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  • 02:22

    Love & Money With Psychic Shenice Neeci Jones Urban Therapy with Sun #150

    in Lifestyle

    Renowned Psychic Shenice Neeci Jones is on her way back to bless us with readings and conversation on this Urban Therapy with SUN Show!

    Many of you may remember her from her past appearances on the show and she is coming back to bless us once more with readings and healings. You know we all need it and Ms. Jones will be here this Wed. to deliver them to us. You know you wanna hear about your future, your past and get some clarity about what's going on here and now.

    We will also be talking to Neeci about love and money and why so many of us struggle to get and maintain either or both. Which one comes easier to you? Why is it that some people seem to be able to make money without even trying while others struggle so hard all their lives to make ends meet? Why do some people seem to be able to find healthy relationships that they are able to throw away while others can't see to find a soul mate to save their lives? Does it seem like that from the outside looking in or is it really real? What y'all know about that?
    Let's find out. Come through this Wednesday and get your reading and some direction

  • 01:57

    The Challenges Of Moving Up and Improving. Urban Therapy with Sun #162

    in Lifestyle

    It's always great to start making a little more money to be able to have the things that you always wanted to be able to buy and live the life that you've always wanted to live. Just like any changes that happen in life there are gonna be challenges that need to be met. Even though they may seem like small things to some people, everyone has their own way of seeing things and we all grew up experiencing things from our own perspective so some things are easier for others than they are for individuals.

    In short, here are some of the things that we will address on this week's show. See if you can relate.

    Working a steady job after being on welfare for a long time.

    Moving into a regular rental apartment or house after living in the projects for a long time.

    Moving from an apartment to owning your own home for the 1st time.

    Taking a managerial position after working for years as an hourly employee.

    Getting into a healthy relationship after being in an abusive relationship for so long.

    Living a healthy lifestyle after abusing yourself for years  with drugs, alcohol or other type of addiction.

    We can cover any other type of positive change that takes getting used to as well. Call 347-677-1533 to tell your story or one that you know of.


  • 02:05

    Will My Degree Make Me Outgrow You? Urban Therapy with Sun #161

    in Lifestyle

    We know that compatibility and communication are important for any relationship to be able to survive and be harmonious most of the time. People usually get with people that they can relate to on their level even if the person knows more than them or knows less than them. People who meet in college often wind up being together and often marrying. It's the same as people who meet at work or at clubs or organizations. They have ssomething in common that helps them to relate to each other. On some levels they are on the same level. What happens when one person raises their education level with the possibility of raising their social and professional level as well? 

    When a person in a relationship goes back to school to further their education or to move up in their profession, do they change in ways that alienates them from the person that they are with? Do they try to raise their partner's status up to theirs or does something else often happen? Does the one in the relationship who is not going to school experience feelings of jealousy, alienation and being left behind? Are their feelings often vaild? 

    Does the person in the relationship who goes back to school often leave their partner behind in some way by learning new things, interacting with different people and possibly becoming a little snooty? 

    Can a little education ruin a once healthy relationship? What can be done to save it? 

    Can the professional and the blue collar worker still make it as the gap widens between their educational backgrounds?

    Does getting a degree usually mean that a person will change?


  • 02:11

    Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. Urban Therapy with Sun #160

    in Lifestyle

    Sometimes in anger, frustration or just because we think that we need a change, we terminate something that we've been doing without even thinking about what's gonna happen next.

    Quitting a job without having another job lined up.

    Breaking up with a lover or requesting a divorce without thinking about what happens next.

    Hooking up with a new love or moving someone in that you barely know.

    Uprooting and moving to a different city or state without having any ties there or even a job lined up.

    Making a major purchase without having the means to pay for it.

    Joining the military, club or organization without fully understanding what you're getting yourself into.

    Marrying someone that you barely know.

    Committing a major crime without planning it out 1st.

    Any action that will put your back up against the wall is what we're talking about on this show. Check it out.

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    How It's Going So Far? Resolutions Revisited. Urban Therapy with Sun #167

    in Lifestyle

    It takes stamina and endurance and determination to devise a plan and stick to it. The beginning of the year is when the men get separated from boys in this regard. By now, people are either wondering if they should've started what they started or if they need to change direction.

    How's that workout plan going? What about that diet?

    Have you ran back to that lover that you kicked to the curb?

    Are you still not speaking to those toxic friends that you cut off?

    Have you started adding back those friends that you deleted off of social media?

    Have you started back cursing and swearing yet?

    When was the last time you smoked a cigarette?

    How much money have you saved so far?

    Still sticking to that celibacy plan?

    Yeah, it's only been less than a month but it seems like a lifetime when you feel like you've made the wrong decision or when you bitten off more than you can chew. People go overboard with New year's plans all the time. They get fed up and and make rash decisions. How about you? Are you sticking to the gameplan?

    Let's see if we can help each other out. Let's support each other. Let's see if we can get each other back on the right track and follow through until at least the spring. LOL


  • 02:38

    Your Meaning of Thanks. The Meaning of Thanksgiving. Urban Therapy with Sun #158

    in Lifestyle

    On tonight’s show we are talking about everything Thanksgiving. From the history of Thanksgiving, how it got started to what you do on the “big day” to what we are thankful for and everything in-between. This is our Thanksgiving Show and our monthly Co Host Medical Intuitive and Healer Shenice Jones will be joining us and will be doing live on air free intuitive readings

    Shenice is a healer, medical intuitive and oracle card reader. She has being doing readings for 10 years and has a Healing and Intuitive business. She also has her own blog talk radio show called the Oracle Treehouse that airs live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3pm eastern time.

    Join sun752 and Shenice tonight as they talk about everything Thanksgiving and call in to the show to receive a free live on air free reading.

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    Fighting For A Love That You Don't Even Want. Urban Therapy with Sun #156

    in Lifestyle

    They may be someone that you may have dated or went with or were married to that just don't wanna see you be happy. It could be someone who is currently dating someone else or is married to someone else but somehow has enough time to stalk you or mess up what you have going. They claim that they don't want you but they make sure that you don't get to be happy with anyone else. Why? They show up at places that you go. They make annoying phone calls. They harass people that are close to you and ask questions to people who know you as if they are really pursuing you. All the while they know that you two have nothing going on. Y'all might not even be speaking to each other. What's up with that?

  • 02:28

    Trying To Give It Up. Urban Therapy with Sun #148

    in Lifestyle

    There is something in all of our lives that we have been trying to give up or let go of for a while now. What is it?
    It could be smoking or drinking or drug use or gambling or sex, or lying or cheating or overeating or obsessing over a love interest or stealing or faking the funk or driving too fast or being fearful of something or being nosy or taking unnecessary chances or spending too much money or being too cheap or snapping on people  or being rude or being violent or talking too much or never saying enough or being neglectful or being selfish or being lazy or being prejudice or acting too impulsively or being too jealous or being disloyal or.......or........ or......
    On this show we're gonna make the pledge to make a sincere effort to make the change in our live for the better. We're gonna give it up or at least try to.
    This will be an interactive call-in show where we will try to help each other by sharing some of our stories about our successes in giving up some of our negative behaviors. Don't you want to give it up? Don't you at least wanna try? It's only gonna benefit you in the long run so let's get together on this one and get serious about making that change for  the better.

  • Urban Therapy with Sun #146 A Long, Carzy Summer.

    in Lifestyle

    We see a lot of strange things in the summertime. You never know what you're gonna get on a daily basis while you're driving, riding public transportation, walking, sitting on your porch or steps, shopping, looking out of your window or whatever. The summertime does crazy things to people. It' makes some people act out. When you think about it, you've probably seen the wildest things ever during the warm weather months. So, what have you seen this year? How about last year?
    This is a call in show.
    You are encouraged to share anything crazy that you've seen this summer. Nothing is too wild, ratchet, ghetto, unbelievable, ridiculous or just plain wrong.
    I know that personally, I don't have to leave my street. I have pictures! They give me a show every single day! Wait until I share my stories. Share yours as well and let's have some fun on this show.
    There may be drugs involved. In fact I know there will be.

  • 02:11

    Developing A New Improved Meal Plan Urban Therapy with Sun #153

    in Health

    This show will deal with food. Food actually and virtually. Meals Literally and figuratively.

    We have to do better with the way we nourish our bodies with the foods that we eat. Many of us are just eating whatever we want for whatever reason that we see fit. That's sounds liberating but when the health problems start to take away our quality of life, our freedom seems very restricted. It doesn't have to be that way at all. On this show we will learn how to eat to live without sacrificing taste. It's very possible and it's not as hard as people think that it is. Our lives depend on it. We can't play around anymore. You wanna learn effective and healthy ways to lose weight and ward off sickness and disease? We're gonna show you how to do it.

    The other part of this Meal Plan will deal with money and our financial situation. It seems like there's just never enough money to live the American dream the way it was intended to be lived. It seems harder and harder to put the good food on the table. It's only hard because we don't know what we're doing. Not only that but we're probably depending on unreliable sources to feed us the way we want to be fed. In order to break out of the routine of dependence we have to get creative. We should know by now that these corporations are not working in our best interests so what do we do about this? We gotta get our hustle on and supplement our income.

    We have some ideas to share with you on this show show so check it out.

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    Trying To Protect Your Wife From Your Girlfriend. Urban Therapy with Sun #154

    in Lifestyle

    Yeah I know, they shouldn't have been cheating in the 1st place right? But since that's such a common practice among so many spouses for whatever reason, it needs to be dealt with when a situation gets out of hand. And no, this is not a one-sided issue either. Many husbands and wives as well have had to deal with this issue.

    When you drive down the street and you see a car that has been vandalized with broken windows, flat tires and sometimes spray paint then it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what has happened. That's not the work of a spouse. Spouses don't ordinarily destroy community property. Girlfriends do though. And sometimes they reveal details of their affair with wives. Sometimes they directly confront wives. Other times they will send notes or pictures or other forms of proof.

    Men are usually less conspicuous with their involvement but if they are in love with a woman who is married, they may sometimes contemplate killing a husband . Many have done this. Yeah, it gets that deep.

    Know anyone that has ever been through anything like this or worse? Maybe? Maybe not?

    Let's get into this.