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    CUFFING SEASON: Special Guest - R&B Singer Wash

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    Influenced by the gritty reality of his Port Arthur, TX upbringing as well as his gospel roots, R&B singer, Wash's sound is contemporary, yet soulful. Armed with both personality and musicality—vocals, piano, drums and saxophone— Wash, born Ronald Washington Jr, is on a journey that will be nothing short of dynamic. Tune in Monday, December 8th at 9pm ET as TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba, and Brianna talk the dos and dont's of dating, cuffing season, music and more with the 24 year-old newcomer!  

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Pamela Jones. She's my guest on The Author Chat Show on Sat. Dec. 6th. We'll be chatting about her new book, Tomorrow Never Comes.

    About the book:

    Bernice Albright is a bestselling romance novelist. Her renowned fame and fortune affords her an affluent life, such as a mansion, an ocean view condo, and a luxury car. She knows influential people around the globe.She lives a good life, but it’s minimal compared to her love for her family. Her love is associated with a promise she made to her dying mother 20 years ago: to raise her siblings, Marlena and Rico Brown.Marlena and Rico are now adults. Despite having a good upbringing, they made choices that resulted in their lives being “hell on earth.” As the presumed matriarch, Bernice is preparing to help her siblings rebuild their lives. This gives her strong belief in her late mother’s motto: tomorrow will be a better day.However, a turn of events occurs, and it changes her family forever. At the end of it all, Bernice has a new reality about her family, her mother’s belief, and herself.

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    Domestic Abuse: One Woman's Journey to Escape After 23 Years

    in Self Help

    Most of us believe that we would never succumb to domestc abuse. "I would be out of there at the first sign," you might say. But this might not be true.  What if domestic abuse is evolutionary, a slow progression from good to bad to worse and finally undeniably unbearable. What if the memory of better days gives great hope despite the ocassional infractions. What if the perpetrator is charming, sorrowful, and powerful? What if one's upbringing is so powerful that it defies anything other than working it out and remaining faithful. Join our speaker Saundra (last name withheld) and me for part 1" Mind Over Matter" on the  Rise Above Broadcast on Thursday, December 4 at 1 p.m. to better understand the progression of abuse.

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    Angel Time with Shelli Alexander, Artist & Intuitive Design and Lifestyle Brand

    in Motivation

    Angel Time is brought to you every Saturday morning in partnership with the Angels for guidance and inspiration.  

    This morning we talk with Shelli Alexander, powerful woman, wise soul and brilliant artist with an intuitive design and lifestyle brand.  Shelli was raised immersed in unconditional love and acceptance without drama and trauma.  Her upbringing gave her a solid foundation from which to create without inhibition.  Shelli has questions for the angels today.  The angels are ready to give her answers to life's questions.

    Sandra Boissier is an angel healer who has communicated with the angels since birth.  Born of a healing lineage in Argentina, her life has been lived between the angelic realm and the earthly realm like a double agent for God.  She is a champion of the soul and a harbinger of transformation.  Sandra is currently authoring a series of angel books available in the Spring of 2015.

    For Angel Prayer from Broadcast go to: http://angelenergy.org/angel-prayer-from-angel-time/

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    How much control should your children have of your relationship?

    in Romance

    How much should your children factor into your relationship? Sustaining it? Choosing it? Etc? Children are the greatest phenomenon of life! They are the circle of life at its early stages, most people know and make accommodations for their children accordingly. Knowing nothing is more critical then the upbringing of children, most parents call themselves giving “everything they can to their children”. But to what end is “Healthy Sacrifice” Vs “Doing Too Much”? What affects can “Doing to Much” have on the parents, as well as the children? Is it right to expect our children to “appreciate” the sacrifices we make for the betterment? What about any associated “resentments” by any of the members of the family?

    Tune in...Call in...(347)637-3528...

    Share your opinions with the world!!




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    Fresh off the release of the deluxe version of his new self-titled album, two-time GRAMMY® award-winner Timothy Bloom is excited about the future. Recently named a VH-1 Soul “You Oughta Know Artist,” Timothy Bloom is on the move. Forged from a childhood of diverse experiences, powered by a kaleidoscope of musical influences, Timothy’s music defies category and refuses to be put in a box. But my music is ultimately a fusion of many influences. I could never see myself doing one type of music. When anyone asks me who I’d like to work or tour with, I answer everybody.”He started early. Timothy was introduced to various cultures and lifestyles as his father’s service as an army chaplain took the family to such varied locales as Germany, Alaska and Oklahoma. His parents, both pastors, only allowed their five children to listen to gospel music. One day Timothy “ran away”, meaning he spirited away the keys, and snuck out to the car to turn on the radio. The first song that came on was Bob Dylan’s “Lay, Lady, Lay.” Seven year-old Timothy was amazed, and inspired. Timothy’s refreshing voice and sound reflect the multiple influences of his musical heroes and his varied upbringing. He attributes his unique blend to the styles he heard growing up. His favorite singers were the likes of Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Jeff Buckley because “those type of cats had tone and texture.” Timothy’s tone and texture caught the eye of skilled musicians early on. He began his career as a songwriter and producer writing for the incomparable Smokey Robinson (“My World”, “Fallin in Love”). Timothy then moved on to writing and producing GRAMMY® award-winning songs for both Ne-Yo (“Say it” on Because of You) and Chris Brown (“All Back” on F.A.M.E). 

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    Wellness in the Workplace with Acupuncturist Irwin Tjiong, L.Ac., MBA

    in Self Help

    About Irwin Tjiong, L.Ac., MBA

    Irwin bridges the gap between the corporate, medical, and human services worlds with his unique and complementary skills and experiences. He values combining Eastern and Western medicine to holistically address the ailments of today’s workforce.

    Raised by MD parents in the Netherlands, Irwin’s early upbringing centered on nurturing the body, mind, and spirit with curiosity, compassion, and balance. Firmly rooted in these beliefs – and having earned a Master’s in Business Administration – he has branched out to live and work for corporations across Asia, Europe, and the United States.

    After assisting in the 2004 Asian Tsunami relief efforts, Irwin transitioned to the healing arts, earning a Master’s in Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a national and California licensed acupuncturist and has served on the Board of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM). He is currently a member-at-large of the 2020 Bay Area Task Force of the American Heart Association and Founder and CEO of Plus Health.



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    If You Leave Can I Come With You. A Story about Addiction by Misti B.

    in Self Help


    Have you ever awakened in the middle of the night to re-hash a conversation that happened yesterday, or even years ago? Ever stalked someone online, at work, or found yourself holed up in the trunk of a lover’s car so you could be “close” to them?

    If you find yourself frazzled, anxiety-ridden and perplexed by people, places or things, you might be codependent. Today’s podcast will teach you how to lighten up a bit, if you are!

    Misti B. writes humorous books about life on the road to recovery. Writing If You Leave Me, Can I Come With You? 365 Daily Humorous Meditations for Al-Anons & Codependents” kept Misti's mind busy and allowed her to shine some light into normally very dark spaces while on her own journey to recovery from codependence. Misti's pre-recovery writing included a successful career in the entertainment industry, writing for stage, live theater and film. These experiences, combined with her highly dysfunctional upbringing, provide the fodder for her gritty, but inspiring recovery stories. 

    Listen in to learn more. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. 

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    Sujit K. Reddy

    in Motivation

    Sujit K. Reddy was born in East York, Ontario Canada. He was born with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. This meant that he could not stand or walk and as a result was destined to uses a manual wheelchair to move about. In spite of this set back, with the love, support and disciplined upbringing of his two Indian-born parents, two younger sisters, and extended family, he has always excelled at everything he set his mind to. 

    Sujit K. Reddy is a University graduate who holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences from University of Toronto @ Mississauga. He also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College’s School of Business. 

    Sujit enjoys volunteering his spare time with local causes and travelling locally and internationally. He has spent a lot of time in India, the United States of America and various places throughout Europe and Asia. 

    Throughout his life Sujit has sought to make the world a better place for all, as he considers himself a “Social Currency Millionaire”, meaning he has a lot to offer personally and continues to do so every day. 

    Sujit K. Reddy currently is CEO & founder of his own HR consulting firm, Human Capital Solutions. It has a mission to ultimately become a global thought leader on visible physical disabilities and related social issues, and be the catalyst for change to enhance the lives of people living with visible physical disabilities and those around them, and empower them to take charge of their lives and own circumstances regardless of limitations, be they physical, emotional or mentality. Currently, Human Capital Solutions strives to provide small to medium sized businesses with the expertise Sujit K. Reddy has fostered and developed from his corporate world experience.



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    #200 Embodying Divine Wisdom w/Marja West & Katherine Buckalew

    in Spirituality

    Join me for a fiery and spicy conversation with Truth Goddess and Truth Connections Radio Host and Co-Founder—Katherine Buckalew. We will be talking frankly about Katherine’s vision, her awakening, her conviction as woman, mother, lover of Truth, the latest with Truth Connections Radio, the Truth & Freedom Movement, and the challenges we are all currently facing. Katherine is fiercely wise, articulate, and a force of Nature, and is also co-organizing the upcoming 2015 Free Your Mind Conference in Philadelphia.

    Civically minded since a young age, Katherine’s experience in both the Arts and Investment Banking (more specifically holding Series 7 and Series 63 Licenses) has given her equal footing in both the creative side of society and the financial workings behind the scenes. A devoted mother who strongly follows news and events that don’t make mainstream headlines, Katherine spends the majority of her free time making connections with those of like mind, and sharing the information she finds using all manner of sources. Discernment and a little intuitive faith has enabled Katherine to bring others into the ‘truth’ arena, and helped to educate while allowing personal freedom, regardless of situation or circumstance. Katherine shows an open love for all beings and is happy to listen to opposing views with respect for each individual opinion, religious upbringing, or experience. Katherine’s genuine understanding that we are all unique, yet wish for the same happiness is what makes her a pleasantly unique individual and an informative presenter for the show she co-founded: the ideal mix of successfully hosting at Truth Connections Radio.



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