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    Diabetes Problems and Solutions-USC Prof. Dr.diZerega discusses new treatment

    in Health

    Diabetes Problems and Solutions: Breakthrough medical research could offer a new treatment option for diabetecs with foot sores. Dr. Gere S. diZerega a professor at the KECK School of Medicine at USC in Los Angeles, is leading a new approach to wound healing that he developed from studying how women’s bodies heal after ovulation. This new Phase III clinical trial is called STRIDE, and your viewers may be eligible to enroll for free evaluation and treatment.

    How diabetic foot ulcers impact everyday life for people with diabetes
    The current state of Americans living with diabetic foot ulcers and the unmet need for this condition
    Why seeking treatment for foot ulcers can help those living with diabetes put their best foot forward
    Why diabetics with chronic foot ulcers are needed to help evaluate an investigational topical gel’s ability to heal these ulcers

    More than 100 research centers nationwide are involved in Dr. diZerega’s research efforts. If your viewers would like to learn more or find a local research center in your area go to www.gotfootsores.com for additional information. Participants in this research study will be seen by a doctor weekly and will receive the topical study gel and laboratory services at no cost.

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    Boston College Football Week 3 Preview: USC Trojans

    in Sports

    For the first time in their storied history, the Sons of Troy will come east to take on the Boston College Eagles!

    Tune in at 8 PM EST (5 PM PST) as Dan and AJ talk about last week's game against Pitt and begin previewing the game on Saturday night against USC.  The Trojans are coming off a tough game against Pac-12 rival Stanford, but they also are a team that slaughtered BC in the LA Coliseum last year, 35-7.  The game will be one of the featured national games of the week, finding itself on national television under the lights in Chestnut Hill.

    USC is 4-0 lifetime against the Eagles, but they're a very different team from the one that took on Steve Addazio's crew last year.  The Trojans defeated BC right before head coach Lane Kiffin was fired, and they transformed overnight from a 4-3 middle-of-the-road program to a 10-4 bowl champion.  Now they're a nationally ranked team under the direction of new head coach Steve Sarkisian, and storylines are already abound.

    Be sure to tune in and be sure to call in as the Eagles take on the Trojans for the first time in Boston!

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    FSP: Live Draft #2 + Does USC have a problem

    in Sports

    Vic and Jerry will come to you live as they will conduct their annual fantasy football draft live on the air. Listen in as both men talk about their teams and those being drafted by the owners in the league. Also, on FSP Crew Show, Jeff brought up the news that a player at USC quit the football team sighting that he couldn't play for a racsist coach. We'll discuss it live on air.

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    Pac-12 and MWC 2014 Previews: USC, UCLA, San Diego State

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    Jeremy and Mouth are joined by USC correspondent Keith Goldberg to break down the Trojans. Then they role solo to discuss the UCLA Bruins, and SDSU Aztecs. 

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    Roger Goodell GONE?; USC/UCLA; NFL; Podcast Picks; Random Q's (09-10-14)

    in Sports

    Breaking news regarding Roger Goodell's potential dismissal following negligence with evidence of Ray Rice's spousal abuse starts our show this week.  THEN, a big football recap show this week with our new guest "Let's Go Mex" of TMF.com.  Mexy joins Dave to catch up on football after a wild week in the NCAA.   How bad was the Big Ten this week with unimpressive games by Michigan State, Ohio State, Nebraska, Purdue, Michigan, and Northwestern?  Also, a HUGE win for USC Football as they fight off their own demons and a rugged Stanford defense on their way to a 13-10 victory?  How did SC get this big moment despite struggling mightily offensively and letting Stanford's offense march into USC territory on nearly every possession?   Who were the ones who stepped it up in the late moments?  Was AD Pat Haden's sideline cameo inapropriate?  That and more from the Trojans PLUS our still-untitled podcast picks of the week with John in CT, Andy in Seattle, Ron in NJ, and Say Hello to Ottis.  Two NCAA and Two NFL picks from each in the season long quest to pick the most winners.   In hour 2, Kevin on the Cape joins Dave for "Random Questions" where we try to rebound from a disastrous week of technical glitches and continue our cfcl.com survey.

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    Rockin' Sports: MLB news, USC-UCLA, NFL football, Star Wars

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    On Episode 19 of Rockin' Sports Kevin Wells and James Ryan break down the recent baseball news out of Boston regarding the signings of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval. James and Kevin discuss the rumors being spread about UCLA running Los Angeles in the world of NCAA football. The dynamic duo also give their NFL playoff predictions and Super Bowl predictions because it's never too early. Finally James and Kevin discuss the finer points of the upcoming release of the trailer for the new Star Wars 

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    National Agenda: savage-el & Chief geo-hawk - Definitions 8 USC ch. 12 sec. 1101

    in Education

    "and ye shall know the truth and the truth, and the truth shall ake you free"


    Can. 12 §1. Universal laws bind everywhere all those for whom they were issued.

    §2. All who are actually present in a certain territory, however, are exempted from universal laws which are not in force in that territory.

    §3. Laws established for a particular territory bind those for whom they were issued as well as those who have a domicile or quasi-domicile there and who at the same time are actually residing there, without prejudice to the prescript of ⇒ can. 13.

    Can. 13 §1. Particular laws are not presumed to be personal but territorial unless it is otherwise evident.

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    UCLA/USC Preview; "Kids Club" Football Picks; Alabama #1; Random Q's (11-19-14)

    in Sports

    This week:  We preview a big rivalry showdown between UCLA and USC, with a chance to take charge of the Pac 12 South Division.  Will Brett Hundley, Ishmael Adams, and Myles Jack continue their dominance over USC with Cody Kessler, Sua Cravens, Nelson Agholor, Leonard Williams, Buck Allen, and Juju Smith?  Also on the show we turn to the "Kids Club" for their Week 12 picks in a most competitive season.   We'll also look at the College Football Playoff rankings and see whether Alabama at #1 is now the team to beat, or whether Mississippi State can hang onto their 4th ranking and make the playoff.   In Hour 1, to start our show, we have Kevin on the Cape scheduled to join us for "Random Questions" where this week, Kevin asks Dave "How 'LA' are you?"

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    American Daily Review: Constitutional Avengers Assemble

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Corner: Nullification is a natural right, but not the only tool to restore the Republic; The belly of the beast in a depraved society, a.k.a. Doug Gibbs' weekend at USC; Mike Huckabee is in, Marco Rubio is glory-trolling, Jeb Bush is in the wrong party, Clinton Foundation stench driving away Hillary! '16 donors, and Rand Paul doubles down on his dad's isolationism; There another economic crash coming, and this one will be permanent; After six and a half years of endless post-White House abuse, George W. Bush finally fires back; and a mere two hours from now, witness history.

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    Spontaneous Spirit Talk Radio... Welcomes Jerry Lane to the show...

    in Spirituality

    WithInsightsRadio.com & Producer Iggy Presents.

    Spontaneous Spirit Talk –

    Come journey with us on a spirit lead and spontaneous journey.  We will slow down, talk, listen and learn to use our intuition…

    We will listen, explore and cover variety of topics, from holistic, metaphysical, alternative healing modalities and about insights!  We encourage you to call in and share with us how the universe has worked miracles in your life.... 

    Our guest this month is author Jerry Lane - The Adventure of Being Human I & II

     The phones lines and the chat room will be open if you have any questions for our guest.

    “Throwback Thursday Show” – 9pm EST: Past show from our archives…


    For more info visit: IggyGarcia.com

    USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21B § 2000BB–1

    USC TITLE 42 CHAPTER 21C § 2000CC