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    Stream of Unconsciousness

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    Join us for a free flowing discussion of sports, popular culture, and entertainment.  Be here January 22 at 9:00 PM!

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    Does Your Relationship With Yourself Serve You Well?

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    Everything starts with you. Everything. What you like, what you desire, why you desire it and how you take yourself on. When you see redundancy in your life there is a reason why you need it and a reason why you now are seeing it. When the tapes in your unconscious mind are louder than the tapes in your conscious mind, what does that look like in your life?  The things we take on in our lives that sound like "I have to be out of peoples hair to be loved, My actions that stem from pain make me less of a person, my one secret that I kept from myself and my world is my shame for not listening to myself." What is running my show, your show and running the very lives we are each living in this day? 


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    Let's Talk Archetypes: Collective, Cosmic & Unconsciousness

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    This week we complete the conversation about consciousness as we delve into the Collective, Cosmic, and Unconsciousness.Collective Consciousness is the set of shared beliefs, ideas, and moral attitudes which operate as an underlying force within society.  Could this be social media? Cosmic or Higher Consciousness refers to the evolution of spiritual knowledge. Collective unconscious is a term coined by Carl Jung. The unconscious mind is expressed in humanity and all life forms with nervous systems, and describes how the structure of the psyche autonomously organizes experience. Jung distinguished the collective unconscious from the personal unconscious, in that the personal unconscious is a personal reservoir of experience unique to each individual, while the collective unconscious collects and organizes those personal experiences in a similar way with each member of a particular species. (Source: Wikepedia.org)
    Visit the official show page: http://www.AuthenticYouRadio.com/Lets-Talk-Archetypes

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    How To Become Money - Rachel

    in Self Help

    How To Become Money - Rachel

    This episode Curry facilitates a session with Rachel all about, What your culture or country has to do with you and money, How to Unlock unconsciousness with money, Questions you can ask to Create Money.

    If you want to learn more about Curry, How To Become Money, Right Riches For You and so much more, please visit Curry’s Website: www.curryglassell.com.

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    Parents Empowering Themselves For Their Children's Sake

    in Relationships

    This is the undoubtedly, to date, the most important radio show I have ever done.

    This article is a two part series which is a passionate project that I believe is so necessary to break the cycles of abused and abuse.

    It is to do with our children, and how we can help them not live the lives of suffering, abuse and unconsciousness that we have, and how we can stop these cycles being passed on from generation to generation.

    PLEASE take a stand with me - and pass this radio show on far and wide - our world needs to wake up, for us to have any chance of breaking these horrendous and insane cycles of unconsciousness and abuse.


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    UNCONSCIOUSNESS (The Blue Pill) The BOOTY Call Show

    in Self Help

    Are you ready to get your mind right? On this show (episode #135) S-Dot decodes the current state of unconsciousness (niggativity) that overwhelms self-oppressed people (n*gg*s and b*tch*s) socially-conditioned to accept and participate in love-blocking beliefs and life-limiting behaviors. He examines examples of cultural depravation, TMI/busyness (social media) and “news” distractions (weapons of mass deception/WMDs) that have been cleverly positioned to create the current atmosphere of chaos and confusion. S-Dot will also share some right-now relevant tips and helpful strategies from his empowering, personal development eBook The Pink Elephant and GYMRx (Getting Your Mind Right workshop series) to shift from unconsciousness to consciousness that you can start using today.
    CAUTION: This episode will awaken and alert you to “actuality” making you aware of the falsehoods in the “reality” you have blindly chosen to cling to. Join us Wednesday, July 27, 2011 @ 6 – 8:00 pm (EST) call-in 347.308.8527. (((Peep It On the Download)))

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    What Is Narcissistic Supply?

    in Women

    This radio show is one specifically about narcissistic supply. Why does a narcissist need to have narcissistic supply? What is narcissistic supply exactly? Why is a narcissist never appeased regardless of the narcissistic supply he or she receives?

    During this show you will learn this and much more - as well as the only true way you can prevent being an object used by a narcissistic for narcissistic supply.

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    Neptune and Consciousness

    in Self Help

    Often thought of as connected to unconsciousness, Neptune is the planet that brings our unconscious to the conscious level.

    Finding our way through that process is complex and often filled with delusion.

    Now that Neptune has gone retrograde, let's look at it's effect on our lives.

    Call in! There are live mini-readings.

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    Hera/Ine Mother, with CECILIA ANNE GRUESSING

    in Spirituality



    Ceil is a trilingual choreographer and director living in Richmond, Virginia with three rescued orphaned daughters from Honduras.  She received her Masters Degree from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco where she researched plays for her dissertation.  Sanghita 6, is her first published book of dramatic material in the field of sacred dance and theater.  It is a collection of six musical plays that redefine the art of playwriting, as contemporary sacred dance and theater.  Each play, depicts ancient archetypes in contemporary settings with a focus on the feminine psyche.  Sanghita takes us on a magical tour of ancient underground mysteries whose universal laws still live in our collective unconsciousness today.  Please join us to discuss how the "Sacred Mother" guided her to find, heal and nurture her three daughters back to life and fight an unjust patriarchial system to finally, claim them as her daughters.  Now, home in Virginia, we will discuss a "mother's" passionate fight, spiritual discoveries and her wonderful book.  


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    Life as Living Art - Shift in Consciousness to treat The Human Condition

    in News

    The Conscious Collective Radio Show:  JoAnne Consciousness and Lara Starr interview Czechoslovakian Intuitive Visionary Artist, Pavla Quinn, founder of Living Art Sanctuary in Toronto, Canada, and Transformation Facilitator Matthew Christodoulou, founder at  Kinectingyou.com.  In this 2 hour chat we cover THE SHIFT in the collective consciousness, we begin by touching on the conflict between the generations and the intense changes we are all going through during this time of UNVEILING, especially provoked by the newer generations, such as the Indigo children, to new ways of thinking, living and being.  We discuss social programming paradigms, fear, what it is like to be AWAKE in a world of unconsciousness, as well as the global human condition of separation from Nature and how we can reclaim our connection to find balance and peace in our hearts as well as expanded awareness through our integrated experiences.  Conscious living strategies in our modern life for learning how to transform our selves, revive our spirit and reclaim the creative energy of life as living art emerge as the wisdom principles for practical solutions in this enriching interview.   Pavla Quinn:  www.livingartsanctuary.com Matthew:  www.kinectingyou.net   JoAnne Consciousness: http://www.cannabis-network.org  Lara Starr: www.themindunleashed.org  New Earth Nation:  www.newearthnation.org  

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    Tune into the Stream of Unconsciousness LIVE tonight!

    Tonight's theme is mainly music. We'll recap the Grammys some, discuss our favorite cover songs as well as artists that not many people listen to but should!

    All that and then some tonight on the Stream!

    As always, if you want to interact with us for discussion sake or just because then email us at SoUCradio@gmail.com, follow/tweet us @SoUCradio, @KyBrage, @WordOfTodd, @JKistle, or post on here!

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