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    How children learn...is it environment or genetics?!?

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    Everyone has a different opinion as to how children gain knowledge. Is it environment or genetics? Do you believe that children's morals and values are shaped by specific upbringing or mentally and psychologically ingrained no matter the environment?

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    Our Journey With Prostate Cancer: Empowering Strategies for patients and Family

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    Interview Judith Desjardins

    Topics of conversation:

    Her upbringing’s influence on her writing
    Her journey as caregiver through her husband’s cancer 
    How writing helped her coping with her husband’s illness
    Writing a second book after a successful first book
    Becoming an Indie Author

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    SWAG Radio Presents: The Flip Artist with Erella

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    Tonight on SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be talking with Erella about her upcoming release, "The Flip Artist." 

    Erella is an aspiring urban fiction author from Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised in the predominantly African American suburb of East Cleveland with both parents and three siblings, she was raised in a deeply religious household, that is, until she left home to escape family violence, abandoned her religious upbringing and quickly became entangled in the excitement of street life and ended up getting married to the “dope man” in the early 1990’s. This resulted in her experiencing a series of unfortunate experiences including domestic violence, federal drug trafficking charges, divorce, homelessness and relocation to New York City where she began writing The Flip Artist. After 9/11 she returned to Ohio, re-enrolled in college and has earned two Bachelor’s degrees, in Africana Studies in 2005 and in Spanish in 2012.

    Her novels chronicle the experiences of women who have survived drug addiction, hardship, loss, legal problems, crime, same-sex relationships, intimate partner violence, homelessness and other issues. She describes her writing style as “Pan African faction,” - fiction fused with historical and cultural facts. Currently single, she has three offspring and resides in Cleveland with her fourteen year old daughter. In addition to writing, she is an entrepreneur, who started her own publishing company, Wrong 2 Write Publishing and is also an English Language Learner Instructor for refugees and new immigrants preparing for the U.S. Citizenship Exam.


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    Guest- J.Bliss-Comedy Zone Headliner this weekend

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    Tonight we have guest J.Bliss. At a young age J. Bliss always had a knack for capturing an audience’s attention with some quick witted humor. J Bliss comedic style is thought provoking dealing with everyday observations and personal experiences which he chooses to find the humor in. His comedic craft started by his upbringing in South Jersey where he first got the hunger for comedy, but he first hit the comedy stage in Charlotte, NC. Since then he has been traveling up and down the east coast leaving them laughing and easily becoming a crowd favorite. Since his start he has opened for comedians like: Pauly Shore, Tony Roberts, George Willborn, DeRay Davis, Corey Holcomb, Alex Thomas, Rodney Perry, and Eddie Griffin. You do not want to miss this episode. We are live at 11 pm eastern time..Check us out on Facebook, iTunes, and on the Comedy Zone website. Email the show at charlestoncomedy@gmail.com

  • Welcome Back!

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    Join Dr. Richardson as she interviews Twin of Twins, one of Jamaica's hottest recording artists. Listen in and get to know the men behind their moniker, Twin of Twins. Listen to the story of their upbringing, and how their journey to fame began.


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    World Call In

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    Think of that sad "terrorism" around our world.  Is such "terrorism" being provoked by our dependence on foreign oil and other natural resource under their ground ?  Dennis, Jeff, and Susan will discuss this interesting issue.

    HREM, Human Renewable Energy Measurement.  All these years when America had free grade school and free high school, why has college been SO expensive?  When a student graduates high school the average age is 18.  That's the same age when he or she can become a military soldier.  If they could not afford that expensive college, they've been told to just go overseas for a few years and they will afford higher education.

    Then sad news is that some of these teenagers never returned home and died in the army or navy or air force.  Even some that were lucky enough to return home, committed suicide after leaving these wars.  When they return home, they are reminded of their loving religious upbringing.  They had been taught to "love thy neighbor" or "thou shalt not kill".  If they were told overseas to "go in that house and kill whoever you see" they now mourn for all those innocent men or women or children that they killed under military order.  

    Fortunately, President Obama is now recommending that college becomes as free to our students as was their grade school and high school.  Instead of learning to kill, high school grads can now continue to learn the truth on how to save our planet.

    As an example, Saudi Arabia is No. 6 on the list of dictatorships in our world.  They get most of their weapons from countries like ours and we get a low price for the oil from under their ground.  Instead of sending our boys and girls overseas to get that good price on their oil, why not switch to solar or wind power?  That could also put an end to Climate Change on our planet.


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    Rainbow Rendezvous welcomes Lady Twinkles!

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    Lady Twinkles: The One That Doesn’t Hold Her Tongue, Lover of Life, Knowledge, Sensuality & understands her many purposes. Utilizing and giving credit to her family and her Trinidadian upbringing of “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve” propels her to keep others informed on one topic that still seems Taboo, even today…SEX. Creator & Owner of A Little More Spice in 2005 – Lady Twinkles is revolutionizing the world of sex, one person, couple and group at a time. Committed to knowledge, guidance and unadulterated ADULT fun, she brings a new level to the romantic, sensual and sexual experience, while working to remove inhibitions, and myths from the vocabulary of adults worldwide. Providing consultation, romance enhancement products, and amazing parties and “Sensual Seminars” wherever clients require attention, she works with all who are becoming aware of or are comfortable with their sexual awareness.  Creating informed access to a variety of products, while removing the vulgarity and “tasteless” aspects that most some associate sex and toys with, preventing them from purchasing, or enjoying the ultimate 3P’s (pleasure and products at amazing prices).If you are interested in having a great romantic experience with self, a partner or want to spruce up life by trying something new then Lady Twinkles can inspire you to create and maintain a new level of romance and sensuality by understanding the concept that adding A Little More Spice goes a long way. She can reached via Twitter @ladytwinkles69.  E-mail at ladytwinkles@gmail.com alittlemorespice.com

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    The Biz With D: Interview w/ Raheem Devaughn + Bryshere Gray + Wash

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    Three-time Grammy nominated 368 Music Group/Entertainment One Music (eOne Music) recording artist Raheem DeVaughn is proud to announce that he will be joining the The Intimate Truth Tour alongside fellow R&B peers Ledisi and Leela James. The new tour will coincide with the release of his highly anticipated album, Love, Sex, & Passion, which features the buzzworthy hit single, "Queen". Love, Sex & Passion will be released on February 10, 2015, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

    R&B singer, Wash—born, Ronald Washington Jr.—is set to make his Aye Girl/Interscope Records debut with the release of his single, “Can’t Trust Thots” featuring French Montana. Influenced by the gritty reality of his Port Arthur, TX upbringing as well as his gospel roots, Wash’s sound is contemporary, yet soulful; a mixture which caught the attention of songwriter/producer Chef Tone (Justin Bieber/Trey Songz/Drake). Armed with both personality and musicality—vocals, piano, drums and saxophone— Wash’s journey will be nothing short of dynamic.


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    Types of family relationships we have with our relatives.

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    Family  - Our family plays a big part in our lives. After all, they are our first teachers. Some enjoy and cherish the relationships they have with their family. They feel as if they are always growing and learning together, sharing new ideas, and implementing those ideas into their lives, improving not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them. Some may be proud of their upbringing, but along the way they feel that they have outgrown their family’s beliefs. Some may feel that they want more out of life or that they want to seek something different that is not available from where they came. It’s not that the family values are wrong, but rather that they don’t fit in their quest to evolve and grow. This can just mean that they are seekers of a different experience, one that challenges their core values in a synergistic way and fulfills our dreams.


    This week’s theme has been about the types of relationships we have with people:

    Types of romantic and Love-partner relationships

    Types of friendships

    Types of managers in the work place

    Today show is about the types of family relationships we have with our relatives. 

    Join me Monday to Friday for insights into our lives and how we can make adjustments to enrich our enviroment.

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    You can also find these topics and more in my book; Emotions Simplified by Glenda D. Quinto on Amazon.com

     Love & Blessings...Glenda


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    Marcus Spencer’s (Big Spence) quintessential upbringing started in Oakland, CA. He grew up in Oakland as well as Richmond, two northern California urban cities with many roads to take (the majority being bad).

    Big Spence was the third of six boys from his mom. He became a “ward of the court” at a young age before his grandmother (who sacrificed so much for him) took him in. He spent little time with his mother (the last 2-years of high school) and during her last days (7 months) where Marcus took care of his mother and those last days stretched into years (7 to be exact). He knows the price of sacrifice as well, when he did not take a football scholarship as he was responsible to his mother and younger brother.

    He knew it wasn’t the right time for that however he did continue his schooling by attending a Junior College at that time Marcus chose not to smoke, drink alcohol or take any drugs, not even experimentally as a matter of fact he was an advocate against it. He had seen the effects first hand and came up with the concept “why try something that you could get addicted to.” He has 32 paternal brothers and sisters. His father (with whom he had an estranged relationship at best) passed away when he was 18. His mother passed away four years later. At that time, on his own with no mother and no father, what he did have was a “praying grandmother.”

    At 22 years old he took in his 14 year old brother (who is 19 now). Out of all that adversity that he was exposed to growing up, it is essential to know that he saw bad many people go down easier, more dangerous roads but Big Spence chose the road less traveled.


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    Call in to speak with an intuitive who can sense things about you and your life

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    From a very young age Sandra began writing poetry, drawing, designing, singing/dancing and creating shows for herself and friends to perform. In addition to her artistic nature she displayed intuitive abilities and a unusually deep sense of empathy and compassion towards others. As a little girl she would often go out of her way to help and protect those in need (including rescuing and taking home all kinds of animals as well). She was also able to "sense" things about people, their lives and emotions. Though she had many friends she always felt a sense of isolation. The thoughts, questions she had concerning her Roman Catholic upbringing and her pondering often over life's purpose, meaning, etc were far removed from the usual interests of children her age. So she often had a difficult time relating to the ways of other children her age. 

    At around the age of 8 she experienced her first Spiritual Event.  This initially left her very frightened and confused. For many years thereafter she was somewhat apprehensive discussing or exploring it further. However, even then she was a seeker of truth. There was a deeper sense of knowing within her, that she needed to continue to explore and find the real meaning of life and her own true purpose.

    Her experience of the Creative Process and Artistic Expression is totally Intuitive,  contributing greatly to her self discovery, spiritual development and awakening.  A means by which she was/is able to connect with Source and feel something much greater, wiser, more powerful working through her. These experiences instilled a great sense of faith in her. She knew that someday she'd find answers to the questions she had about life and what she's truly here to do. 

    For spiritual counseling with show host, David Clarke, go to www.authordavidclarke.com

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