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  • World Teachers Day-Building Sustainable Societies

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    The achievement gap between U.S. students and those in other nation and among different groups of students in the United States is a significant long-term drag on the economy, according to a national research group’s study that seeks to quantify that impact.


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    Beginning in 2003, an important new international movement for the protection of sacred places began building momentum. At the Fifth World Parks Congress in South Africa in September 2003, delegates produced the Durban Recommendations on the Cultural and Spiritual Values of Protected Areas (see V.13 on pages 168-170), which called for the recognition of the spiritual values of protected areas around the world, and the full inclusion of indigenous communities and spiritual leaders in the management of sacred natural sites.

    Then, from May 30 to June 2, 2005, a major symposium convened in Tokyo, Japan: “Conserving Cultural and Biological Diversity: The Role of Sacred Natural Sites and Cultural Landscapes.” The discussions were aimed at protecting sacred places, and surrounding ecosystems, through existing international instruments, new laws and improved land management policies.

    A number of important documents have emerged as this historic cultural preservation movement continues to grow. Symposium participants in Japan drafted and approved the Tokyo Declaration, which urges the development and implementation of UNESCO and IUCN’s Draft Guidelines for the Conservation and Management of Sacred Natural Sites, and the dissemination of the Convention on Biodiversity’s Akwé: Kon (Akwé: Kon is pronounced agway-goo, and is a Mohawk term meaning “everything in creation.”) Guidelines for the conduct of cultural, environmental and social impact assessment regarding developments proposed to take place on, or which are likely to impact, sacred sites and the lands and waters traditionally occupied or used by indigenous and local communities.

  • Living Life on Purpose with internationally acclaimed musician Peter Jam

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    LIVING LIFE ON PURPOSE features authors & experts on a wide variety of topics including: Spirituality, Sustainability, Optimal Health & Wellbeing, and Inspirational Authors, Musicians and Entertainers.

    TODAYS TOPIC: PEACE... Learn from someone who has traveled the world bringing the message of peace to the world through his music and advocacy. 

    My Guest today is Peter Jam:  he's a Lebanese Armenian artist, singer, music composer, motivational
    speaker, creative thinker, human rights, justice and peace activist who has toured in over 40 countries singing for peace. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSV0QUj53eg.

     Peter has given speeches UN parliament in Vienna, UNESCO Palace in Beirut plus interviews on TV and Radio stations around the world. He has been called an Ambassador for Peace from the United Nations.

    Intro music gratefully provided by Mona Garcia.

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    UNESCO and Daniel 12

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    Palestinians accepted into full membership of the UN agency named UNESCO which is the education and sceince agency of the UN. This is very important to Daniel 12!
    Weekly broadcast of unfiltered uncompromised Word of GOD in this end time generation. Prophecy, breaking news and revelations and sermons.

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    Yahoo! Travel, San Antonio and Orlando

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    Today World Footprints will talk travel; specifically international travel and study abroad programs with Yahoo! Travel's Paula Froelich.  Our conversation follows an invitation to the White House to participate in a travel summit focused on encouraging more travel, voluntourism and study-abroad opportunities for Americans.  Of course, as Yahoo! Travels editori-in-chief, Paula will share some of her recent travels, top destination picks and travel philosophy.

    Then, take a stroll through history as we explore San Antonio, Texas.  The city of San Antonio is one of the oldest European settlements in Texas and, for decades, its largest city.  Thousands of years before the Spanish settlements began the city was populated by various cultures of indigenous people.  Today, San Antonio is investing energy in preserving its cultural heritage and ecosystem for future generations to come.  We will discover the development initiatives taking place in San Antonio and get an update on the city's possible inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

    Finally, everyone knows Orlando, Florida as the theme park capital of the world.  However, we will discover another side of Orlando as we explore the Maitland Arts Center--the city's first National Historic Landmark.

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    UNESCO Florida, Dr.Dunn "The Beast In Florida"

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    Join The Gist of Freedom at The UNESCO ST Florida Conference - Live on Location
    Dr. Dunn, author  "The Beast In Florida"
    Presentations: Descendants of Rosewood Survivors and Victims.
    The Rosewood Massacre- Self sustaining and Thriving African American town, Raided by Racist Murderers 
    Harry T. Moore and Harriet T. Moore, NAACP's First Civil Rights activist Couple Murdered.
    In 1951 after celebrating Christmas Day, civil rights activist Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette retired to bed in their white frame house tucked inside a small orange grove in Mims, Florida. Ten minutes later, a bomb shattered their house, their lives and any notions that the south's post-war transition to racial equality would be a smooth one. Harry Moore died on the way to the hospital; his wife died nine days later.  
    As we celebrate and Congratulate America on their re-election of President Obama- we must never forget the historic significance of the struggle and to honor our legacy by making  a pledge to our God and Country to uphold it's tenets,  "I Am My brothers' keeper",
    From Attucks to Obama, the record shows our contributions to this nation's humanitarian social transformation is rooted in our abiltity  to humbly turn from our wicked ways in prayer, first and to then, courageously and successfully petition the government for relief. 
    We owe it to the brave freedom fighters to remain vigilant, in every election, from the PTA school board to the Presidency. Thereby doing our part to ensure the wrong side of history will never be forgotten or repeated, i.e, Gang & Gun Violence, Trayvon Matin, Jim Crow, Lynchings and Slavery.

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    Negdog Radio Wacky Wednesday-Episode 169

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    On this Wednesday June 17th of 2015 Negdog @negdog is cracking common core to the pit!!! What is Common Core really about and its hidden agendas. I will have the @commoncorediva  Lynne M Taylor live in the studio. She has been battling the fight vs this thing called Common CORE! CALL IN TO THE STUDIO NOW! DOES 2+2 STILL=4? EMERGENCY TRANSMISSION!



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    Globalized Jeju: Tourism and Turmoil

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    Jeju Island welcomes more than a million tourists to its beaches, resorts and UNESCO Natural World Heritage sites every month. The number has grown dramatically every year, from 5 million in 2005 to more than 12 million last year, driven by the economic confidence of a powerful domestic middle class and the package tours of China's nouveaux riche. The effect of the increase in visitors on the environmental and social stability of this island of 500,000 is dramatic and ongoing.  Ann Bush is a writer, teacher and activist from Berkley, California. Her work for The Jeju Weekly magazine has brought an articulate and insightful outsider’s take on the art, history and culture of the island. In this interview she discusses the value and dangers of tourism's economic benefits and the sanctity of cultural solidarity in the face of massive change. Her blog can be found at https://jejujive.wordpress.com/

    Music in this episode: ? ? ? ? with '?? ?? ? ? ?' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpQ7A-hlcI4

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    In Black and White

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    I sympathize with the dilemma of Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP  Her birth parents have decided to express their parental love by outing her in response to a legal dispute they have with her (#returnworld’sbestparentstrophy). They offered photos of a farm-fresh Rachel looking like she just stepped out of the General Store in Mayberry and a white-on-white birth certificate.The thing about race is that, scientifically, there is no such thing. As far back as 1950, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) released the conclusions of an international group of anthropologists, geneticists, sociologists, and psychologists that stated that the concept of race was not a scientific entity but a myth.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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    is jade helm a Nazi attempt to attack citizens?

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    I've read the books..the un.UNESCO CFR crapola..

    Its time to get real!?

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    isis or mices..liars and the un

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    The unesco/ un cabal and all is a horrid croc of agenda 21! To destroy thecusa and our allies..constitutionally is bogus..but people do believe in santa clause..look at the damage its caused..seriously we are in trouble.!!