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    The first half of the show Lisa is going to speak about  her trip to Sacramento to the rally against the bear hunt and what is to become of the dogs trainied specifically for hunting bears.
    The second half of the show Tiger Paulk of the California Valley Miwok Tribe returns for a continuation of the tribulations facing the Miwoks.
    Times: 5:30 ET.; 4:30 CT.; 3:30 MT.; 2:30 PT.
    The views and opinions of the guests do not necessarily represent those of Unification Of The People.

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    Unification Of The People ( N.A.O.S.J)

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    Join Hawk Twodog and Payu with thier guest Sandy Schaefer
    About Sandy
    I have been asked to respond to the position taken by my organization and our members in regard to the practice of trapping and killing the feral animals in America. There are many reasons that it is morally, spiritually and financially reprehensible and wrong to kill our four legged brothers. As Native Americans, we hold our little brothers in high regard and have reverence for their lives. In many instances these animals being tortured, trapped and killed are sacred to many of our tribes, which in themselves represent sovereign nations and sovereign people within America. We are the indigenous people of the Americas, originally possessing and living in harmony with nature and all of the creatures of the land. We ourselves are considered as the feral animals of the country, and as Thomas Jefferson a founding father of America, the principle author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Statute of Virginia For Religious Freedom (1777) and third President of the United States (1801-1809) said in 1812, " Americans were obligated to push the backward Indian   www.nativeamericansforsocialjustice.com

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    Unification Of The People ( Brad Bearsheart On PineRidge)

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    Join Hawk Twodog and Payu as they talk with Brad from PineRidge . Brad is there helping people work on homes for the Native People . Brad and his wife works very hard 365 a year to give help to the Native People .Brad and his wife are with Project Lighthouse

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    Unification Of The People ( Canada's Holocaust )

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    Join your host Hawk ,Twodog and Payu . Our guest Tracey Aarushi Lightheart Kennedy is a member of  Mohawk Nation in Canada.  There was a large number of native childern  found dead and decapitated in mass graves. These bodies were found after the dug up grounds on the  boarding school. The urls are below . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcbFsZYb0xE

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    will black people ever control their destiny ...

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    black people dont have control of there destiny and thats a fact how did we lose it and how can we get it back our destiny is in the hands of white supremacy what steps do we have to take to put it back in our own collective hand and join me the truth and brother B and queen meyah and Chief X we will be discussing the on this episode of wake upAfrican people ...

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    in Spirituality

    Tom and Patty Strawser are Founders of Spiritual Engineering, the new science for happiness and extraordinary relationships. They have introduced these groundbreaking concepts through lectures, seminars, and couching in China, Mexico, the Middle East and the US. Currently, they are working on a fascinating project: PERSONALITY UNIFICATION CHILDREN CAMP. The goal is to introduce children to the Natural Order of Relationships© - an innovative approach and a curriculum to build these relationships. Together, and in collaboration with a growing number of volunteers, they are facilitating four Children's Camps this summer:
    1. First session: Building Relationships and Finding Happiness
    2. Second Session: Find a Higher Power - Access the
    3. Third Session: Developing Healthy Self-Love
    4. Fourth Session: Relationships and Loving Service

    In addition to these formal activities, children will participate in silent walks and meditation to practice silence and reflection through meditation, contributing to the creation of healthy habits, decision-making and emotional self-control. The daily sessions of one hour duration-of "walking in silence" include an "inspiring" word, which reflects "the fruits of the divine spirit" designed to encourage reflection and personal growth. These fruits are: Loving Service, Unselfish Devotion, Courageous Loyalty, Forgiving Tolerance, Merciful Ministry, Unfailing Goodness, Enduring Peace, and Endless Hope.

    Music, painting, drawing, poetry and dramatization give childrn the inspiration and opportunity to express themselves. Exploring nature in all its glory, setting up their own tents, the beauty of the Rocky Mountains, the indescribable magnificence of the starry night skies, the songs of birds, the singing of coyotes at night provide the perfect setting to introduce children to "Worshipful Problem Solving."

    Join us to learn more!


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    We Are Everyday People - Host Keith Bledsoe

    in Current Events

    At 7pm today on “We Are Everyday People” Internet Radio…I’m goin in !!!

    The self genocide (WWZ) continues via ourselves and the police.

    The cold blooded killer of 9 gets treated with kid gloves and to Burger King.

    The confederate flag bs

    And whatever else we roll with

    I will close by paying tribute my bother Michael Hoffman who passed away on Sunday morning June 7th after a long debilitating illness. I was in Chicago last week for the memorial service and I will talk about it. Those of you who knew Mike are welcome to call in and share your memories.

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    Live Coverage of Rally: We The People Of Oklahoma in Tulsa Ok #Glanzgottago

    in Politics

    We will have live coverage of We The People Of Oklahoma 's rally against police brutality, Sheriff's Department and Tulsa Sheriff Glanz.#GLANZGOTTAGO Call in @ 323 870 4626 

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    Jealous People! Why are they so Jealous?

    in Books

    Haters, we all have them.  But why do people get jealous? Join me this Friday, June  26, @ 6:00 p.m. est

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    Two People Arguing: HOLY HELL IT'S JOEY HATTER Edition

    in Sports

    Our two heroes navigate a world without NBA hoops, filled with sun and invented controversy. And then the magic starts about an hour in.

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    Two People Arguing--Letterman & Mad Men

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    TJ goes solo because he can't sleep on the two white people events of the past 4 days.