAVID R RAY (DD 971), the USS CAPE ST GEORGE (CG 71), the THEODORE ROOSEVELT Strike Group/CCDG-8 and also served as the Navy’s 54th Chief of Naval Personnel and as the Director, Navy Staff. 

    Prior to his retirement from the Navy in November, 2012, Admiral Harvey served as Commander, US Fleet Forces Command. He now makes his home in Vienna, Virginia where he resides with his wife, Mary Ellen.


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    Neil Klienman USS Chicago Cg 11

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    USS Chicago CG-11 almost unknown war story in Korea as told by Neil Klienman 

    (68) Neil Kleinman

    Was born in Utah but grew up in Denver, Colorado. Graduated from Denver East High in 1962 and joined the Navy shortly after graduation. Went to boot camp in San Diego and also Fire Control A school in San Diego.   Went to Fire Control C school at Mare Island, north of San Francisco. Served for a couple of months on the USS Oklahoma City, CLG-5 and then to the pre comissioning crew on the USS Chicago CG-11. Commissioned on May 2 1964. Went on 3 Wespac Cruises in 1966, 1967-68 and 1969. Attended Naval Instructor school and was assigned to Talos Weapons System school at Mare Island. Taught the WDE or Weapons Direction Equipment intro class and then helped develop the AN/SKQ-2 Missile Telemetry course and taught it many times. Attended the MK-152 Digital Computer school and then was transferred to the USS Long Beach CGN-9. Honorably discharged on January 31, 1974. Worked as a systems tech from 1974 to 1975. Hired as an instructor by TRW in 1975, and worked various instructor jobs until 2010. Continue to look for employment to this day.

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    Join host Hollywood Rick Brutal and his co-host, Judgement J. Esquire, for The Unstoppable Super Show! Tuesday nights 10pm-midnight EST. Listen in as they discuss all things Wrestler Unstoppable and who knows what else they will talk about! you have to be there to find out! Don't miss the fun!

    Tonight- a review of WrestleMania 31!!

    Callers are always welcome! (646) 478-0073 Or, click the Skype button at the top of the chat page!


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    Mark Wilson USS CHicago CG-11

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    Mark Wilson  a shipmate from the USS Chicago CG-11 get together to tell sea stories about anchors,  painting anchors, the Chicago, Westpac, and flag flying, just two old sailors telling sea stories
    All you Chicago vets are invited to join in
    BM2 Mark Wilson served from 1976 to 1984 USS CHICAGO CG-11, USS JASON AO-8, SIMA San Diego, and USS DULUTH LPD-6. BIERUT Lebanon 1983 1st military ship to go through the Suez in over a hundred years. Joined Facebook crew and began helping in a number of projects that we created. One was the anchor refurbishing and the recovery of ships artifacts from EBay.  The challenge coins, the lapel pins, the patches and soon to come the ships buckle. It’s been an honor to be back with the crew of the chi and I'm happy with what we have been able to do so far.

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