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    Urban Teen Magazine Celebrity Interview with Asia Nicole!

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    Born Asia Nicole Powell, 15 year old Pop Star from Yulee, Florida has always had a passion for singing and realized this was something she was born to do at the tender age of 6. In February of 2012, Asia decided to turn her hobby into her dream for stardom. Since then she has been winning nonstop making her mark in the industry. In December 2012, Asia won the "Atlanta's Hottest Future Superstar under 18" award. She also won the America Model Talent Search talent category. In May 2013, Asia won the King Ryan Music Showcase where she was the only kid/teen artist. Recently, Asia has won the 2014 CMM Award for Best Pop Artist of the year.

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Mental Health & The Community

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    In this upcoming episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio join us and our special guests as we discuss Mental Health in Our Community.  Hosted by #TeamUAM's own Kenyatta & co-hosted by Tarsha, this show promises to be full of great information and dialog.

    We invite you to call in and share with us your views on the episodes topics of dicsussion which will include:

    Scientific Breakthroughs and Discoveries
    Signs of Mental Illness
    Mental Health Disorder Prevention
    Mental Illness Stigmas
    Astronomy & Medical Health
    Access to Care-Evaluations, Emergency Care, Alternative Medicine, Crisis Hotlines, Emergency Hospital 
    Area Resources-Pathways, Arundel Lodge, The Children's Guild, Oasis Center for Mental Health, Anne Arundel  Medical Center
    Pros & Cons of Medicinal Marijuana and Mental Illness

    We will also discuss:

    Effects of violent movies and social media on teens
    Trouble marriages, history of depression, obesity and the promotion of unhealthy eating habits
    Survey Says- Where is the happiest place on earth?  The happiest foods?  Happiest hobbies?  Happiest colors?

    Call listen here at BlogTalkRadio.com/UrbanAnnapolisRadio you can also call-in to comment or to simply listen at (347)989-0272.   Join the conversation!

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: The Art Of Professional Networking

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    This episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on the Art of Professional Networking.  No matter your business of profession, networking with the right people, entities and organizations can hold the key to your success.

    Join #TeamUAM as we discuss this art with our audience and our special guests!  This episode is especially important for professionals, entrepreneurs, those seeking to elevate their positions and those who are job searching.

    A few of our special guests today will be Mr. Leutrell Osborne, Sr. He is an inspirational leader, entrepreneur, master networker, transformation agent and recognized as a national and international security expert, who was hired by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for over 26 years.  He has distinguished himself as a Counter Intelligence (CI) expert who has supervised CIA agents and assets in over 30 countries and traveled to more than 100 foreign cities in over five different continents. www.LeutrellOsborne.weebly.com

    And also, Crystal Johnson, a community organizer and youth Development educator in faith-based organizations.

    And finally, Natasha Jackson, former Boys & Girls Club Director for the Baltimore Region, now in Atlanta pursuing a career in entertainment.

    You never know who else may call in to the show...don't miss out!

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    Welcome to Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio

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    In this inaugural episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio, listeners will learn more about UAM it's purpose and what it means to the community.  Callers will also have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments on current events, policy and community activity.  

    Look forward to great community profiles, interview and special guests from Annapolis, Maryland!

    This new episode will feature the following:

     Information related to recent complaints about the Annapolis Police Department and racial profiling,
    Community news that you should know,
    City Council Meeting updates and upcoming meeting schedules 
    Special guests

    and much more.  Questions?  Comments?  Something to share?  Tune-in and let's hear it!

    Tune-In to UAM Radio...One Annapolis, Your City, My City Our City


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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Bridging The Gap Multi-Generational Discussion

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    This weeks episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will feature a multi-generational panel of guest where we will have roundtable discussion on topics relating to the world today.  In our view it's important to Bridge-The-Gap by speaking about current events, news, values and points of view and creating dialog amongts the generations adolesents to baby boomers and beyond!

    As part of this special roundable discussion we will discuss the following topics:

    Global Events
    Education- Primary school & higher education 
    Workforce Development
    Law Enforcement 

    ...this and more.  Don't forget to listen in you can call-in to comment or just listen by calling (347)989-0272!

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview with Pynk Lemonade!

    in Entertainment

    Un4gettable, Fearless and Determined to be the next top triple threat in singing, dancing, and acting these four talented Los Angeles native consisting of Brielle Angelique ,Sydney Bourne, Inaya Ashanti, and, Simone Carillo who are setting social media on fire with their trendy fashion style, hot moves and musical chemistry. Collectively they have worked with some of entertainments hottest like Dj Skrillez, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more. Tune in Saturday, March 7th at 11am pst. with Urban Teen Magazine on blogtalkradio.com/urbanteenmagazine.

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Tocarra and Jasmine!

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    Tocarra will be announcing the launch of her new nonprofit foundation where she will introduce an amazing young lady name Jasmine who has had to grow up quickly, as a double amputee. Her mom Tessa Anderson says, “The falls were tough, the looks were tough, the stares. The bullying." Tune in to learn more about this wonderful young lady and all the great thing Tocarra has in store

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    Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio: Global News Discussion, Ebola, Health & Media

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    This awesome, informative episode of Urban Annapolis Magazine Radio will focus on a variety of Global News items including but not limited to Ebola, news framing, politics, emergency prepardness and much more.

    Hosted by Kenyatta Rowel and Gina Galil this weeks episode promises to be a show you do not want to miss.



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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview London Ellis!

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    Hellooooo, my name is London Ellis and I am singer/songwriter from London chasing my dreams with my big stubborn personality toget my music heard and to make other people happy with it. I have always wanted to be a singer. You know when you are asked in school what you wanna be when you grow up? Well mine wasn’t the astronaut, (even though the thought of jumping around on the moon does sound fun), not the Princess, (even though having a prince whisk me off my feet wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, damn maybe I should re-think this…) but anyway I said “I’m gonna be a Popstar” and I have never changed my mind since.

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    Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Peekskill, New York, Ty Marshall, is one of the hottest new writers in the Urban Fiction game. His authentic depiction of the streets based off real life and real world experiences set him apart from the pack. His ability to write fiction from a real place makes him special, but it's the seamless way he weaves the two worlds together that makes him an undeniable talent.
    Handpicked by "New York Times Best Selling Author" JaQuavis Coleman, Ty recently joined Official Writer's League (O.W.L.) where he will stay true to the company's mantra and demonstrate the highest level of storytelling with the help of O.W.L. founders Ashley & JaQuavis. His debut novel, Eat, Prey and No Love has dine quite well  and he is currently dropping his latest sure penned fire starter KEYS TO THE KINGDOM. Ty is a proud father and husband that resides in Georgia

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Taylor Marie!

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    Taylor Marie (Mangan) is a singer/songwriter on the rise. At the mere age 16 she recorded and released a full-length album containing songs that rival the best material produced by most major label recording artists and by age 19 has recorded and released 6 singles. Taylor Marie's compelling voice belts undeniably catchy hooks and insightful lyrics that don't sacrifice substance for marketability.

    Taylor Marie has recently won second place in the Show Me The Music Singer/Songwriter competition and the was selected as the top artist in the pop genre for the the VH1/Fiat GradPrix Artist. Taylor Marie continues to write and record new music with various producers around the world.


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