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    Imagine a World where Women initiate Women in their Sexual Rights

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    What would our world look like if women initated women in their sexual rights? Women would share their sexual stories, explain the tools they've learned, share the shadow's they've experienced, and help empower their to speak their truth.

    We believe that if women inititated women in their sexual rights women would know how potent their wombs are. And would easily speak their YES and NO in regard to Sex. 

    Today many women look to their romantic partner to be their sexual initiate. Leading to a rabbit hole when their partner doesn't fully show up. Conversely, even when the romantic partner is equipted to initiate empowerment in sexual union, there is something missing for women.

    In this show Aurora Rae Kozinn and Muse Magdelene speak about the Red Tent. Why do we come together to share our stories? What does it mean to be a powerful sexual woman? Where do we go for our initiations now?

    Dearest Sisters! Please note! If you can feel us,Our intro to this recording is a little loopy, as we had technical difficulties. And Aurora felt ungrounded. Give the recording about 5 minutes, because Muse and Aurora sink in Beautifully to share our truth!

    Visit our website at www.ourredtent.com
    Step out of the box and into our Circle! 

    Contact Muse Magdalene at
    Contact Aurora Rae Kozinn at ourredtent.com and ourredtent@gmail.com

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    This show will be at 4:00 pm U.S. Eastern and 9:00 pm U.K.


    Sunday, September 21 ~ with call-in ~ an uplifting, inspiring show

    HOST:  Corri Milner                GUEST:  Angela Connolly ~ from the U.K.

    Owner of Alltogether Kids ~ http://www.alltogetherkids.co.uk ~ email: angelaconnolly79@alive.co.uk
    On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/alltogetherkids 
    Also does various types of sessions for achieving Tranquil Sessions

    Angela is a Specialist in & teaches:  • Children's Meditation & Yoga • Baby Calming • Brain Development 
    Other: Reiki Master - Aromatherapist – Reflexologist - Colour & Crystal Healer -Volunteered w/ Social Care - Teaching Asst. w/ Special Needs Children - Level 3,4 Foundation Degree (U.K.) Teaching Children

    In our fast-paced, quickly changing world, it is very easy for children to become ungrounded and pulled in many different directions.  It can be stressful and anxiety-producing for both children and parents.  Meditation for children is unlike the methods adults use to meditation.  Learn how this can benefit both you and your child

    Some of the benefits of Meditation Classes for children:

    Improves sleep
    Reduces anxiety
    Improves confidence and self-esteem
    Creates a coping toolbox to deal with extreme emotions

    Live Your Potential ~ and help your children Live Their Potential

    Corri Coaching
    email:  corrimilner@gmail.com
    LinkedIn:    Corri Milner
    Facebook:  Corri Coaching

    (photo by Mayan Brenn ~ Berkutt83@hotmail.it)

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    How to Align Your Business with Your Personal Mission (Part 1 of 4)

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    Do you feel fulfilled right now? In this 7 Universal year you may be going through a personal shift as spirituality and self-awareness come into focus. The 7 energy shines a light on the truth revealing all that is hidden, untrue and inauthentic.

    This often has a flow on effect to your business. As you're shifting, the business you created may no longer align with who you're becoming or where you want to go. Many business owners are struggling with this and are unsure what to do next.

    Join leading Social Media Numerologist Leonie Hope over 4 episodes as she shows you how to deal with these changes. In part 1 Leonie will provide you with clear directions about what you need to do to move forward and stop that lost, aimless, ungrounded feeling. 

    Get your questions answered - BlogTalkRadio page, the Women,Business and Numerology Facebook page, or use #wbnradioshow on Facebook or Twitter

    About Leonie: Leonie Hope is the leading Social Media Numerologist, a creative entrepreneur, speaker, author and founder of Inspired Life Paths. Her mission is to inspire, uplift and empower others to make their difference in the world. Leonie works with small business owners and solo-preneurs struggling to find more clients and take their business to the next level. She will help you make more money and share your message by leveraging the power of social media effectively using numerology and low cost/no cost marketing strategies. Discover more at http://inspiredlifepaths.com or http://socialmedianumerology.com

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    Growing Women in STEM with Cassidy Williams

    in Current Events

    Why aren't there more women and girls working in industries that allow them to change the world? Our guest is Cassidy Williams, and she is doing her part to change the equation.

    Cassidy Williams, AdvisHer

    Cassidy Williams is a computer programmer and computer science senior at Iowa State University, scheduled to graduate in May 2014.

    She has worked at a variety of companies including Intuit, Microsoft, and General Mills and plans to work on the front end in web or mobile development.

    She co-created AdvisHer to help other girls get started in the STEM industries (science, technology, engineering, and math). The online community leverages the power of pipeline programs to advise, advocate, and accelerate women in STEM related jobs around the world.

    The project won a hackathon as part of British Airways' UnGrounded -- the first innovation lab in the sky, designed to connect industry leaders and creative minds for the purpose of tackling challenges that affect the next generation of global innovators. Cassidy was a member of Team Altitude, who were assigned the challenge of how to foster women in STEM positions... on one flight from San Francisco to London.

    She is also a public speaker and has addressed audiences at events like the National Center for Women & IT Summit, the U.S. Department of Labor's Diversity in Tech event, the IINSPIRE (Iowa-Illinois-Nebraska STEM Partnership for Innovation in Research and Education) conference, TEDxDesMoines, and even at the United Nations.

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    Manny Hagman - Awakening One Step at a Time

    in Spirituality

    Manny Hagman is a Loveworker/Musician and Writer from Austin, Texas.

    In April 2013, Manny experienced a breakdown/break through from years drug abusive, workaholism, and ungrounded, self inflicted spiritual abuse.

    After attending a transformative weekend through the New Warrior Training with the Mankind Project, Manny finally became aware of the power and Truth of his being. With inspiration from everyday life, he began openly sharing his experiences, pain, fears, and triumphs with the world through his Facebook page Manny Diaz - Awakening One Step at a Time.

    Manny takes a grounded approach to spirituality, choosing to look at the physical world as the source for healing.

    Manny hopes to inspire others through his writing and authentic living. Manny is on a mission to model authentic living to those who might be scared or confused on how to do so.

    Manny believes that vulnerability and transparency are keys to help others heal and return mankind to Unity consciousness and awareness. He believes that spiritual healers have the greatest impact when they reveal their human side to others and let them the world know it’s ok to be who we are, as we are, where we are.



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    The Opptimystics

    in Motivation

    Got friends in high places? Julien Wells does. This is going to be a fun show, be sure to tune in! Its time to get your surfboard out and ride the waves of evolution into the cosmos. Lets break the ice and learn alienation!!! Thats a joke! The new language is ONENESS! I am I UV eternal essence and heartspeak. Diane, Tim and Jane talk to Julien Wells this week, raising the bar on your potential, giving grounded support on the ungrounded! Get your shades on and give us the serious look so that we know you mean business!
    As always...transitioning from service-to-self systems into authentic, loving beings and finding and fulfilling our true purpose here on planet Earth. Join us for lively discussions on moving hue-manity forward and shaping our future toward lives based on love rather than fear.
    Many paralel solutions are emerging concurrently as our earth evolves into her higher potential, the planets align and we move away from the dark ages into the Golden Age. This will require millions of peoples efforts and input to guide us through the transition period, encourage others to take that great leap into the life of their dreams and network with others with similar ideas, from growing food to new technologies,and more. This show was inspired by the work of The One Peoples Public Trust to whom we are eternally grateful, hence the name Opptimystics.   

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    Lost in the Spin of an Ungrounded search for TRUTH?

    in Spirituality

    We are going to discuss an aspect of one's Spiritual alignment which is not discussed that often, which is for one to get centered, understand grounding of onesself and stablizing themselves through rebalancing in the realms of their physical, emotional and mental aspects to at least be relatively healthy in these arenas.  
    If there is no grounding, centering, and no sense of composing oneself, people are vulnerable, and they get lost in emotional dramas and spinning, going nowhere with their spiritual quest, this is frustrating.  
    How do you stop such a cycle?  Tune in to the Edge of Truth and discover how to get control of such situations.  11AM CST March 11, 2012.  See you there, 
    Will Gable and Sharon Quinn

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    Tuning Into Your Inner Wisdom & Free Angel Readings

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I share my latest journey with tapping into my own inner wisdom and finding more strength, hope, and empowerment than ever before!
    It's been a challenging time for many people, with solar flares, and soul lessons around almost every corner. It is so easy to feel ungrounded, overly emotional, and to doubt your purpose here on Earth. What can you do to remember that you are loved and infinitely valuable?
    The Angels and Guides have been very clear that spending time in Nature is important, and your body will let you know what it needs in order to feel stable, grounded, and healthy. 
    We need to clear out the energetic blocks to hearing our inner wisdom in order to figure out our personal medicine, or what we need to heal and to be happy. 
    I will take callers and offer free Angel healing readings, as well as pulling some oracle cards to see what is in store for this week!
    For more info about me, please visit www.ShineAwayHealing.com

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    Lost in the spin of any UNGROUNDED search for Truth?

    in Spirituality

    Last week our show dealt with call-in discussion and we barely touched the message of grounding, so we'll re offer this show again.   Listen to last weeks show for some GREAT content!!  Especially intriguing was the expose of how BLISS traps SOULS more than suffering and pain!!  
       We are going to discuss an aspect of one's Spiritual alignment which is not discussed that often, which is for one to get centered, understand grounding of onesself and stablizing themselves through rebalancing in the realms of their physical, emotional and mental aspects to at least be relatively healthy in these arenas.     If there is no grounding, centering, & no sense of composing themselves, people are vulnerable, and they get lost in emotional dramas and spinning,  going nowhere with their spirtiual quest. This is frustrating.  How do you stop such a cycle?   Tune-in to Edge of TRUTH and discover how ot get control of such a situation.   Sincerely, Will Gable and Sharon Quinn  

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    Change Frazzled to Focused! ~ with Judy Stone-Goldman

    in Health

    Change Frazzled to Focused ~ 3 Keys to Bringing Your Best Self to Your Clients.
    Ever felt like you were experiencing feelings and emotions that weren't supportive your clients?  
    Becoming too involved?
    Not able to control your reactions to their interactions with you?
    Feeling anxious and out of balance?
    Not able to control your ability to support them well?
    Feeling your confidence get lower, and the self-judgment rising  - making the sitiuation even worse? And wracked with guilt because of it?
    It's very natural for many therapists, clinicians and people in the helping fields to feel ungrounded, out of whack, and frazzled at varying times especially when dealing with high need clients. You're human after all.
    It's also very difficult to bring forth the best of who you are and what you do for your clients, when you're coming from that place.
    Find out with expert Judy Stone- Goldman, couselor, speech-language pathologist and author, how you can change this nerve-wracking experience to one that keeps calm and grounded and enables you to bring out the best version of you for your clients.
    As Judy says: We don't have to be victims of our fears, our reactions, those moments when we're slipping around emotionally, and we don't have to be afraid of examining those aspects of ourselves. A certain degree of imbalance is to be expected in the hard work of helping others, and we all need ways to recalibrate and rebalance.
    Join us for deep insightful show to understand how we can change from Frazzle to Focus...giving the best of ourselves to our clients, and feel good about what we do!
    To find out more, go to www.judystonegoldman.com
    (Remember to schedule this show into your calendar!)

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    Jonathan Cahn Inauguration sermon - Mazzen Warra interview

    in Religion

    First hour ..Special Guest Palestinian Christian and Evangelist Mazzen Warra returns..We will be discussing his recent missionary trip to Guatemala and the Presidential Inauguration Prayer Breakfast which he attended..DON'T MISS THIS INTERVIEW!! On January 21 , 2013 Messianic Rabbi , Pastor and author of the Book " The Harbinger" preached this Powerful uncompromising sermon at the Presidential Inaguration Prayer Breakfast. ..Join us as we discuss the slanderous ungrounded attacks

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