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    USARK Update with Rick Stanley

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    With all of the legislation swirling around the US Reptile Nation, it's a comfort to know that the United States Association of Reptile Keepers is out there fighting to help preserve our rights to keep and breed the animals we're all so passionate about. Rick Stanley is the in-house counsel for USARK, and a keeper of reptiles and amphibians for over 50 years. His passion for the creatures we all enjoy as reptile enthusiasts is woven into the very fabric of his being. Join CK as he catches up with Mr. Stanley to dig into the status of the "Python Ban", and get Rick's unique perspective on the pending situation and potential outcomes.

    This is a "must listen" show for all US based Double R fans, whether they keep large constrictors or not. Please be sure to tune in.

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    What Has USARK Really Done?

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    Let's talk about what USARK has actually done for the hobby.It's no secret how I feel about them.I'm gonna let anyone who wants to have their say speak. So make sure and join us for what should be a great show.

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    USARK, Us and Robyn Markland

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    Join UrbanJungelsRadio as we sit in with special guest Robyn Markland of The Reptile Report and Ship Your Reptiles.com Live in the UJR Studios!  You'll want to listen as we chat with Robyn and also catch up with special guest
     Phil Goss, president of USARK as he touches base with us from California in preperation for the Reptile Super Show in Pomona.  You can bet this will be a very special and exciting episode of UrbanJunglesRadio as we catch up with some of the most infuential people in the Reptile Hobby and get to the nitty gritty on what's going on in the hobby and industry!

    For more info check out www.USARK.com and also our friends and sponsors at www.ShipYourReptiles.com and www.TheReptileReport.com


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    Puerto Rico Reptiles USARK en Puerto Rico

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    Que es USARK, como funciona, que beneficios tiene hacerse miembro y los articulos de promocion que hay disponible? Tambien discutiremos las noticas de esta semana sobre el fuego en el Bosque del Pueblo y Los coquies que los querian mudar para Ohio!!

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    UJR Presents: A Crock in Maine & Crocfest in Florida

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    It's another action-packed episode of UJR as Richard Stanley Stops by to talk about recent events where a woman's pet snakes were unjustly taken by the federal government and what should happen in this instance.  Then the one and only Shawn Heflick stops by to talk Croc conservation and Christmas Crocfest 15 taking place at Croc Manor on December 5th to benefit global crocodile conservation projects.   It's going to be a spectacualr one as usual on the won and only, world famous, UrbanJunglesRadio

    For more infor visit www.USARK.org and the following on Crocfest:
    Christmas Croc Fest 2015 is scheduled to take place on Saturday, December 5, 2015 from noon until 10:00 pm at Crocodile Manor, Shawn Heflick’s facility, in Palm Bay, Florida. Proceeds raised at this year's event will benefit the West African slender-snouted crocodile, Mecistops cataphractus. Populations of the West African slender-snout have been isolated from the Central African group for over 7.5 million years, resulting in such morphological and genetic distinctions that taxonomic revisions are underway to recognize it as a unique species. Considered the least-known crocodile in the world, surveys in West Africa over the last ten years have detected fewer than 20 wild adults. In 2013, they were assigned a Critically Endangered classification on the IUCN Red List.

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    Steve Sykes of Geckos Etc. joins us!

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    Airing Sunday11/8/15 at 8:00 P.M. Est or 5:00 P.M. Pst

    Steve Sykes of Geckos Etc. joins us! We have really been looking forward to this interview. Hope you can listen in. We welcome your phones calls with questions and discussion topics. Join us in our chatroom during the live broadcast by following the show link. The call in number is 646-478-5331. See you there!

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    USARK partnering with PIJAC

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     When it comes to the topic of USARK partnering with PIJAC there seem to be a lot of opinions floating around on whether this is the right move for the reptile nation to make. For whatever reason the herpetoculture element of the reptile industry hasn't stopped to examine what it is they are actually supporting. For this quick segment Larry talks about how reptile breeders should seek support from those that support them, and not expend valuable resources on those that just may be the direct opposition.

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    Andrew Wyatt from USARK

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    Tonight we have Andrew Wyatt, President of USARK, joining us for all of the current updates in the Reptile NAtion

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    Let's Talk About USARK

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    This is a show about USARK. We will be discussing. How they have been the biggest waste of time and money of our hobby. We will also discuss an article brought to my attention. By my good friend Danny Mendez of Urban Jungles Radio. So come on out and listen to the show. Call in and tell me how you feel.

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    Redneck Has Converted To USARK

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    Ok Tonight's show is about. My change of Mind about USARK. I will explain my sudden change of heart. So everyone doesn't think I'm crazy. LOL After that we'll just be talking about reptiles in genral. So come out and have some fun with us.

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    Selling and Marketing in the Leopard Gecko Game "Round Table Discussion"

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    Airing Sunday June 14th 2015 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern, 5:00 P.M Pacific

    Selling and Marketing in the Leopard Gecko Game "Round Table Discussion"

    Ok so you have mastered the incredibly easy art of breeding Leopard Geckos and you have a ton of babies. Now what? Do you keep them all? Do you give them away? Do you sell them? 

    If you've invested in top genetics and great bloodlines then you have produced potentially valuable offspring. In this episode we will discuss how to market and sell your animals the right way. For this special discussion I've invited Rebecca Hassler of Dragoon Gecko in Germany to help give us insight into how things are going in Europe. John Scarbrough of Gecko Boa Reptiles in Colorado and Shawn Gray of Night Glow Reptiles in Texas. I will also be able to share my experiences over the last 6 years doing this on a serious level. Join us for this sure to be informative episode. We welcome your phone calls with questions and discussion topics to 646-478-5331. Once connected press #1 so I know you'd like to come on the air. If you'd like to just listen on your phone don't press #1 after being connected. As always our chatroom will be running live while the show airs. Join in by following the show link. The chat only works on PC or tablet platforms and runs best with Google and Firefox browsers.