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    Competition In The Church

    in Christianity

    Have you ever sat in church or at a church event and saw people trying to OUT-DO each other? What about preachers trying to OUT-PPREACH one another. What about people trying to OUT-MINISTER to someone? Have we gotten so bold that we OUT-PRAISE, OUT-SHOUT and OUT-DANCE one another? Or worse, having to OUT-GIVE, seeing who can OUT-TITHE who? Why do we do this? Why do we have an attitude of ungratefulness in the church? Why are being ungrateful to God? We have a sense of "smelling ourselves" because we think we have it all together and know everything. God is not pleased with this attitude and He will deal with us accordingly. I don't know about the rest of yall, but I am sick of "one-up" people!

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    Gratitude- the Powerful Solution to all of your Problems

    in Education

    I need abundance, I need a healing, I need a relationship, I need a better relationship, I wish my kids would be better behaved, why did my loved one pass away, why me, why me?  The list of needs and why is my life this way goes on and on. What if we told you that one word could solve all of your needs and wants? That word being Gratitude. In this week's podcast we explore the power of gratitude and how it can transform your life. We will be discussing the teachings of gratitude from ascended masters and today's wisest icons that point to gratitude as the solution to any and all of your challenges. We will dive deep and take a look at how gratitude is a powerful energy field that can transcend obstacles in your life. We will look at the reasons as to why lack, misery, suffering, and ungratefulness occur in our every day life and offer solutions as to how you can harness the power of gratitude in your life to in turn remove the scarce mentality and suffering that steals our inner peace.

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    Is he THIRSTY or are you just UNGRATEFUL??

    in Entertainment

    I get so tired of hearing women calling men "thirsty". Every time a man gives a woman a compliment, asks her out on a date, lets her know of his interest in her, all we here is "He is so thirsty". 

    What ever happened to being flattered, appreciative, and humble. We complain about chivalry being dead be are women really the cause of it with their ungratefulness? Join us on iCandi After Dark as we discuss he difference between being thirsty and being interested!!! Friday March 7th at 10:00 pm EST!! 


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    Fly Eagles Fly...On The Road To......Ungratefulness?

    in Lifestyle

    The Big Dawg bares his teeth as he discusses his hometown NFL team and their rabid fanbase, how they need to change their mentality, and other sports topics as well. 

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    Am I Ungrateful or What???

    in Lifestyle

    "Let's Talk Truth" will attempt to express words of wisdom on the act of ungratefulness that we consistently exhibit throughout our everyday lives. Is it ungrateful to try to get more than what we have been gifted with? Let's connect our thoughts with your thoughts to arrive at the truth.

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    GLMX #120: The Cure for Spiritual Leprosy

    in Religion

    Have you ever given something to someone and they never thanked you for it? Many of us show this same ungratefulness towards God. God blesses us with gifts in many ways, we accept those gifts, and then forget all about the Giver.

    In Luke 17:11-19, Jesus encounters ten lepers. He heals all ten of them, but only one really realizes the extent to which he had been healed and turns around to thank Jesus. Leprosy was a terrible disease. It was considered unclean and contagious. People who had leprosy in those days were considered outcasts. They were kept in a secluded place away from the larger part of society, and were forbidden from seeing their families and friends. Since leprosy was incurable, those who had it often died alone.

    The physical disease of leprosy is not unlike our spiritual condition. Leprosy only touches the body. But sin and its consequences go deeper to the heart and soul. Leprosy keeps those ridden with the disease separated from society, and likewise, sin keeps us separated from God.

    + Plus, listen to Ami Rushes singing "No Other Name But Jesus"

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    TLC: Are YOU Worth It?

    in Culture

    You work hard, often with no gratitude given but with attitude towards you instead. You pay bills and debts faithfully, only to face another in your mailbox and an indignant, incompetent, and unprofessional service rep talkin' crazy to you while interrupting your dinner with your family. You dote on, provide for, and cater to your significant other and/or child(ren), only to get more demands and ungratefulness dumped upon you. You're there for everyone and everything, driving yourself into the ground -- and even an early grave. Everybody but Yourself! You wanna get off this unhealthy rollercoaster but either don't know how or worse, don't feel you're Worth more. Tonight's special segment will discuss and tackle these conflicts and issues, featuring CEO of Ladies Pamper Night Phyllis Ewing-Porter and her wonderful Staff along with Director DJ LonnieB! A night you won't want to miss we assure you! All are welcome.  

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    was MIKE EPPS wrong for cussing out his daughter?

    in Entertainment

    Join me an my co host as we discuss the sistuation surrounding mike epps going dumb dumb on his daughter bria. who leaked the recorded phone conversation to media.

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    Showing Appreciation To The LORD

    in Youth

    Throughout the world, ungratefulness runs rampant. A lot of people complain and they may come up with every which reason to justify it but they don't stop to consider all of the things that they already have. As we know, there are many individuals less fortunate than ourselves so we should learn to appreciate what we have instead of what we don't.

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    What thought has kept you in weight battle all your life?

    in Self Help

    Use my specially designed formula to move you from weight battle and free you from thought patterns that have kept you overweight for years despite all your dieting.
    Sample thought system:   "My vision of a trim and fit body is now in the process of becoming a reality; My Health is better than ever; I am succeeding in areas of my life where I never succeeded before; I am on "autopilot"; my body is tireless, filled with energy and power. I am a dynamo, my friends look at me in awe as I power through every day with unstoppable confidence and a passion filled drive to succeed at everything I do! 
    I love seeing myself grow spiritually, emotionally and financially. I see all my dreams and goals popping up in rapid manifestation for me like, in days!" Don't push your dreams away from you with doubt, negativity, disbelief and ungratefulness. Accept them!
    Sign up for my workshops, programs, seminars through padaran@padaran.com that will help you see what has been sabatoging your efforts to release pounds and then move from that vibrational frequency to a higher and better one.
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