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  • Transformation Via Using Natural & Organic Products

    in Lifestyle

    Hi Everyone & welcome to Happy Tuesday, September 1, 2015 .  www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeissobeautiful     call in to listen 347-205 9957  & chat room will be open.  3-4 p.m. eastern

    Theme- Transformation via Using Natural & organic products.

    On this edition of Life Is So Beautiful radio show my  guest Pasha of Pasha’s Hammam Herbal Soaps will be on the air with us. Her soaps are ALL NATURAL ,HANDMADE & HAND LOOMED
    -UNISEX HAND LOOMED SILK, CASHMERE, BAMBOO, COTTON PRODUCTS. I am using her products now and they are beautiful & NATURAL for sure my skin feels much better. This also raises our vibration tuning us into the New Portals.

    Thanks for joining. Love Vanda


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    Style with Trysh ~ KamiesKreations

    in Entertainment

    The new girl on the fashion block is a beautiful Queen named Kamilah Grim and she reigns from Jackson, Mississippi. Her designs can be seen on Gospel music's starlettes: Tasha Page Lockhart and Leandria Johnson to name a few. She has ventured out and begun to provide her pieces at the Fondrens Fashion House. 

    KamiesKreations is THE line for the classy lady of style. Its vibrant cuts, colors, prints and creativity will cause you to return for more. Kamilah's astetics is one for all body type. She is preparing for fashion week in Mississippi which will be next weekend so if you are in the area make sure you go and support. Also, be on the look out for KamiesKreations unisex line as well. 

    Welcome to The Style with Trysh Show "Where the Everyday Woman Reigns" we are excited to share with you the trends of this season as well as what's HOT and what's NOT in fashion. We focus on the full wellness of our ladies. We provide you with Life Coaches, Authors of Inspiration, Designers, Stylists, Bloggers and everything else style. Be sure to connect with us on social media: @StylewithTrysh on FB, Instagram, Pinterest and Periscope

    If you missed today's show be sure to check out our archives OR listen to Life 1500 on Monday 8-9 EST or E-Word Radio on Tuesday 8-9 EST

    Our segment hosts are:

    Marty Hamm for Martacious Closet (@StylebyMartacious on Instagram)

    Cassandra Hooker for What's Happening with San (@ThatDivaSan on Instragram)

    REMEMBER: Love isn't LOVE unless you give it away!!!!

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    Unisex salon and privacy

    in Environment

    If your a stylist working in a unisex salon , Are your clients comfortable?
    What's the environment in the salon?
    Are the Men respecting the ladies, vice versa?
    Please leave a comment and/or question about this topic below:.
    TO support, Advertise or donate , inquire here. Below.
    Donate: paypal.com click send money then email funds to: makeupcherry@yahoo.com
    Thanks for always supporting Rosa's Resources

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    SERIOUSIDE: The Right Choice Unisex, Suing the POTUS, USA Leaning Left

    in Radio

    Welcome to the Seriouside of the jril show.  We will be talking about the following topics:


    A Maine transgender student can use the bathroom of her choice and can’t be forced to use the unisex facility recommended by school officials.


    The speaker of the House John Boehner is suing the president over the use of executive powers.  The president has called this a stunt or is an attempt to deflect attention on the fact of the House’s refusal to governing.


    Americans have traditionally tended to be a bit more conservative, but recent surveying information is starting to paint a different picture.  Are Americans more liberal when it comes to social issues?

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    Hammer 96.7 On Air with the morning crew

    in Entertainment

    Sponsored by Avenue 4311 -The biggest give a way promotionCheck out this amazingly detailed, hand-crafted, officially licensed Fender miniature guitar replica featuring the legendary Fender Telecaster! Each hand painted Fender Telecaster mini guitar replica stands about 10 inches tall and is officially licensed by Fender. Although these guitar replicas don't play music, they are the perfect collectible for guitar players and music lovers worldwide. Each Fender miniature guitar replica is hand sculpted and painted to make these the highest quality guitar replicas on the market today. This particular mini guitar replicates a Fender Telecaster with Fender's famous sunburst finish. Don't miss this opportunity to bring an iconic piece of rock n roll history home today! Manufactued by Axe Heaven.

    Gender: unisex
    Age Group: adult


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    in Comedy

    Shrug shrub unisex

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    Saaphyri live on MyRealTalkRadio

    in Pop Culture

    Hosts: Jamel, Diamond & Flash Gotti

    #MyRealTalkRadio.com Interviews

    Reality T.V. Star: Saaphyri

    Saaphyri Windsor (also known as Wanda Scott) is an American reality television contestant, hairstylist, and actress. Windsor is best known for appearing on Flavor of Love 2 and winning Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School. After the show, Windsor launched a unisex lip balm called Saaphyri's Lip Chap which stemmed from Saaphyri offering H-Town "lip chap" after their fight on Flavor of Love 2.


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    TimetoPlay.com's Empower Half Hour: Fight for Our Own Empowerment

    in Self Help

    Join us each week when one of the professional resources on TimetoPlay.com discuss tips and words of wisdom to help us make small changes so we can have a better life and Enjoy Life!

    Doreen Guma, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Michael K. Waterman, co-founder of BExtraordinary(tm) makeup and unisex fragrance (because EVERYONE CAN BExtraordinary(tm)) will discuss this very important topic. Please read Doreen's weekly article for more information about this topic: http://timetoplay.com/fight-for-our-own-empowerment/#.U9cCNvldWSo

    Embrace the timetoplay.com philosophy - you have to be happy, healthy, have money and work life balance to have quality of life.  It's time to Enjoy YOUR Life!  www.TimetoPlay.com = It's time to Enjoy YOUR Life!

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    Taking the Fight to Satan

    in Religion

    There are too many coward preachers and politicians today mainly due to their FEAR of the SUBHUMAN lsbian/sodomite coalition that is out to destroy the Christian church and eliminate our God from all aspects of life! Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey vowed to fight the recently passed same sex marriage bill in his state but a few deals later he backed down. If Christians don't stand up to Obama the Beast and his wicked army now, when will we ever stand up? Plus more news on the vile false churches claiming to be Christian. Don't Miss

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    Alba Voce with David Baillie

    in Culture

    In lieu of Caius's absence, tonight I bring on ANA-ANN Director, Rodney Martin and Robert Lloyd, to discuss the recent proposition in California that would allow schools to make school bathrooms, gym showers, etc, unisex public facilities. Rodney has partnered with activist groups as he is a California resident and they will be out gathering signatures to have Governor Gerry Brown removed from office, among other things.
    Listen to his show on Friday to hear the full story and who will be aligning against this assault on decency and attack on our children.
    ANN COPYRIGHT NOTICE: The American Nationalist Network (ANN), supports the use and availability of its programs for the general public under the “fair use” portion of Section 107 of the US Copyright Law. We require only that the content is clearly notated as being produced by and for the American Nationalist Network (ANN). Changing of its material in any fashion, whether audio or graphic, is prohibited.

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    E2E Podcast: Episode 305

    in Podcasting

    Winter Hunting Classes

    Robby’s day hike!

    New product has caught my eye, gonna get and test in the near future.

    Sawyer Squeeze Mini : http://amzn.to/1a0KsgJ

    Gear Pick of the week:

    Adam:Lodge L14SK3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet, 15-inch

    Lodge Cast Iron and my Experience

    Robby: Od Green Anorak, http://www.mcguirearmynavy.com/Hooded-Anorak-Parka-Unisex-Olive-Drab-Made-in-the-US.html

    Video Of the Week:

    Adam: Blind Horse Knives Bobby Plude Survival Blade Design Overview

    Robby:MSM Adapt Pack, Final Review: http://www.equip2endure.com/WatchVideo.aspx?id=83afa24a2010401380a0be94bd3ca8ae

    K9 Corner:
    Ace Play
    Your dog playing with the kids safely!

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