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    The Visitors Section: Mike Erwin is Unlovable

    in Football

    Tonight on a special episode of the Visitors Section the guystalk about how Mike Erwin is the worst person on earth. Sure he may seem nice enough but have you seen the way he is a loving partner and a wonderful father? What a loser. You should stay far away... Plus dumb animal tricks! Live!!!



    *If you would like to be a live studio audience member of The Visitors Section or The Josh and Mike Mike and Josh Show simply submit a recent headshot and submit a well-reasoned argument about how teaching overseas is a better option than waking up alone in Austin.

    *All audience members must be at least 18 years old. Everyone in your party must present a valid government identification card with proof of age. Your ID must have a photo, your name, and birth date. Acceptable forms of identification include: State issued driver's license, State ID, Military ID, or Passport. Facebook and other social networking sites cannot be used as a valid form of ID. Faxing a picture of your ID is also not permitted.

    *No Bronies will be allowed to enter the studio without being accompanied by their excuse for parents.

    *Video cameras, large bags, backpacks, sharp metal objects, firearms, wallet chains, mace, or any other bottles that contain fluid are not allowed at the studio. No recording devices of any kind are permitted. Pictures may only be taken AFTER the show.

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    How May I Serve- Memoirs From A Spiritual Waitress with Monica Bennett

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' Radio is THE Self Empowerment Place to Meet -Where You Get Your Weekly Cup of Inspiration every Tuesday and Friday @ 11 am eastern! 

    We are thrilled and delighted to welcome the author of 'How May I Serve- Memoirs From A Spiritual Waitress'  Monica Bennett! 

    How May I Serve is a guide to empower women who are struggling to find a way out of their troubles.

    In this courageous memoir Monica Bennett (a.k.a Karen Mathews) describes how she tortured and abused herself for many years trying to find love, happiness, and peace of mind—yet, the more she sought these things, the more they eluded her. Then,she realized that it was an “inside” job. 

    She eloquently describes her journey to learn to love herself, forgive herself, and make peace with herself. So many women have been brought up with limiting beliefs about themselves from childhood.

    From the time she was conceived, she was an unwanted pregnancy. From the deep recesses of her subconscious mind, the programmed  tape played of being unloved and unlovable. She acted and attracted circumstance after circumstance to validate this belief. 

    She played the victim role very well. The more she avoided looking at the cause of the problems, however, the worse they got. She tells how she hit bottom upon finding out that her oldest daughter had a heroin addiction. This brought everything full circle. She came to the realization that In order to save herself she had to change herself.

    How May I Serve is a true triumphant story of Self Discovery and Self Love! 

    To learn more about Monica visit - www.monicabennett.net  and positivemindconsulting.com

    Visit us! www.coachcaferadio.com


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    Loving the Unlovable

    in Religion

    Join our pastor Dr. V (Dr. Veronica Duncan Walters) and the ACTS Church International family for our weekly worship service. Come in your pajamas, jeans, or your Sunday best but just show up online or on your phone to experience our worship and the Word. It's real, relevant, and raw and most importantly it's applicable to YOUR LIFE! We're Authentic Christians Transforming Self through the Word to win souls! Join us!

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    The Niacom Express with Darrell Spence and Teirrany La'Shun Bledsoe

    in Entertainment

    The Niacom Express-The Next Level features segments with Tiffany Smith and Evangelist Pearl Turner. Tiffany gives godly wisdom on how to position yourself for your calling. The blessing of entrepreurship is discussed in a way that you probably have not heard.  Evangelist Pearl Turner of Seed of Love Ministries pours out from from her heart on how to love the unlovable and how to treat the misplaced.This sermon will blow your mind for sure. It is power packed and is explosive for the seeking christian. You don't want to miss the wisdom of Elder Darrell Spence and the spiritual tidbits from Teirrany La'Shun Bledsoe. You will to especially experience the anointing of Jesus Christ during this segment. You must hear it for yourself. Join us every Monday at 8pmcst/9pmest on blogtalkradio.com/niacomplatform or dial in at 323 693 3830 and press 1. Join us as we all change for God's glory!!!

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    Mary Beth Shewan Discusses Self-Love: the Simplest yet Hardest Thing to Do

    in Spirituality

    What does it mean to love yourself? Why bother?

    Self-love is the path to enlightenment and fulfillment, and the missing piece in having your dreams come true. Self-love is a beautiful concept that's easy to talk about, but how does one actually do it?

    How do you love yourself in everyday life?
    How do you love yourself in relationship with others?
    How do you love yourself when you don't feel well?
    How do you love yourself when you feel unlovable?
    How do you love yourself when you've done terrible things?
    What are the consequences of not loving yourself?

    Join Mary Beth Shewan and John McCurdy for a discussion of why self-love matters, and practical ways that you can love yourself more in everyday life. Questions are welcome during the show

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    Loving The "Unlovable"

    in Christianity

    Friday is "Double Header Day" on Following The Truth! Join Catholic Evangelist Gary Zimak as he discusses the POWER of kindness and offers suggestions for how we can truly love one another.  This episode will focus on the virtue of charity and how we must love EVERYONE. In the second half of the show, Gary will read and discuss Sunday's Mass readings.  Don't miss this powerful week-ending program! 

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    Loving the Unlovable

    in Spirituality

    I will be talking about a young lady by the name of Leah. This comes from Genesis ch 29-30. This young lady was considered unattractive and she felt that she was unlovable. Many of us today feel unattractive and unlovable. It may not be your physical self that cause you to feel unlovable, it may be emotional scars from you past. Today, through the help of God, I will give you instructions on how to be free to love and be loved.

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    Prophetic Intercessory Word And Prayer

    in Prayer

    Welcome To Here We Are To Worship Internet Radio Ministry!

    Join Host, Minister Valerie Allen, as she Boldly enthrones the throne of grace, IN Anointed Prophetic Intercessory Word And Prayer with Powerful Woman of GOD, Prayer Warrior, Pastor Melonese Martin: Prayer for the abused, down troughed, mistreated, unlovable; "FORGIVENESS (FORGIVE)", family & friends, and more in Yeshua Christ Name.

    Colossians 1:9, For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you.

    Message, or eMail us at, herewearetoworship@gmail.com.

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    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Chuck Koehler

    Negative, False Core Schemas That Caused 35 Years of Intense Suffering At an early age, because of my dad's, mom's, and stepdad's inabilities to meet my physical and emotional needs as a baby and young child, I begin developing cognitive schemas about myself, others, and the world that had caused severe depression, isolation, OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, social phobia, etc. over the last 35 years. I developed false beliefs that I was unlovable, worthless, defective, a mistake, "not enough", a freak of nature, that men and women can't be trusted or depended upon, people aren't safe, the world isn't safe, people will only abandon me, reject me, yell at me, ignore me, want something from me, take advantage of me, that I can't allow myself to get close to anyone because it is too painful (because we moved all of the time, so I had to leave schools), and that I will not be supported or cared for by GOD, the world, and other people. So, as I went through life with these core schemas intake the universe kept providing me with opportunities ("triggers") to heal my earlier suppressed emotional pain and resulting core beliefs by being able to question my false thoughts and feeling my suppressed emotional pain instead of numbing stuffing, or distracting myself from uncomfortable emotions. As I endured more-and-more neglect, abuse, and trauma in my family, at the hands of a bully, living with a tooth deformity, and 15 years of chronic myofascial pain and severe isolation, my core beliefs and thoughts about myself and others became more solidified in my mind like they were the "Truth", like they were one of the commandments or a law or a fact.

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    Attract True Love by Learning How to Change your Relationship Magnets

    in Relationships

    Ready to change those repeating frustrating patterns in your relationships? Want high quality love? Join relationship coaches and co-hosts Tobin Giblin and Lorina Manzanita as they reveal valuable keys to transform your love life from the inside out to change your relationship magnets and attract the love you desire.

    Tune into this alive conversation and discover these invaluable keys:

    Dialoguing with the masculine and feminine relationship within to create more harmonious relationships without

    Own what you were projecting outside by inhabiting the body, mind and consciousness of others

    Sourcing within to feel more connected to your wholeness to attract healthy relationships

    Rooting the sense of the Divine in the body and giving space for the unlovable to come up to be loved

    Self-love and practicing acceptance, compassion for those tender places we encounter

    The importance of self-love in order to take in and receiving other people’s love

    Noticing the shame, idealism and shoulds that get in the way of self-love

    Practicing the fundamentals of love (curiosity, acceptance and openness) with ourselves

    The importance of tolerating the void to be able to call in quality loving relationships

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    All About Love

    in Relationships

    So many times we look for Love in the wrong place..Too fast..Too quick, we get lost in the euphoria of the moment..We look for others to bring us happiness..Soul Mate? Could be..But is it an upper level Soul Mate or a Lower Level Soul Mate? Twinflame? Then why are things so different. Are you confused? Well its time to unravel the mysteries of it all..Simplicity? Once we "Get It", the fog lifts and our paths become more clear...Have you felt unloved or maybe even unlovable, then this show is for you. Join us as we explore Love and all it has to offer. Best selling Author of Divine Interventions Reiki Angels and Archangels and Divine Intervention II Twinflames Soul Mates and Kindred Spirits, as well as 4 more, Sandye M Roberts aka Mama Halos, is back and ready to share the Love..Hope to see you there..Call in to chat live or log in to chat in the chat room.. God Bless You.. See you soon on Heart2Heart Radio in "The Healing Room".

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