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    Alternate Realities with Uri Geller

    in Spirituality

    Brilliant Essence presents Uri Geller with Astrid on Air on Alternate Realities!
    New York, NY—Sept 4, 2013. Watkins Publishing has signed an authorized biography of Uri Geller which tells his life story and explores recent claims about his clandestine work with the CIA and the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, during and after the Cold War. rob. Geller is best-known for his Vegas-style act where he bends spoons, describes hidden drawings, and performs other paranormal feats.  
    Secrets and intrigue follow the man everywhere! Join us on Alternate Realities for an hour of mind bending intelligence with Uri and Astrid on Air
    Friday October 4th.. 9AM PST / Noon EST
    simulcast via Brilliant Essence radio and Revolution Radio
    Link to  Revolution Radio via www.freedomslips.com  
    Link to Brilliant Essence Radio via www.blogtalkradio.com/brilliantessence or Call # 646-200-3700
    Open chatrooms on both sites available.

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    The one and only URI GELLER live today on NFTS RADIO!
    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ...
    SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.SpoonbendingKit.com

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    Uri Shulevitz

    in Books

    A Caldecott Medal winner, illustrator and author, Uri Shulevitz was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1935. He spent his early years in Europe and Russia and lived in Israel from 1949-1959. At age 24 he moved to New York City where he studied painting at the Brooklyn Museum Art School and drew illustrations for a Hebrew publisher. He later was discovered by Harper & Row and began a long, illustrious career as a children's book author and illustrator. A retrospective of his work is currently on display at the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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    Mattel's 16th Annual Party On The Pier & UCLA's Danielle Dietz

    in Motivation

    Mattel's 16th Annual "Party on The Pier" is this Sunday September 27th! Find out who will be there & what goodies you can expect for the whole family. Disney & Nickelodeon TV show stars your kids will know. JLo tickets in Vegas up for auction for us girls. Sarah Michelle Geller will be there with her company Foodstirs (which I love) & she has such a lovely family. Sound amazing? It is, on every level.

    So, what's the scoop? Why are all the celebs showing up for this? Why are once in a lifetime experiences being donated to raise funds? Why are Toys R Us, The Dodgers & more heavy hitters coming out to show support?

    Find out with Danielle Dietz on tonight's Mommy Monday show. And don't miss being involved with this amazing cause at such a unique event- Your kids will be telling all their friends & you'll be a supercool mom for taking them to this;) SO get tickets! Most importantly we have the chance to be a part of raising almost 1 million dollars (I'm going to think big here- It's hit about 800k in the past!) And we hope it becomes a tradition for your family every year. Let's make this year the biggest yet!

    Please get your tickets HERE now before they sell out.

    We will see you there & thank you again for supporting #MomsInMedia by subscribing to MomAngelesRADIO & Kristin Cruz on BlogTalk Radio. Let's go rock this week! {Tonight's music: OPEN; Maroon 5 "Sugar" CLOSE; Demi Lovato- "Cool For Summer"}

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    in Politics Progressive


    Ikintu gikomeye cyatangaje abantu ndetse bamwe bakaba bataranabyiyumvisha kugeza ubu ni ukuntu uyu mugabo yanengaga yivuye inyuma ubutegetsi bw’u Rwanda aho yari i Bwotamasimbi ariko ubu akaba ari umuvugizi ukomeye w’igihugu mu rwego rw’amategeko.

    Umunyamategeko Evode Uwizeyimana yanenze bikomeye ubutegetsi bwa FPR Inkotanyi buriho kugeza n’ubu. Yavugaga ko u Rwanda rugana ahantu habi cyane kubera ko ruyobowe mu buryo bw’igitugu ndetse n’abaturage batisanzura.

    Me.Evode yanenze inzego nyinshi z’u Rwanda aho ndetse yigeze no gukomoza ku burezi bwo mu Rwanda anenga abantu bajya kwiga bakarangiza ntacyo batahanye nyuma na bwa bwenge bakuye muri Kaminuza bakabwimurira mu gifu nyuma bagasigara basingiza uwabahaye izo ntebe bicayemo.

    Yagize ati:’ Ntawe uvugana indya mu kanwa “.

    Icyo gihe yagize ati:"Ndibuka ko twajyaga duca imanza twava mu rukiko ugasanga urimo uraburansisha idosiye bahimbye ukabaza umushinjacyaha uti ibi bintu ko bidasonutse ibimenyetso byawe ni ibihe…nyuma twakuyemo bya byenda by’abacamanza twasohotse mu rukiko ukumva arakubwiye ati ariko biriya uba umbaza ni ibiki? Iyi systeme dukoreramo urayiyobewe? Uyobewe uko ikora?...ati nanjye ndabizi ko iriya dosiye bayihimbye…nonese uragira ngo mbigire nte?”

    Yagize ati “Nta leta yigeze imbwira ngo nintahe, ikibazo kimwe: Ese ubundi ubu leta ni urugero ikubwiye iti uri Umunyarwanda nubwo udushinja ibintu dukora ko tubikora nabi, ngwino udufashe kubikosora, twumva ubizi, twumva waranabyize, leta ikaguha ukuboko ukakwanga ntiwaba uri inyeshyamba itazi icyo ishaka ?”


    in Spirituality

    Join us this Monday at 5Pm Est, 10Pm Bst for the welcome return of our ' Resident Doctor'  - Dr. Paul Haider, from San Juan , Puerto Rico !

    He will be asking if the next three years will bring spirituality, and taking callers.

    Dr. Haider is Award Winning Author for OM Times Magazine, Natural Awakenings Magazine, One Vibration Magazine, and many more periodicals. 

    He is a Spiritual Teacher and Master Herbalist -- Author, Speaker, Counselor, and is a well known for working to help people by giving of his time and love.

    Dr. Haider helps people find spiritaul realization and look within to find fulfilment and contentment in life. His daily writing open up your heart and help you find peace and love the life you have.

    ''Each day is a gift, all we have to do is awaken from our slumber and understand we are God. That God lives within us and that we are the temple of the one and only God.''

    To Sign up for his Spiritual and Herbal Tips email go to


    Call us for your individual guidance!

    On FB look for Dr. Paul Haider, Shambala Spiritual Transformation Institute, Meditation for the Soul & Relax Into Success




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    New Face Of Hate -Pamela Geller-Jesus Vs Muhammad

    in Entertainment

    ‘I’m the hunted one': Pamela Geller shames CNN for using Southern Poverty Law Center to ‘slime’ her. $10,000 MUHAMMAD ART AND CARTOON CONTEST TO BE HELD AT SITE OF ‘STAND WITH THE PROPHET’ CONFERENCE IN TEXAS. This contest led to this: Geller drew national attention last month after an off-duty police officer working security thwarted an attack at her organization's contest for Prophet Mohammed drawings in Garland, Texas. She's president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, which includes subsidiary programs Stop Islamization of America and Stop Islamization of Nations.

    "They targeted me for violating Sharia blasphemy laws. They mean to kill everyone who doesn't do their bidding and abide by their law voluntarily," Geller told CNN's Erin Burnett after learning of the alleged plot.

    "This is a showdown for American freedom. Will we stand against this savagery or bow down to them and silence ourselves?" Who is really the savage here? How would you feel if a muslinhelf a contest to draw Jesus in the most moronic way. The better question is, What was her agenda? and Why..We make a live Call to her office.. Getting to the bottom of this.Take a look 

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    John Carver Show - Psychology and Self Motivation (Scott Geller)

    in Self Help

    In his self-motivation talk, Scott Geller explores how we can inspire and empower ourselves to go beyond the call of duty.

    Geller begins by asking three simple questions: Can we do it? Will it work? And finally, is it worth it? Answering "yes" to all three questions indicates that we feel competent, a quality which is likely to lead to higher self-motivation. 

    Geller follows the question of competency with another C-word: choice. Those who feel like they have more autonomy will become more self-motivated. When we work for a pleasant consequence, we are more likely to feel as though we are working towards something. On the other hand, when we are working to avoid a negative consequence, we are more likely to feel controlled and limited. Geller encourages us to be mindful of the choices and opportunity we have available to us, ultimately becoming "success-seekers" rather than "failure-avoiders."

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    American Daily Review: Pamela Geller....Almost

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Corner: original authority; North Korea's submarine nuclear missile launch; A second 7+ earthquake rocks Nepal, where American helicopter crash kills Americans providing humanitarian aid; "Hillbilly patriotism" and the leftwingnuts who detest it; The widening gyre of Barack Obama's race war; Amtrak derails....literally; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death of old age awaiting his execution.

    And in hour #3 on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs (4PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific):

    ISIS conquers Ramadi, Iran attacks another cargo vessel, our former Gulf allies balk at Obama's phony "missile shield," but U.S. Special Ops bags a top ISIS commander; and where in the world is Pamela Geller?

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    Frankie Laine and Tex Williams

    in Country Music

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    Friday Afternoon with Frankie Laine & Tex Williams 

    Frankie Laine Black Lace

    The Cry of the Wild Goose

    Tex Williams and His Western Caravan ‎– Rose Of the Alamo

    The California Polka

    Podcast link


    All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Frankie Laine ‎– Black Lace / the Cry of the Wild Goose

    Label: Mercury ‎– 5363

    Released: 1950

    Genre: Jazz, Pop

    A: Black Lace

    Featuring – Harry Geller & His Orchestra

    B: The Cry of the Wild Goose

    Featuring – Harry Geller's Orchestra  Composer Gilkyson

    Carl Fischer, Piano for both sides

    Tex Williams and His Western Caravan ‎– Rose Of the Alamo / The California Polka

    Label: Capitol Records ‎– 302 (1321)

    Released: 1946

    Genre: Folk, World, & Country

    Style: Country


    A: Rose of the Alamo

    Composer Billy Hughes

    B: The California Polka

    Composer Dale Fitzsimmons

    Vocals Tex Williams


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    RotoRob Fantasy Baseball Weekly: Alex Rodriguez at 40

    in Sports

    Join RotoRob and guests as they break down the latest Fantasy baseball news every Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. Lively, entertaining, edifiying and edgy -- exactly what you've come to expect from RotoRob.com.

    This week, RotoRob is joined by Hafeez Noorani of DraftTeam. Among other Fantasy baseball tidbits, we'll be discussing how Alex Rodriguez is defying the odds at 40 and offer Fantasy related updates from the afternoon games.

    Website: www.RotoRob.com

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/RotoRob

    Download the RotoRob app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rotorob/id1016483285?ls=1&mt=8

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