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    Some of us are single by intention.

    Because its great living your life your way and you don’t have to check in with someone else. . Some of us were pushed into a single life, due to circumstances.

    And there are some people out there that would not have it any other way.

    There are so many people who thinks being single is the end of the world as know it. They think being with one someone is the key to happiness. If you are alone, you’re going to be miserable for the rest. It’s the stereotypical comments people say about the single life.

    And it’s so, so, so, wrong.

    The single life can be a great time in a person’s life.

    It’s a time when you begin to understand and love yourself.

    It’s a time you take to figure out what you want and what you don’t want.

    Whether you are single by choice or circumstances, many of us are alone and even though it's impossible to know how many unattached people there are globally, the number of single-person households is growing.

    Join me Janice Clarke, Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Practitioner and Host of THE SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW along with ourPanel of special guests as we discuss the big wide topic of being single. Like how to identify when someone is available and when they are not. Singles in relationships, the pet peeves we have and more!!

    Really really really can’t wait until our ME TIME!



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    7 Habits of A Successful Woman!

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    January 12th, 2015 Show

    Join host and business success coach Trina Newby as she shares 7 Habits of  A Successful Woman.

    Women around the world are realizing that success is truly a journey and it's all about the positive habits and actions you take that helps to create success along the way.

    Dial in and get ready to have some ah-ha moments as Trina shares positive habits that get results!

    Featured Guest

    Also on the show is featured guest, Krystol Sanders, Insurance Consultant and President of Agents Alliance, LLC.  Krystol will share tips and information on why it's important to get insurance sooner than later!

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    Smart Thinking and Habits of Leadership

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    ART MARKMAN, Ph.D., the author of Smart Thinking and Habits of Leadership

    Habits allow you to carry out your daily routines without having to put in effort to guide your actions. Habits allow you to multitask: to talk and drive a car, to walk and  chew gum, to type and think at the same time. And although habits usually add great value to our daily lives, “bad” ones can be destructive.

    Smart Change explores the psychological mechanisms that form and maintain habits in individuals and groups and offers real, accessible, and actionable advice for change. In this engaging narrative, Dr. Markman, whose previous book Smart Thinking showed us how the mind works to think and act smarter, covers a wide range of habits. As insightful as it is practical, Prof. Markman’s book explains how five effective tools can help us change our own unacceptable behaviors and influence the habits of others.

    ART MARKMAN, Ph.D., the author of Smart Thinking and Habits of Leadership, is the Annabel Irion Worsham Centennial Professor of Psychology and Marketing at the University of Texas and founding director of the Human Dimensions of Organizations program there. He blogs regularly for Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, 99U, and Harvard Business Review Online.

    For more information visit: http://www.smartthinkingbook.com/

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    R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio

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    The Heart Healer

    Tune in to R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio as Koereyelle and V discuss the latest in Entertainment and Celeb news. Our featured guest is the Heart Healer Rob Hill Sr who will share the Mind of a Man and give us deets on his brand new mobile app! Plus, don't miss a very special Headed to Happily Ever After segment with Brighter Affairs CEO Alicia Bennett!

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    Sistahs With Purpose On Single Mothers

    in Parents

    How about single mothers?! Let's talk about and SALUTE mothers who are trying to juggle school, careers, home life and a social life. 

    Sounds easy, sounds like something you think you can do huh??? Well, don't judge these women or talk about them until you have walked a mile in their shows because they are handling their business.

    We are one big family so reach one, teach one... see ya soon.... much love.. Tina & Yani

    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio

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    Free, Fab & Fearless

    Tune in to R.E.A.L. Single Wives Radio as Koereyelle and V discuss the latest in Entertainment and Celeb news. Plus, don't miss our Wives Wisdom segment with The Wife Coach Lakia Brandenburg at 6:45!

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    3 Badass Habits to Pick Up in 2015!

    in Self Help

    You're woman, hear you roar! You're intelligent, talented, kind, generous, and excellent at what you do. You have EVERYTHING you need to succeed brilliantly, and yet you're not achieving the level of success that you deeply desire and so well deserve. 

    Well, what's going on here? It's your habits. Maybe it's time you dropped some habits, and pick up some NEW ones.

    Our habits create our lives. CJ Gross, author, success coach and relationship engineer, will join me on She Struts Radio to talk about "3 Badass Habits to Pick Up in 2015." If you're ready to make this a sexier, healthier, and wealthier year than 2014 then you don't want to miss this show! 

    That's Thursday, January 15, 6:30-7pm ET on She Struts Radio. To listen call 718.766.4468. 


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    Single Mom Sage Hour ~ Single Mom Spotlight ~ Evelyn Richardson

    in Lifestyle

    It's time again for the Single Mom Spotlight on Single Mom Sage Hour. This month we get to spotlight Evelyn Richardson of Go Getttah.

    Single Mom with Spina Bifida Makes her Dream a Reality.  Evelyn is proving she can do it all despite being born with Spina Bifida. As a single mother she continues to amaze people with her drive to run her business http://www.gogettah.com. Eve's motto is "I can do all things through Christ which strengthen me." - Philippians 4:13.

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    the single life

    in Entertainment

    is it a crime for single people to not desire marriage or marry at a "old" age...

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    5 Bad Habits That Are Holding You Back From Success

    in Entrepreneur

    In this epsidoe I will share with you 5 common "bad habits" that are responsbile for holding most creatives back from their full potential. If you can learn how to "let go" of these habits, you will see your success soar!!

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    SFTB - Super Troopers?

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