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    The New Couture by J.Taylor Couture

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    Greetings I would like to introduce a Women that has taken fashion to a new level. As Women we desire to look good, and clothes is a vital part of who we are. As women if we are having a stressful day and a co worker suggest at lunchtime let's go shoping, we are off running and then we buy that outfit and later discover at the next PTA meeting someone else is wearing our outfit.I recall sitting back myself thinking it would be nice if there was a designer collection that is affordable to all women without breaking our pocketbooks. We'll my guest has achieved that Ms.Alicia Williams the Founder and CEO of J.Taylor Couture will be joining me for an upclose and personal interview.Come on ladies help spread the word if anyone can get the word out there it is us.Ok Let's be Real.

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    Show 30: Oliver Byrd - 2015 Urban Hero

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    Yes, today's guest has the same last name as Karla Byrd, John's cohost, and that is because Oliver Byrd is Karla's husband. On today's show, John and Karla begin interviewing the 2015 class of Urban Heroes and they will start with Oliver. Oliver worked at Mellon Bank for many years, but also served the community as the chair of the United Way and the chairman of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture in downtown Pittsburgh. Oliver will talk about growing up in Pittsburgh and what motivated him to serve so selflessly throughout his career.

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    Let's Talk Urban Welcomes Sa'id Salaam

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    Sa"id Salaam is a the author of over 20+ books. His pen is creative...thought provoking and undoubtable diabolic! We will tap into the man behing the pen on todays show! Here are a few reviews from his readers! This is a review from Sherrie  she was fascinated by his latest release; Dope Girl 4. It was released Jan 6th and already has 28 reviews 27 5 star and one 4 star review!

    Dope Girl Series: http://amzn.to/1zbXk6I


    This is one of those books its hard to give a review on because you dont want to give out spoilers but you cant just say it was good because thats an understatement.

    Everything about this book is straight glass...from the cover to the characters to the knowledge being dropped to the humor to the very end.

    I waited on pins and needles for this book to drop and now I can't wait to discuss it because it was truly awesome.

    If you thinking about reading it, make sure you start from the very beginning. It's the only way to truly understand the dope girl and her family of misfits.

    My name is K Sherrie
    And I recommend this read
    #MMDR #KSherrie #SODCP #2015CSWS

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview London Ellis!

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    Hellooooo, my name is London Ellis and I am singer/songwriter from London chasing my dreams with my big stubborn personality toget my music heard and to make other people happy with it. I have always wanted to be a singer. You know when you are asked in school what you wanna be when you grow up? Well mine wasn’t the astronaut, (even though the thought of jumping around on the moon does sound fun), not the Princess, (even though having a prince whisk me off my feet wouldn’t be such a terrible thing, damn maybe I should re-think this…) but anyway I said “I’m gonna be a Popstar” and I have never changed my mind since.

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Interview with Pynk Lemonade!

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    Un4gettable, Fearless and Determined to be the next top triple threat in singing, dancing, and acting these four talented Los Angeles native consisting of Brielle Angelique ,Sydney Bourne, Inaya Ashanti, and, Simone Carillo who are setting social media on fire with their trendy fashion style, hot moves and musical chemistry. Collectively they have worked with some of entertainments hottest like Dj Skrillez, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, TI, and more.

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  • The Urban Woman Radio: Brand New Year

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    Welcome to a Brand New Year of the Urban Woman Radio on BlogTalkRadio. We have alot of things to discuss. Did you see the movie Selma ? I had the pleasure of attending a Press Screening as well as Q&A Session with the Producers and Stars of the Movie.  Selma is a powerful movie that is very timely to what is happening now in both Ferguson and NYC. 

    Selma won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song "Glory". Common gave a powerful speech about how Selma changed his views. I think Selma should have won more awards. David Oyelowo was nominated for a Golden Globe but did not win.  I think that is a real injustice. But I am not surprised. David also did very well in The Butler. He has a very unique personality. David is not a Jamie Foxx or a Denzel Washington. I am so happy that Oprah recognizes his talent and genuine spirit.  He is unlike anything we have ever seen.

    I think Ava Devurnay should have won for Best Director. She is the first African American Woman to be nominated for such an honor. Parts of the movie reminded me of Malcolm X. Ava made us explore parts of the character of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr that we had not looked into before. He was much more than "I Have A Dream.." Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not without flaws. The movie implied that he was not faithful to Coretta or "Corey" as he lovingly referrred to her. I  never stopped to think about his jealousy of Malcolm X.  Ava did an outstanding job.

    No show would be complete without mentioning Dance Moms. We are in Season 5. Three of the original dancers are gone. Nia will most likely become the newest scapegoat. In order to keep the show relevant and full of controversy, Abby Lee Miller is allowing Maddie to participate in Music Videos that will lead to many discussions. First it was Chandelier and now its Elastic which co stars Shia Lebouf. 

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview with Aylssa Galarza!

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    Alyssa Galarza is an up and coming singer/songwriter who performs in the r&b/pop music genre. She is an Atlanta artist and is working on music for an upcoming EP. She is signed to Cash King Records as their first American artist for a music video release and distribution deal. However, she does independently work her own music through her self-created label, “Scorch Records.” Alyssa is a hard working, focused talent that looks to inspire and create relatable music. As a singer, she has great versatility, which will be clearly evident on her upcoming EP called “Chameleon.”

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    The Urban Woman Radio: Waiting to Exhale (So Excited for the Whitney Movie)

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    Welcome to The Urban Woman Radio. We are definitely waiting to exhale as we anticipate tomorrow's Whitney Houston Movie on Lifetime.  Are you going to be watching ? At first I was not going to watch it. I felt Angela Bassette was being disrespectful to the memory of Whitney Houston especially since her family did not want the movie to happen. 

    After seeing the previews, I think it is going to be a hit like the TLC movie. They certainly did a good job of casting. We will see and you know we do a special recap tomorrow night after the movie.

    Speaking of movies, Selma did not receive as many Oscar nominations as it should. David Oyelowo should have been nominated for Best Actor. However, as I said in my previous show, he is not Denzel nor is he Jamie Foxx or Cuba Gooding Jr. This is in no way meant to be disrespectful. He is not the typical Hollywood definition of cool.  He is more of a Sidney Poitier. Speaking of which he could certainly portray him should they make a movie about his life. 

    I also wanted to mention that we will also be doing restaurant reviews. Today's review is of the restaurant Erawan on Bell Blvd in Bayside. I went there the other day for take out. The waitress asked me, "Would you like to pay first ?" i should have said no. But really ? I did not see anyone else given that "option" 

    Did you all see Dance Moms on Tuesday night ? Holly is in rare form. Showin' out as they say. Big shout outs to Holly. I did not know she is a native New Yorker. She is from the Bronx. Nia deserves so much more than the back row and ethnic roles. She is very talented. I hope Debbie Allen takes her under her wing one day. We all miss Chloe, Paige and Brooke. The show is not the same. Everyone is blaming Abby. I blame the Producers. They cause the drama in order to keep the show on the air. The girls are paying the price...Stay Tuned.


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    Chocolate 108.1 / The Urban Jazz Connection featuring D Maurice Waddell

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    Chocolate 108.1/The Urban Jazz Connection - On WYDL Radio 
    with your host D Maurice Waddell

    Chocolate 108.1/The Urban Jazz Connection (UJC) with will feature Smooth Jazz and R&B music from all over the globe as well as break new artist. The UJC will also showcase favorite and 'overlooked' Jazz and R&B tracks from projects past and present.  The Urban Jazz Connection will also feature artist and interviews and give the listeners the story inside the story of Artist and their music.  The UJC will also keep listeners up to date of the latest news and projects to look out for as well as where to find great shows and artist across the globe.   

  • Urban Teen Magazine's Re-Air Celebrity Interview with Aanisah Long!

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    Aanisah C. Long - born in Los Angeles, California; she is a singer/songwriter, actress & film director/producer. She has been singing since the age of 3 and is the daughter of music icon Jerry B. Long Jr. aka The Legendary Kokane (the Most Featured Recording Artist in the history of music and one of the Architects of G-Funk. She is the granddaughter of Jerry B. Long Sr. who was a great writer / composer for the Record Company Motown. To sum up Aanisah in a nutshell she has been Blessed with an amazing voice & talent from " The Most High"; that sounds like it came straight from the heaven’s itself “Simply An Angel.” Her soulful, sultry sound has been compared to great singers like Mariah Carey, Sade, & Tony Braxton, a perfect combination of voice styles which will mesmerize & soothe the heart, mind & soul. Aanisah’s motto is "practice makes better."

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