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    in Politics Progressive

    HOST: Joseph Ngarambe


    Igice cyambere

    FARG : ikigega cya Leta ngo gifasha abacitse kw’icumu rya jenoside ariko mu by’ukuri kibyibuhije Kagame n’ibyegera bye

    ‘One dollar Campaign’: urugero rw’itekamutwe n’inda nini

    Kubakira abacitse kw'icumu kwagiye kuba agatereranzamba, ariko nyuma yo kwiba hakoreshejwe ba rwiyemezamirimo benshi, ubu MINADEF ni yo ikukanye kwiharira umurimo wo kubyibushya abanyagatsiko

    Inda nini y'abanyagatsiko yagiye idindiza ibikorwa bigenewe abcikacumu ari nako ihombya ba rwiyemezamirimo. Twumve aho babitaka kuri VOA

    Igice cya kabiri:

    Ivangura mu kwibuka abacitse kw’icumu n’ingaruka mbi ku mibanire y’Abanyarwanda

    Kagame akomeje kwica no kuboha Abatutsi ngo yakijije urupfu

    Kwibukira hamwe nk’umuti usana imitima


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    The MultiMLM Radio Hour - Usana: Special Guest Maggie Lancy

    in Marketing

    Today's Show featured guest Maggie Lancy of USANA Health Sciences. Maggie's 15 year career with USANA is such a contrast to the typical MLMer or Network marketer that has a new company every week. Her experience, with and humanity comes through as she discusses her life and her passion, Home-Based business and Network Marketing.

    For more information about Maggie visit: http://MaggieLancy.com

    To Find Out More about The MultiMLM Life visit:


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    Children's Health - taking charge!

    in Youth

    IN today's episode we are exploring what we can do to enhance our children's chances of living long healthy lives.  The fact of today is that people are living longer, but not having a good quality of life as degenerative diseases are building throughout their lives.

    What action can we take to change this situation for our children?  Can we?

    Listen in to this episode to find out what actions you can take.


    www.drastictofantastic.usana.com - for a free health assessment and to find out about the supplements that you can take to enhance your health now and into the future. (USANA Health Sciences produce the most awarded supplements in the world, trusted by athletes - second in medals at the Sochi Winter Olympics, trusted sponsor of the WTA)

    If you would like to join Clara's Monthly 'take charge of your health in 2014 webinars please email her here at info@drastictofantastic.com

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    Women's health - is it in your hands?

    in Women

    Women do you think that you can really influence your health?  Is your health simply in your genes?  Or can you improve or even transform your own health?

    Here at Drastic to Fantastic - it is our passion to assist women to take charge and transform their health.  How you think, eat, exercise and the supplements you do or do not take can enable you to transform your health.

    In this episode I am speaking with Dr. Leigh Willoughby the fat loss doctor about the important actions you can take to help you to look after health and now what ever age you are.  

    There are actions that you can take to help protect you from degenerative diseases such as cancers and arthritis, and menstrual problems.

    For more information about Clara's work check her out at www.drastictofantastic.com and sign up to her newsletter and get a FREE mindfulness meditation to help you on your way to good health.

    For your own health assessment and FREE lifestyle report and to order the world's most awarded supplements of USANA Health Sciences click here

    If you have any questions email clara at info@drastictofantastic.com

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    The fatloss doctor explains why a healthy gut is vital

    in Women

    In this Drastic to Fantastic blog talk episode - I am continuing my exploration of the importance of your nutrition to your health and wellbeing with Dr. Leigh Willoughby, the fat loss doctor.
    Your habits of thinking and the nutrients in your cells are of equal importance to best functioning.  However,  if your gut is not in a healthy state you will not be able to absorb your nutrients.
    This is a certain vicious circle.  If you are stressed, your ability to absorb your nutrients is impacted and if your gut is inflamed you will not absorb your nutrients effectively either, or be able to think as effectively.  
    Listen in to find out why having a healthy gut is so vital, and what you can do to enhance the health of your gut.
    Take your own FREE health assessment and get a free life style report and recommendations specific to your needs, and if you wish to take the highest quality supplements to ensure that you are meeting your cells basic nutritional requirements then click here at  www.drastictofantastic.usana.com  where you can order the worlds most awarded supplements - Essentials - your mega-antioxidants and chelated minerals, Biomega - distilled, safe, high quality fish oils, and Active Calcium - for your bone strength and good muscle and nerve functioning.  In the UK where we are now entering the sunlight depleted winter months - these USANA base line supplements will certainly give you vital vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol that you need for your good health through the winter.
    Learn how you can take care of your core needs book your ticket today for 'The Drastic to Fantastic Women's Road Show'

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    Is pregnancy stressful? How can it be otherwise?

    in Women

    In today's Drastic to Fantastic Blogtalk  radio episode I am talking with Florence Parot about how Sophrology can help women both pre-conceptually and pre-natally.
    Sophrology is a form of therapy that combines breathing visualisation and movement - to bring calm and relaxation to individuals experiencing a range of stress related conditions.
    As someone who had many years difficulty in having a successful pregnancy, and in having a baby that lived for more than a few hours, and as someone who worked with women through their pregnancy - I am fully aware of how stressful some women do find getting pregnant to be and also their pregnancies.
    I found that my own dire history turned the moment I discovered about quality nutrition - which is one of the reasons I now highly recommend USANA Health Sciences high quality supplements - and I am really delighted that they now have developed their own high quality science based supplements - 'baby care'.  Do check out drastictofantastic.usana.com and if you want more information or to discuss any issue do contact me at info@drastictofantastic.com
    If you find yourself struggling with unhelpful habits and stress - make sure you check out the Drastic to Fantastic Women's Road Show and book your early bird ticket before the 14th November.  At this fantastic event covering all the most important areas of your health and wellbeing - you will set your own goals and key action steps to get on the road to a calm, relaxed, happy and effective life.

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    A Man Apart

    in Health

    Today's interview is with Mr Barry Donalson. He has helped several prosperous companies to become more prosperous. Companies such as Avon, Herbal Life, Amway, Usana, and ACN. He is a man of integrity and with his partner created a company Worldgate Industries. (WGI) We welcome him to our radio broadcast show.

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    Let's Talk Keys 4 Autistic Human Condition 6pm

    in Culture

    Today's show is for the Autistic Community to come together to talk about what we can do to contribute to society. Let's face it, we all know how we function, let's move forward from there and discuss what we can do! Follow us on ANCA FB TWITTER YOUTUBE EXAMINER.COM and ANCA/USANA

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    Putting Social Media to Work on The Teach Jim Show

    in Education

    Tim helped launch USANA’s social media department in 2008 and now manages the award-winning What’s Up, USANA? blog, as well as the company’s Facebook pages &Twitter streams — which include more than 100,000 fans & followers.
    USANA social media has either won or been named a finalist for nearly 20 awards. Tim was named PR News Blogger of the Year & Digital Communicator of the Year in 2010.
    You can check out what Tim and the USANA team are doing at whatsupusana.com. Check the resources page for tools and tips. You'll find Tim @TimHaran.  
    If you ever wanted to know how to use social media like a professional and build your business like a corporation you'll enjoy this episode.
    "Teach" Jim and share your unique contribution.  Please request YOUR appearance on The Teach Jim Show, the place to teach, to learn, to grow by visiting theteachjimshow.com

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    Show special with Joseph Z Sheppard UVic 8pm PST

    in Education

    Leonora Gregory-Collura  hosts a very special show today with two amazing guests:
    Joseph Z Sheppard co-director at the Centre for Autism Research, Technology and Education University of Victoria
    and who also happens to be on the autistic spectrum. Joseph is also the founder and faciliatator of 'Authors with Autism' University of Victoria Peer-Support Writing Group for Adults with Autism
    Michael Savage - known as 'Memphis Mike' for his BBQ sauce and BBQ events. A fantastic community philanthropist and parent of a youjng man on the spectrum. Mike will share his journey as an entrepreneur cominbing entertainment, food, and phuilanthropy and teh benefits to society with such an approach!

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    How Coaching Helped Me Transition from Stress to Joy

    in Self Help

    Welcome to the Mindful Change Exchange! I'm your host, Billie Frances, founder of Guiding Mindful Change. It is my joy to bring us together to learn, share and grow by expanding our awareness of what is, who we are and how we choose our experiences.
    Today, Carol Ebert and I will discuss the benefits of the coaching process. 
    Carol Ebert is a creative force for education and wellness.  Her entrepreneurial spirit propelled her from bedside nursing to Navy Nurse, middle school health educator, college health service director, medical center wellness specialist, mindful  coach and trainer, university instructor for creativity and law of attraction, college student mentor, real estate investor,  USANA Health Sciences Silver Director, and CEO of her own business, Creating Wellness Cultures. 
    A pioneer in the wellness industry, her passion for wellness for over 30 years is evident in all her initiatives. She models high level wellness as a lifestyle choice and is especially interested in coaching others on lifestyle issues, training other professionals to be wellness coaches through Guiding Mindful Change, and helping others reinvent themselves and start their own wellness businesses through the opportunities provided by USANA. 
    Contact Carol Ebert via Creating Wellness Cultures.
    Contact Billie Frances via Guiding Mindful Change.