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    Amen Communications Social Network Spirituality and Environment

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    What Happened to Hip Hop Intro- Amen Communications Social Network AMEN PAR ANKH -Spirituality of our People and the Planet - The First Native Americans were BLACK.

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    Guest: Sandra Holtzman, President, Holtzman Communications

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    Sandra Holtzman, President, Holtzman Communications

    Holtzman Communications helps one-person startups to Fortune 500 companies who are struggling to find the exact message to communicate to multiple stakeholders or just one, that will motivate them to buy their product or service, so that they achieve return-on-investment from 60%-1,000%, 70% faster at 85% less cost than traditional methodologies.


    Sandra Holtzman is an award-winning copywriter/strategist who started a marketing company in 1995, co-founded a medical device company that had an exit in 6 months, and co-founded a healthcare information technology consultancy. She is an adjunct professor at NYU in the MS in Integrated Marketing program, a Fast-Trac Facilitator at Levin Institute, and teaches Licensing and Growth Strategies to entrepreneurs at FIT. She is the author of Lies Startups Tell Themselves to Avoid Marketing: A No Bullsh*t Guide for PhDs, Lab Rats, Suits and Entrepreneurs. She is also an Abritrator for FINRA and a marketing auditing consultant for STEM Marketing.



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    Amen Communications Presents: Mr. Allen Glass aka Abdul N Karim

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    Amen Ankh Academy Presents: CHRISTIANITY OR ISLAM? by Mr. Allen Glass aka Abdul N Karim.  Mr. Glass is not only an accomplished electrical contractor, but a fine author. We will have the chance to meet Mr. Glass as we invite you and welcome you to join the live discussion with your questions and comments.

    Call in live at 347-989-8509 you can post your comments on our chat on Blogtalk or our social network on facebook and email: amen-comm@live.com for more information on obtaining a copy of your book:


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    Episode 1 - Client Communications and Technology

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    Special Guest: Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence - Clio, Practice Management Simplified

    What do 40% of Malpractice Claims Have to do With You? We will be discussion how today's clients, now more than ever, have high expectations when it comes to communications and the technology made specifically for law firms that can exceed your client's expectations.

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    TTLO Live From The "Unified Conference" A Gathering Of Gods People

    in Christianity

    Live from the Century Center in South Bend Indiana

    TTLO Radio is on the road broadcasting Live from the "Unified Conference"

    This gathereing will support Godly unity in this region.  We are crossing denominatinonal line, racial line, econmic boundaries, generational barriers, and cultural differences to unify. 


    Join Dana and Devon as they bring you live footage from the Unified Conference.

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    Amen Communications Social Network Show -Sterling Brown

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    Amen Communications Social Network Show

    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/amencommunications/2014/08/01/amen-communication-social-network-show - Amen Communications Social Network Show! Call in Live

    347-989-8509 at 6pm this Friday- Discussion/ Interview with Mr. Sterling Brown.-http://sterlinglbrown.com/ 

    running for Jackson County Legislator District 2 in the up and coming November Elections.

    Sharing Current Events Topics, Spoken Word, and Music -Using Social Networking- Local, National and International. Live Discussions/ Interviews Call in Live at 6pm-(347)989-8509
    Live and direct from the pulse of the US in the Digital Underground with an Afrikan Centered perspective. Or listen and chat online With Live Field Correspondents To be a guest or host call: 816-304-7240 or email: amen-comm@live.com.

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    "Communications Of Faith" HIS Report International Host: Dr. J. O. Robinson

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    HIS Report International   Host: Dr. J.O. Robinson  Allen, Tx

    Guest: Marla J. Robinson  Allen, Tx    Topic:  "Communications Of Faith"

    Communications defined,     Faith defined:  Should we communicate our Faith?

    How can we communicate our Faith.   What does the Holy Bible say about it? 

    Is there a necessity to communicate our Faith?      If so to who and when?

    What are the positive and negative sides?  


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    LivingEden: Worldview Change with New Unified Physics Field Program

    in Spirituality

    Blessings all!  I will be sharing about a new program I just started: The Delegate Program Level 1: Exploring Unified Physics is designed to provide a foundation of understanding of the field of Unified Physics and its implications and applications in our lives and the world. In a unified field of energy (as theorized by Unified Physics), our perceptions about ourselves, each other, and the wholeness of all life takes on a different dimension. Our values become based upon a sense of connection, interdependence and integrity of wholeness. This breakthrough alone brings a complete paradigm shift to primarily a shift from scarcity, fear, control, fighting over resources, and destruction of natural systems to acquire them, to abundance, energy independence, local empowerment and stability, and harmonious relationship with natural systems. Health and Wellness — Creating resonance technologies can re-establish wholeness within biological organisms and systems. While a holistic, living universe perspective takes into account the well-being of all people and life on Earth as a foundation for the design of technological and social systems that harmonize with natural systems; a feeling of connection and interdependence permeates our societies,

    The divine consciousness knows all this automatically and now we are learning.  Creating a LivingEden on this planet requires a worldview lens of connection. Embracing a new worldview takes courage and conviction. As each of us chooses to make a shift in our perspective individually, we contribute to the greater global shift that is underway. In the energy bowl of Spirit we will take a fascinating look at education that is happening right now on our globe.

    We love you all and your connection is paramount to creating LivingEden!  Joy and happy halloween to all!!

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    Bill Hoch - The Importance of Clarity in Employee Communications

    in Management

    Bill Black, Host of the Exit Coach Radio Show, conducts this interview.

    EmCo Consulting is an employment law firm and HR consulting business that helps business owners manage
    their workforce. Today Bill Hoch  is going to tell us the one thing that can solve most of your HR headaches.

    Questions discussed:

    So, what is the one thing we need to know? (Clarity)

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    Why Are Good Communications Among Band Groups Essential?

    in Music

    Host & CEO: PoeEtiq

    Co Host/ Music Director: Raw Dawg

    Co Host: John Lowe

    Co Host: Butter

    DeeJay: Doctor A.T.

    Magazine Editor & Chief : Myra MO

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    Hip Hop National is Marketing and Management firm that is assisting Music Artist with preseting a professional presentation and portfolio to the Industry Inside Circle Of The Music Business

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    Cox communications

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    New Job

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