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    Unified Consciousness Field Radio - E-motions vs. Feelings

    in Spirituality

    Join us as Angel hosts this week's show focusing on the Empath's View of Consciousness and Energy!

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    TTLO Live From The "Unified Conference" A Gathering Of Gods People

    in Christianity

    Live from the Century Center in South Bend Indiana

    TTLO Radio is on the road broadcasting Live from the "Unified Conference"

    This gathereing will support Godly unity in this region.  We are crossing denominatinonal line, racial line, econmic boundaries, generational barriers, and cultural differences to unify. 


    Join Dana and Devon as they bring you live footage from the Unified Conference.

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    Road to Unified

    in Wrestling

    Join the Buckeye Bigmouth and Ringmaster Charles Stone as they preview the upcoming UNIFIED--Rog Cox Memorial Show.  Guests include Uncle Simon, Tom DoubleTap McClain, Sheik Udy Muhammad, the Wildman Dave Diamond, and Maniac Mark Mustang!

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    LivingEden: Worldview Change with New Unified Physics Field Program

    in Spirituality

    Blessings all!  I will be sharing about a new program I just started: The Delegate Program Level 1: Exploring Unified Physics is designed to provide a foundation of understanding of the field of Unified Physics and its implications and applications in our lives and the world. In a unified field of energy (as theorized by Unified Physics), our perceptions about ourselves, each other, and the wholeness of all life takes on a different dimension. Our values become based upon a sense of connection, interdependence and integrity of wholeness. This breakthrough alone brings a complete paradigm shift to primarily a shift from scarcity, fear, control, fighting over resources, and destruction of natural systems to acquire them, to abundance, energy independence, local empowerment and stability, and harmonious relationship with natural systems. Health and Wellness — Creating resonance technologies can re-establish wholeness within biological organisms and systems. While a holistic, living universe perspective takes into account the well-being of all people and life on Earth as a foundation for the design of technological and social systems that harmonize with natural systems; a feeling of connection and interdependence permeates our societies,

    The divine consciousness knows all this automatically and now we are learning.  Creating a LivingEden on this planet requires a worldview lens of connection. Embracing a new worldview takes courage and conviction. As each of us chooses to make a shift in our perspective individually, we contribute to the greater global shift that is underway. In the energy bowl of Spirit we will take a fascinating look at education that is happening right now on our globe.

    We love you all and your connection is paramount to creating LivingEden!  Joy and happy halloween to all!!

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    The Unified Field Joins BlogTalk Radio!

    in Paranormal

    This is the very first episode of the Unified Field paranormal radio broadcast on Blogtalk Radio. Short and sweet, we're on air for a half an hour from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada for a trial run. We'll see how it goes!

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    Woven Green - Building A Unified Relationship with the Earth

    in Spirituality

    Join hosts Jim and Ashley Cash of Woven Green as they discuss the importance of building a unified relationship with the earth wirh conversations on the environmental effect of duality consciousness

    Jim & Ashley Cash are a married couple who have devoted their lives to writing and performing the music of Woven Green. Jim is a prolific songwriter and a strikingly versatile guitarist, his wife a powerful and captivating singer.  Together, the two create a magical alchemy that is truly uplifting and inspirational. Their music ranges from contemporary folk-rock, singer-songwriter to ambient and transformational sound-scape journeys using a combination of their own field recorded nature sounds, Native American flute, percussion, and various stringed instruments.  Their partnership, music, and message is sure to empower and entertain!  Official Website

    Their Award-winning EP of orginal music is available for downlaod on itunes

    Visit their calendar page for info on upcoming events and performances

    Like us on Facebook!

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    To be Unified.........

    in Culture

    On Todays show we will be joined by National Recording Artist ..." Bally " To discuss his new CD and his upcoming performance at the first ever , J Radio Show Night at Zoes Coffee House  Gastonia NC  , Thursday August the 7th. Also we will be joined by National Gospel Hip Hop Artist , "Minister T " to discuss his upcoming performance at the 2nd Annual Independent Artist Festival....and will also discuss the state of the School and what it will take to ensure a successful future for our youth.. All this and much much more while you are live n the  Day Wit J !!!!!

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    Unified Field Radio Recap

    in News

    Join us for another exciting recap show!
    All the latest and greatest from the paranormal world.
    Get famous around the water cooler and call in in!

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    The Los Angeles Unified School District/UTLA Teachers Union

    in Politics

    According to the "California Watch", with California's public school system facing economic uncertainties...some of the most financially troubled districts have been elevating the payroll for top administrators. One is the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation's 2nd-largest district, has been buried under a cumulative $2.8 billion dollar deficit for the past five years, and has eliminated more than 12,000 teaching and staff positions. Los Angeles Unified pays Superintendent John Deasy $384,948 a year, about five times the salary of the average teacher. Since 2009 the school district has raised John Deasy's salary by 32 percent. Superintendent Deasy has attracted controversy in this position and other positions. According to the Substance News, John Deasy claims to have earned his PhD at the University of Louisville (UL) in the College of Ed.

    The Dean of the college at the time was Robert Felner, now serving a prison term of 63 months for a variety of frauds committed against the University of Louisville, and other universities, which includes misappropriation of a $649,000 federal grant. Felner was also convicted of stealing $2.3 million in research grants. John Deasy got a "fake" PhD directly under Felner in a period of 4 months, earning only 9 credits! John Deasy has been thrown out of other superintendent positions for having this "fake" PhD. Why is the LAUSD Board members allowing Deasy to keep this job? Is it kickbacks? As Superintendent, John Deasy has overseen thousands of teachers losing their jobs. Incredibly, Los Angeles teachers have not received a salary increase in 7 years! The UTLA teacher's union leaders was paid a total of $1,327,172 in salaries, and $444,309 in OTHER compensation, for a total of $1,771,481 a year! It's clear the UTLA teacher's union is in bed with the School District.

    Questions: Contact us at: PatriciaMcAllBlogTalk@aol.com

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    How Does The Unified Gift And Estate Tax Exemption Affect Me?

    in Legal

    Most people have heard about estate and gift taxes, but may not understand exactly what they are and when they apply.  In this podcast with Brian Warens, untangle the mysteries behind estate and gift taxes and find out what creates an estate or gift tax return filing obligation and/or liability.

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