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    Who took my underwear?

    in Lifestyle

    In a world of judgement do we pick on people for no good reason?

    What do you believe?

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    Underwear for the Boy Inside You! Nenewear - The Birth of a Brand

    in Fashion

    Nenewear is excited to launch its debut underwear collection. Founded in 2015 by Efrén Sánchez (joined in this broadcast with partner in business and life, Brandon Boswell), Nenewear is a men’s underwear line that celebrates the boy that exists within us."

    In many Spanish speaking countries, “nene” is a term of endearment used for males. It is used towards each other amongst strangers and friends.  When asked what nene means to him: Efren replies, “Everyone used to call my Cuban grandpa “viejo nene” which translates to old boy. Where I come from you can be a nene your entire life. It’s all about how you feel... “Regardless of age, we all have that nene inside us that is curious, playful and mischievous. I wanted to create a line of high quality, sexy, handmade men’s underwear to indulge that nene within me.”  

    Visit NicholasSnow.TV for videos, and NicholasSnow.com for everything else!  This episode's main sponsors are Desert AIDS Project and Lulu California Bistro.

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    Underwear Sundays

    in Psychology

    Fat Guy in Spandex is a middle-aged, over educated, under employed, overweight, white guy who loves hockey, NASCAR and dumb-ass, quirky comedy. On his podcast, he pontificates about all things associated with a lazy life, sex, sports and much, much more. It’s psychology and self-help through the eyes and ideas of a guy who has been there and done that!

    Today’s episode looks at: The idea that every now and then we need to take a day just for ourselves. No people. No Places. Just a day in our underwear to do whatever the hell it is we want to do.

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    Too Apparel - Underwear For Women Who Care

    in Women

    I am excited to introduce to all of you one of the co-founders of Too Apparel, Kevin Goryl. 

    On the surface, Too apparel is a company that designs, develops and sells women's underware. But there's actually so much more to this company than that and here's the cool bit. Underware (believe it or not) is the most needed and most under-donated article of clothing in the United States. Women trying to reclaim their lives often arrive to shelters with just the clothes on their back. Too apparel sells comfortable women's underwear with a mission. And that mission is this - for every pair of underwear that's purchased Too apparel donates a pair of new underwear to a women and children's shelter.

    How cool is that?

    Click here to purchase.

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    Salaula Underwear

    in Lifestyle

    "WHILE it has always been a good economic practice to buy used or second-hand motor vehicles, books and clothes in Zambia, the purchase and wearing of used undergarments raises many moral and health questions. Does donning salaula Victoria Secrets  underwear not say something about the place of our people in the world economy? What could be the health implications of sharing or wearing someone else’s underwear? In any case, for how will this dehumanising and humiliating trade in salaula underpants go on in Zambia? These are serious questions beseeching sober reflection, not only from our leaders but also citizens. Quick action is required and we cannot afford to fold our arms and pretend there are no issues surrounding the morality or immorality of having used lingerie on our markets...."

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    The Big Perm Show #84 - Big Perm & Vic Nasty Get Touchy Feely

    in Entertainment

    This week we talk shit and hurt feelings with our brand of uncensored & adulterated fun !! Join us as we fill your earholes with talk about everything from Charlie Sheen & serial killers to Jared Fogle & your moms dirty underwear.

    If you're feelin' froggy.... LEAP !! Call in and be a part of the conversation at (347) 857-1024.

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    I.A.M.S.: Look Inside Ourselves

    in Spirituality

    Look at yourself in the mirror, and say everything you cover up.. You like that custodian at Olive Garden , or you wear pink underwear. Why did you cover up your thoughts and dreams? You had your head in the clouds, forget about that, because you are awesome!

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    Sagging Really?

    in Entertainment

    What ever happened to the clean cut men that wore belts? There seems to be a trend of showing underwear these days and the lower you go the more appealing it looks to some. But not every lady is attracted to men that sag their pants. So we post the question, "Would you date a guy that sags his pants?" Join us Wednesday at 9AM EST and give us your reply!

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    in Pop Culture

    *Celebrating 2 Years on Air & over 200 Episodes!*

    @MYREALTALKRADIO @VH1 Love & HipHop Hollywood Star: @MilanChrisGordy and @FettyWap "BabyMom" LEZHAE ZEONA.

    Born on the south side of Chicago, Milan moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2008 to pursue his rapping/producing & modeling career. He found his niche in the entertainment industry in the city of Angels rather swiftly, appearing on TV shows like Nip Tuck, The Doctors, and 12 Corozones, as well as commercials for brands like Red Bull, Chase Bank, and Virgin Mobile. Soon after Milan starting doing doing music videos with Kanye West, The Game, Lil Wayne, & Neyo. It wasn't until Milan worked with Beyoncé that he realized he wanted to focus on his solo rap career and concentrate on his own brand. Milan released his EDM rap single "Burning Up" which earned him the spot of the number 1 indie artist in the country 6 weeks in a row on Digital Radio tracker.Still writing and producing music for himself and working with other artists, Milan has also expanded his brand to modeling, a teeth whitening facility, and he is starting his own underwear line.


    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    TUNEIN APP: #MyRealTalkRadio Show

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    Title of Who What and Where (The Hurd Mentality)

    in Higher Education

    Descriptions examples include topics, content and episode features. Hemp, Hemp By-Products , Uses of Hemp , Discussions on Hemp, Hemp Hurders , Hemp Hoarders, Hemp Haters , Hemp Stocks, Hemp Problems, Hemp Solutions , Medicinal Hemp, Hemp Dreams , Hemp Edibles, Hemp Psycosis, Hemp Shrimp, Hemp Hollows, Hemp Laws, Hemp Torture, Hemp Fashion, Hemp Flashing, Hemp Fishing, Hemp Underwear, Hemp Humps, Hemp Kin, Hemp Friends, Hemp Foes, Hemp Blows, Hemp Grows, Hemp Knows, Hemp Hemp,  Hemp Lock, Hemp Shock, Shemp Hemp.

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    in Podcasting

    Bernie Sanders underwear is now for sale

    Sodas linked to increased heart failure risk

    Should you buy organic tampons?

    Illinois police officer's shooting death called 'carefully staged suicide'