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  • Charlie Zelenoff Crushes 215lb MMA Heavyweight Yesterday to make it 86-0 !!!!!

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    My Best Win Of the Year hands down and arguably 1 of my Best Boxing Wins Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUzs3t-K-5k 0:01 I landed a overhand right 0:04 I landed a huge left hook and 0;10 I landed a staggering uppercut on his head and 0;25 I landed a haymaker to finish him off what a Win. 86-0 Now Baby !!!!!!! boxrec is delusional !!!!!!!!!

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    The "Cleveland Uppercut" : Justified Violence or Ignorance?

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    the revolution of the mind continues....
    the internet went crazy when a fight recorded on a Cleveland bus went viral.  A young woman attacked a bus driver and the bus driver's response with a full out uppercut to the woman's  face sent shock waves throughout the cyberworld.
    Did she deserve it? Did the bus driver go too far?  Is this a classic case of what we call a "N*gga moment" that moment that prevents us from getting anywhere as a people...as a human race?

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    Chatta Radio-The Uppercut Heard Around The World

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    Tonight's show is about the bus driver from ohio (Artis Hughes) who uppercut female passenger (Shidea Lane) with the motal combat finish her punch......Ha-Nukin

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    Vanes Martirosyan passes the Nelson test, plus weekend Results

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    The fight opened up with both fighters coming out aggressively with Willie Nelson coming forward and putting pressure on Vanes Martirosyan driving him to the ropes at times. In the second round, Martirosyan started to work off his jab and use his legs more.  Meanwhile, Nelson continued to stalk forward applying pressure.  In round three, Vanes Martirosyan continued to box from the outside and work off his jab but also started to counter punch very nicely.  Many times when Nelson through his jab, Vanes would counter over the top with a right hand.  He was also making very good use of his uppercut which we haven’t been accustomed to seeing. We will with out a shadow of a doubt be taking live calls on air from you the voice of the people. Call 646-478-3068 to voice your opinion, remember you can voice your opinion in writing by becoming part of the team and writing for the site contact Victor Salazar at Theboxingvoice@yahoo.com Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube and Blogtalk in order to receive one email a few minutes before we go live. Stay up to date on the sport you love by following us on Twitter @Thaboxingvoice for the most recent news in the boxing world. 

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    The Jumpoff Internet Radio Show -The*RTA*UPPERCUT - EDITION-

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    Once Again It's Time For The JUMPOFF Internet Radio Show
    EVERY SUNDAY 6p-8p CALL IN 626 657 2149

    We're Live THIS Sunday Sunday Oct 14th, 2012

    TOPIC: SHE Spit On HIM & Hit HIM! HE Retaliated With An Uppercut & threw her off the bus! Was the RTA driver's actions JUST? Could he have handled it differently? Lets talk About THIS & so Much More!!!

    THIS Sunday We Have FREE Movie Passes For The New Tyler Perry Flim Movie Alex Cross

    We Have FREE Passes For The Play Beautiful Addiction

    We Have FREE Party Passes For Various Parties This Month

    Artisit Of The Week Ryan The Realist

    GUEST CALL IN #(626) 657 2149 Or Kick It In The JUMPOFF Lounge/CHAT ROOM

    Special Guest Mr. Melvin "MALLEY-MALL" Parker Of Cleveland's Own Xecutive UlatraLounge & More Guests TBA


    The H.I.T. List Happenings In The Land - Stephanie Lipscomb
    Coon Of The Week w/Eris Zion Venia
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    Join The JUMPOFF Crew On Twitter: @Jumpoffshow @Arrogant1 @MarlinSMartin @LsRoyal @mzcarnita @hot102thedeuce @stephlip @eZvenia

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    friday night smack bus driver vs loud mouth woman uppercut

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    tune in tonight as me an my co host cover some interesting things in the media, also discussing business ethics new music an more

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    Weekend Recipe Reviews Bus Uppercut, New Releases, & Events

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    Were reviewing the top movies of the Box Office, The Bus Driver Uppercut, and Events and Concerts for the weekend. 
    Best new Fashion for less... And Weekend Recipe for Music, Food, Entertainment and more...
    Shar Bates & Dailey Roberts gives honest reviews on Sports, Music, Entertainment, Relationships and Food. If your looking for something to do, tune in LIVE every Friday from 3-5pm

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    Bus Driver Uppercut-Ramon Rivas II & ZuP-IDMYGD (10/15/12)

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    Mon 10/15/12: Bus Driver Uppercut!
    We discuss the bus driver uppercut and your eff offs with special guest comedian Ramon Rivas II and our first ever musical guest ZuP!
      You vent about your life (things bringing you down, people pissing you off, etc) and comedians give you funny payback ideas to get the douches back.

    How do we describe this show? It's like comedians giving free therapy each week! What? We're qualified
      Mondays (7-8 PM ET) our website becomes live with expert personal development guests, friends of comedy, your co-hosts comedians Tim Cornett, John Wellington and I all helping you live fearless! That’s right, stop the bullshit…no more stress, worry, anger and negativity in your life. Learn how to replace it instantly in the moment with positivity, laughter, and fun.
      What Are You Bitching About Today? Call in and give us your “EFF OFFS” so we can talk about your shitty life live on air. EFF OFFS can be anything you want to vent about including:
    • People (friends, family, neighbors, baby mommas, baby daddys)
    • States of Mind (depression, anxiety)
    • Situations (divorce, financial problems, legal issues)
    • Companies (cable company, bill collectors, bad customer service)
    • News Stories (current events, politicians, celebrities)
      Oh and We’ll F$&! With Anyone Bothering You Until You Feel Better!

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    Michael (Hercules) Weaver/ Tuesday Night Sports

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    Michael Dwayne Weaver  a retired professional boxer who between March 1980 and December 1982 held WBA version World Heavyweight Championship, and who is better known in the boxing world simply as Mike Weaver.

    By 1972 Weaver was living and training in California, and took up professional boxing. In his early career, Weaver was considered a journeyman opponent. He was frequently brought in on short notice and overmatched against more experienced and developed contenders, and used as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton, who famously nicknamed him "Hercules" due to his top developed muscle definition.

    Michael had a high profile World title fight with reigning and undefeated WBC champion Larry Holmes in New York's Madison Square Garden in June 1979. New cable channel HBO bought the rights to the fight as Weaver was so lowly-regarded the fight was seen as a mismatch and the networks didn't want anything to do with it (Weaver was 20-8 to Holmes' 30-0).  But Weaver proved far better than expected, however, and gave Holmes a really tough battle. Finally Holmes would rally with that great champion reserve by decking Weaver with sharp uppercut in the 11th and stopping him on his feet in the 12th.


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    The Big Teezy Show

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    Tonight I will be ranting on:

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    Debate #2 in the books! Uppercut on a city bus! Wow!

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    The second presidential debate was a good one, we'll recap with the highs and the lows for both candidates! Was Candy Crowley right or wrong in fact checking Mitt Romney? We’ll talk about this and much more as special guest Terry Rogers joins us for financial tips on The Knight Shift! Call in and listen live or share your thoughts at 714-464-5231!