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    USDA news feeds, J.W. Jung Seed Company President on 8 Catalogs, AeroGarden.com

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    There is a LOT of information this week.  Lets hear these wonderful news items:

    1)  USDA news feeds on drought pricing of food, new meat patterns, and the USDA announces they have a study on BioBased products and what they are going to do to help this Industry.

    2)  The President of the J.W. Jung Seed Company is on board to tell us about all of his 8 Catalogs.

    3)  Aerogarden.com  Learn about his exciting product line that allows you to Grow FRESH produce and Herbs inside, in your classroom, retirement home, and in other sites.  Purchase ONLINE and use the Promo Code "community20" and receive 20% OFF your Order.


    Have a Great Community Garden Day!

    Mary K. Hukilll, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email: communitygardenradioshow@gmail.com

    Special ONLINE Promotions for Community Gardeners:

    www.natesamericanmadestore.com Go ONLINE and order type in the promo code "comgar15" for 10% OFF Discount on all Garden Equipment and Tools.

    www.aerogarden.com Go ONLINE and type in promo code "community20" for 20% OFF Discount for your purchase.

    www.tropiflora.com Call in an Order you see ONLINE and ask for your 10% OFF Discount on your First order.

    www.gardentowerproject.com  Type in the ONLINE Promo Code "Revolution" and receive $50 OFF Discount on your ONLINE order.  If a Teacher and want to use an unit in the classroom, do call in your order and receive $150 OFF Discount if using in a School setting.  

    DONATE to the American Community Gardening Association and help start more Community Gardens in the USA.

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    Community Gardens and USDA info

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    We're going to go over a LOT of information in this Show segment.  We will hear about the latest and newly signed Farm Bill, HoneyBees, update on SNAP,  why the USDA is buying up more Fruits and Veggies, rural child poverty and how to feed them, What changes are coming to Supermarkets near you, did you know that we're eating more eggs and bacon, and more information.  Start a Community Garden Today!


    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenradioshow@gmail.com



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    Life Challenges "The Application" with Don Mills

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    Life Challenges with Don Mills Lesson- Life Challengers, Have a seat. Gather around me. Class is in session. Have you reviewed the previous Life Challenges? Always start with the review before class, for that is the preparation phase. THE APPLICATION is the next level and it will require several lessons to deliver. During the past several weeks, we talked about THE PHILOSOPHY of Life Challenges.

    In THE CHERRY HARVEST, Lucy Sanna seamlessly weaves an engaging and unforgettable story that touches on a unique, true-to-life footnote in modern history. 

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: LUCY SANNA has published poetry, short stories, and nonfiction books, which have been translated into a number of languages. Born and raised in Wisconsin and a longtime resident of San Francisco, she now divides her time between Madison, Wisconsin, and the west coast. The Cherry Harvest is her first novel.

  • Soil, news items from the USDA about Soil, 2015 International year of Soil

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    Greetings!  It is 2015 and the International year of Soil.

    What is some information we should know about our Soil.

    Be sure to TEST your Soil before doing your Community Garden.

    Lets hear some great information about SOIL from the USDA.


    Mary K. Hukill, Author and Radio Show Host

    Email:  communitygardenrevolution@gmail.com


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    THE APPLICATION- Lesson 3 with Don Mills

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    Life Challenge #15-THE APPLICATION-The Behaviors that Lead to becoming a LIFE CHALLENGER, Lesson 3.

    You already know the routine. Have a seat; gather around because class is in session. Grab you pencil and paper because taking notes is necessary if you are a serious LIFE CHALLENGER. You have reviewed the previous Life Challenges several times. I know that you know them by heart now! You know that the radio broadcast is on Wednesday at 2pm and you can listen by calling 347-994-3320, then press 1 if you want to comment. You can also go to Katherine ThisNeedstobesaid Waddell page for the link. I encourage you to join us. Thanks again to Katherine for hosting the weekly blog radio show.
    Just a quick review of last week's show.

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    sandra bland vs the coons

    in Current Events

    why are blacks defending racist who kill blacks do we hate our selves that much 

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    Life Challenges with Don Mills

    in Culture

    Each week Donald Ray Mills joins us to talk about "Life Challenges". For each of you in attendance he recognizes you as a "Life Challenger".

    Feel free to call in and make a comment.

    Darren Marlar will be here with the daily dose of weird news.

    Looking for FREE personal and professional development classes? Head over to http://thisneedstobesaid.com/events/

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    The Neonicotinoid View: Do USDA Scientists Need Protection?

    in Science

    Are USDA scientists under attack for doing their job? What exactly is the USDA Scientific Integrity Policy? How secure are jobs held by scientists that are employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture when it comes to conducting research that threatens Big Ag? In this special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, host June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Colorado beekeeper, Tom Theobald talk to Jeff Ruch, Executive Director of the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Stay tuned!

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    Interview with Malcolm Damali Mills

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    There is an atmosphere that surrounds artists no matter who they are or where you find them. They have an aura that draws you in like a moth to a flame. And it is no different with Malcolm Damali Mills. Artist, musician/producer, poet, spoken word artist/producer, photographer... his creative influence has no bounds.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I discover how Damali stays fresh and keeps his creativity alive and inspiring. This is a not to miss episode. If you enjoy the arts in any form, you will enjoy this candid interview.

    At BRPP Presents: The Interviewers we bring you what's good. See ya soon, Why Yet

    Call # 646-716-5330


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    IRAN HAS NUKES - Planned parenthood at it again!

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    Hr1   Retired Military General Paul Vallely says IRAN already has nukes and can launch them! And a few more bombshells!

    Inside WashDC scoop is that Joe Biden will replace Hillary Clinton as chosen one.

    Mitch McConnell & John Boehner say GOP will stay on sidelines until new President. How do we win if we don't fight?

    Did you hear about Stop Iran rally in NY last week? Over 12k people in Times Square. MSM coverage = dismal.

    Every North Korean missile launch has been conducted in conjunction w/ Iran w/ assists from Russia & China.

    Planned Parenthood needs to go! How do you deliver a human liver if it doesn't come out of a human?

    Hr2  Nancy Pelosi addresses the Planned Parenthood expose videos...

    She says no need to investigate Planned Parenthood,  they've done nothing illegal. So it shouldn't be a problem to investigate them. Nothing to find, right?

    Mark Cuban on Donald Trump...

    Woman sues employer for 40 weeks maternity leave after adopting a puppy.

    Quick pass over some recently received Obama conspiracy emails...

    Hr3   Anti-American Rutgers professor protests Condoleeza Rice & says don't blame Hamas for Israel conflict.

    She could be teaching your kids.

    Court rules against right-to-die forcing a woman to die a slow painful death. Was ruling right or wrong?

    Connecticut Democrats dump Thomas Jefferson. Wiping out history.