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    Thunder Kellie: Unapologetically Black, Openly Gay & HIV Positive

    in Spirituality

    Talking life, HIV, photography, religion, passion and fame with HIV advocate and LHIV.org founder, Mr. Thunder Kellie.

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    Wombanist Views Bougie Black Girl Women’s Hertory Month Feature

    in Women

    Wombanist Views will be sitting down with author, pop culture critic, champion of entrepreneurship and self empowerment, and trailblazing blogger Lakisha Watson-Moore of Bougie Black Girl  and CEO of the BBG Media Group. Bougie Black Girl is a website that unapologetically focuses on Black women and issues that impact their lives. The website is the winner of the 2014 Best Business Blog Award.

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    Inspirational Talk with Toneal

    in Self Help

    Join me today as I interview author & entrepreneur, Tavetta Patterson!

    About Tavetta:

    Tavetta Patterson is a public speaker, award-winning mentor, and philanthropist. She is the author of The Tongue of Life, The Secrets We Keep, and The Bridge that Brought Me Over.

    Tavetta is the President of Abundant Life Publications, which provides communications consulting; leadership development; as well as book and magazine publishing. She is also the Director of Gary Life Education Initiative Incorporated, a nonprofit organization that empowers students for life through mentoring; providing leadership skills; and career readiness.

    Married to husband Roosevelt, the Patterson’s desire to help people discover and live their purpose.

    About her book:

    The Bridge that Brought Me Over” is a benefits package for your life.  This book provides a plan for you to be unshakeable when life tries to shake you and distract you.  This book is dedicated to people who are committed to being unapologetically great in pursuit of fulfilling their purpose on this earth.  If you are ready to be a world changer and a history maker, this book is for you.

    For more on Tavetta or to purchase her book, visit: http://www.publishinglife.wix.com/pattersonsglobal

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    Being Unapologetic ft. "Selma" Actor Clay Chappell & Cali Artist Deja Bryson

    in Radio

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, I’esha GaptoothDiva and the team are returning with some more of the baddest creative motivation. Tune in, as we discuss the passion for art and creativity with Selma actor Clay Chappell and emerging soul artist Deja Chappell. We will touch on how our work, our words, and the way we impact others speaks volumes about our future.

    In this episode, we will touch on topics such as:

    Separating your personal life from your art/work

    Being unapologetically passionate

    Using your gift to empower and motivate others

    Featuring new music by Deja Bryson, Soul & rock artist from Richmond, California

    Listen in as we come back with more of the off the cuff entertainment but with real and honest conversation surrounding topics related to you. Using Fashion, Music, Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle, I’esha GaptoothDiva holds no punches in an effort to inspire you to be as phenomenal as you were born to be.

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show to interact with questions and/or comments.

    Featuring new music by today’s independent artist. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    The Collision of Faith and Politics - You are the Man with a Gun!

    in Politics Conservative

    On today's The Collision of Faith and Politics with The Ninja Pastor! radio show we have as our guest, nationally known Second Amendment Expert and renown Attorney Sean Maloney and we are frankly discussing an issue that is critically important to every gun-toting American and freedom loving Liberty-minded citizen…  


    If you are currently a Concealed Carry Permit Holder, or you are considering carrying a gun, you CANNOT miss this show!  


    If this is YOU, and you know people who are like you, you must listen to this show.  We will equip you with the truth about carrying a firearm and we will dispel myths running rampant in America today.  We will provide real solutions for WE the People!  We the People, we are true Second Amendment Americans! 


    The left is after your guns, we all should know that.  The left is after your freedom and liberty...  They, like other enemies of freedom and liberty won't back down.  

    It is up to US to back them down.  This show will tell you how.  

    We are unapologetically politically incorrect.  We are truthful.  We won't back down.  

    Are you with me?

    5:30 pm EST Today!



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    Drop Squad Kitchen: Unapologetically Healthy

    in Education

    So you wanna be vegan today? Hmph. Welcome to the wilderness. It is wild out there. FDA, Codex Alimentarius, and Mega Supermarkets are all out there and trained and ready to battle with you. The food Matrix is insane! Beware of traps that say “All Natural”, ”Gluten Free” , and “Organic.”
    What you need is someone to come in and clean house for you and walk you through the process stage by stage. What you want, what you need, what you get is the Drop Squad Kitchen (DSK). The Chefs are: Abundance Child a dandelion roots researcher of natural foods and herbs with over 15 years of research in what she has dubbed “transitional veganism”, she has owned and operated a vegetarian catering company for 15 years; and Aiya Abrihet, an herbalist, naturopath-in-training, holistic mentor and vegan chef that is currently pursuing graduate studies in herbal medicine. In a world of seedless fruits, lol; Aiya and AC have alternatives and options to everyday conventional indoctrinates of comfort foods. To listen to the show or archive, Click Here.

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            ANO-THOR-Debt Crushing Tuesday Broadcast. Needless to say our Lion of Judah Brother Sharif performed a Rumble of the Jungle (Babylon) on last weeks show, with tons of powerful information on how the People can hold illegitimate debt collectors accountable. THOR provided some deceptive news reports regarding how the Media deceives Consumers regarding the debt buying/collection industry. There were several video clips played demonstrating the lack of control, regulation, oversight when debt collectors using profanity, lying, imitating law enforcement, judicial officers and threatening jail for non-payment of alleged debts.

              Why do the Consumers fear Debt Collectors, and Debt Collector Attorneys, Courts who are overseeing the collection of alleged Debts? Are we programmed and brainswashd to be Passive, Accepting, Fearful, Non-Combative, Forgiving, Guilty, Weak? Why are we so reluctant to hold others accountable for their outragious Conduct.?

              THOR has been asked to address this topic and subject matter, and that request was passed on to our "Illuminator" Brother Sharif who has accepted the assignment to speak on the issue. THOR will also unapologetically continue where we left off last week showing the People how the debt collection industry has essentially gone rogue with street level hustlers, convicts, and felons putting their two cents together (literally) to buy your most confidential information which may be used to commit identity theft, create debts without your knowledge and ultimately extract money from you.

       Disclaimer: Were not attorneys and do not give legal advice in any manner.


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    Dr. Steve Maraboli; Unapologetically You

    in Motivation

    Dr. Steve Maraboli is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Science Academic. His empowering and insightful words have been shared and published throughout the world in more than 25 languages. Dr. Steve has delivered his inspiring, entertaining, and unforgettable speeches in over 30 countries, earning numerous awards while being enthusiastically praised by media. His quotes and videos have become a social media sensation, being shared by millions across the globe. Dr. Steve is the Director of the American Institute for Behavioral Science Education in New York and is a Board Member of the Michael Thomas Research Center for Social & Behavioral Science. He is the creator of Psycho-Neuro-Actualization™; a breakthrough counseling/coaching methodology that has gained world-wide attention for its effectiveness in influence and personal/group mindset adjustment. PNA has been called, The Science of Influence and The Science of Excellence, but Steve jokingly refers to it as the science of getting out of your own way.” You can learn more about Dr. Steve HERE and follow him on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

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    Tea with award winning coach & author of Rocking Your Role, Jenny Garrett

    in Motivation

    Jenny is a highly sought after speaker, executive coach and trainer.  She’s penned the fabulously titled Rocking Your Role, the how-to-guide to success for female breadwinners. She was awarded the 2014 Women’s Coach of the Year by the The Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants. ACPTC. She’s also the founder of Reflexion Associates Leadership Consultancy.

    Hosted by Lily Mensah Yeboah, Tea with Lily is a space for informal discussions with a relaxed format where we chat about topical issues over a cup of tea.  Guests from all walks of life join me to share their experiences and provide tips and tricks for professionals and entrepreneurs interested in career and personal growth.  Welcome listeners and thank you for tuning in.


    EMAIL:  info@rockingyourrole.com

    WEBSITE: www.rockingyourrole.com 

    Jenny’s 3 top tips for the fledgling entrepreneur:

    Surround yourself with likeminded people
    Perseverance and focus unapologetically
    Money is not a dirty word, so do things that will make you money

    Tea with Lily is sponsored by Lyncs Media - www.lyncsmedia.com


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    Paul Toohey -Leader (ADL) and T Kevin Whiteman "Unapologetically Rude" Blog

    in Christianity

    first hour T Kevin Whiteman Prolific U.S blogger and Writer

    Unapologetically Rude U.S Blog

    Paul Toohey leader  (ADL) Austrailan Defence League






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    What's Happening Today & Tomorrow

    in Christianity

    After meeting in seminary Mike and Kyle have progressively trudged their way through the cracks and crevasses of contemporary Christendom.  Unapologetically Christian, Mike and Kyle meet the issues of the day head on, often from differing viewpoints.  Tune in today to meet the guys, the new show, and prepare to laugh. 

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