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    Murder, Cover ups, Conspiracy

    in News

    On Oct 6,2012 15 year old Cameron Alexander King of Tombstone Az was shot 6 times by Tombstone Marshal James J. Norris. Norris claimed that Cameron had broke into a residence to steal guns in the middle of the night at approximately 3:30 a.m. after a 911 call was placed by Kara Bales who lived at the residence in Tombstone Az. Norris claims that after entering the residence through a broken window in the laundry room door that opened inside the home he had his service weapon drawn in one hand and flashlight in the other as they entered the home. A border patrol agent Kevin Stack followed behind him as they searched the home until they found Kara hiding in the bottom of the closet. Norris was startled and jumped back and then he asked Kara "where is he?" she pointed to a smaller closet next to the one she was in and said "he's in there" "he's in there" Norris got down on one knee and fired 4 times two of those shots hitting Cameron. The first bullet went straight through Camerons thigh breaking the bone making him fall backwards and putting him on his back he went into a sitting position  the second bullet went through his wrist after he put his hands up to show Norris he wasnt armed and the other two bullets went through the wall. Norris then walked over to cameron putting a bullet through his neck that came out the side of his body and then the 6th bullet through his heart ending his young life. Upon the so called investigation Norris was placed on paid administrative leave until further notic. Norris returned back to duty 19 years later after refusing counseling and he never even had to turn over his service weapon. On Jan 11, 2013 Norris was cleared by the Cochise County Attorneys office saying that Norris had been "justified " of his actions and is currently still employed by Tombstone Marshals Office.

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    The Ups and Downs of Life

    in Family

    We all have ups and downs and how we respond helps us create the life we life.  Join us today to talk about how to deal with lifes ups and downs and what you can do to ride the ups and smooth the downs.  As always, we hope you can join us live at 11am eastern time, but if not, you can listen to the archive at your convenience.

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    Break Ups: Getting Over and Moving On

    in Radio

    Thank you for joining us tonight on the very first episode of BRYAN WASHINGTON AND FAMILY BlogTalk Radio Show. Hosted by yours truly Bryan Washington and co-host Lisa Lisa and Clo. Tonight we'll be discussing the ups and downs of a relationship break up. How it effects your life, why and when it's time to move on. As the saying goes. THERE'S MORE FISH IN THE SEA! Or maybe not? let's talk all about it tonight.

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    Energetic Flare Ups

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bougie Girl as she discusses the recent energetic flare ups.

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    Mars/Venus: Dealing with Break-Ups

    in Entertainment

    Breaking up can be hard to get through. Loosing love is the topic of this panel.

    Host: Kinte Indyshowcase
    Norma Mena Brandy Maltas Acuminous Watanabe
    Fin Buenas Noches Yardley Hickey Olaf Barbosa
    production info:episode 11 Dealing with Break-Ups 4/28/14

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    Canterlot Radio Listening Party - The Shake Ups in Ponyville's "Pony Power Pop"

    in Indie Music

    Canterlot Radio is back for one night only on BlogTalkRadio and we're hosting our first ever listening party.

    This week, we are previewing "Pony Power Pop," the new album from The Shake Ups in Ponyville, and we are going to be joined by lead musicians PJ and Savannah O' Conor.

    Plus, find out how you can win a digital copy of their new album, even before it hits shelves and iTunes!

    Join us for a special edition of Canterlot Radio. Tonight at 9PM

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    College Football Playoff Match-Ups

    in Football

    Tonight is all about the College Football Playoff Match-Ups. Alabama vs Ohio State, Florida State vs Oregon. Who meets in Dallas? The first ever college football playoff is just two weeks away. Phone lines will be open to take your calls. Predictions, breakdowns, smack talk.... Whatever you want to throw out there tonight, it's on the fans tonight. If there is another bowl match-up you want to talk about, call in and break it down. CollegeFootball2Day is Powered by the Fans!

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    The Downs and Ups of Life

    in Family

    Life has an ebb and flow and if we're not careful, we can get tossed around by it.  It can pull us down in times of challenge, and it can lift us up in times of success, but what if we started to take more control of what we pay attention to?  Could we create a better life for ourselves?  Could our burdens be lighter and our peak experiences be even better?  Come play today as we explore the idea that we might have a better life to live and that we might have a lttle or a lot more control than we think.

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    Thanksgiving Holiday Ups and Downs

    in Women

    Certified Integrated Transformational Life Coaches Vicy Wilkinson and Ingrid Sthare talk with listeners about Holiday Ups and Downs in this 6-episode series.  Tonight, we talk about Thanksgiving and Ingrid shares why Thanksgiving has become her favorite holiday, even though it is terribly bittersweet.  One of the “ups” of Thanksgiving is it’s a day of family (by birth and/or choice) with no gifts; one of the “downs” is that it can be tough to get through after the death of someone in that special group of family. 

    You can find more about Ingrid and Vicy, and Complete Life Coaching's programs and services, including a group course for thriving after losing a loved one or going through a divorce.  Empowered Recovery:  Losing Someone Else and Finding YourSELF is our signature course.  Learn more at our website:  www.CompleteLifeCoaching.com.

    Thank you for being here.

    DISCLAIMER:  Complete Life Coaching, Ingrid Sthare, and Vicy Wilkinson offer coaching services and help with long-term recovery, change, and goal setting.  No person affiliated with this organization is a physician or mental health provider, and should not be used, substituted, or consulted as such.  

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    life and the mentality of it all: the ups and downs

    in Culture

    How people relate mentally to their enviroments and situations they encounter

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    Railroader To Railfan and Railfan Meet-ups

    in Hobbies

    This edition of the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation's Let's Talk Trains Podcast we talk to a Railroader that has retired and is now one of the biggest railfans in Chicago, John Green of Greenrail1 productions on YouTube has worked for the American Association of Railroads (twice), the Union Pacific, Wisconsin Central and retired from Canadian National as a Senior Manager. John will talk about his experiences in the wide variety of positions he has held. After moving on down the line, John will entertain us with a few of his railfan stories.

    The Mid-Missouri Railfan Facebook group invited the APRHF's Let''s Talk Trains to it's first ever meet-up in Morrison, Missouri along the Union Pacifc's Jefferson City Sub. A double tracksubdivision in East Central Missouri. Coal trains, Intermodal, Grain Trains pass by. We will meet a few and find out what they like best about railfanning.

    Join us for a very topical program.


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