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    Un millón de años luz

    in Art

    Un millón de años luz

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    de todo un poco

    in Religion

    hoy un poco de todo palo

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    UN Arms Trade Treaty: the "Good, Bad & the Ugly. Rush is right to sue...and more

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    Overthe past several days there has been a renewed onslaught of chatter on the internet social media sites concerning the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty. As expected, there are a rash of alarmists, pacifists, Dingbats (far left extremists) and Wingnuts (far right extremists) out there spreading all kinds of warnings and propaganda.

    Just what does the Arms Trade Treaty actually say? Will the ATT really take our beloved weapons from US citizens? Are John Kerry and President Obama trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and using the UN as a masked partner in the effort?

    This morning we will sit down and sift thru the ATT to see if we can determine Facts vs Baloney.

    Rush Limbaugh considering wheter to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for defamation...GOOD FOR HIM! No matter if you think Rush to be an outspoken patriot or a bag of hot wind I encourage him to sue. What is this all about? 

    Yep, a little bit of controversy "In the Pickle Barrel". Really? What would you expect?

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST every weekday morning.

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    2nd Amendment and the UN Arms Treaty

    in Politics

    SOMETHING SMELLS IN FISHTOWN.  Tonight we talk about the 2nd Amendment and the UN GUN TREATY.  And I have concerns and questions!   1.  Why Mr. President do you have 51 Senators and 103 Congressman from both sides of the isle opposing yet your pushing forward? 2.  Article 5 Sec 2 Mandates the US to maintain a National Control List.  That control list must be SHARED with the UN and other Countries ( that the UN Calls States) 3. 1957 Sureme Court Ruling (Ried v. Covent) states the US Constitution superceeds any UN Resolution ratified by the Senate, why are you signing a Treaty that is in direct conflict with the 2nd Amendment? 4.  The UN has publically stated they want the complete disarming of all civilian populations ( as in Rwanda ) where the government killed 1,000,000 people even after being warned by the commander of the UN there that it would happen by disarming the people prior? 5.  Why are we signing treaties with a organization that wants a one world government with only the government having guns?  As stated in the report commision by the US Government by MIT Professor Lincoln Bloomfield in 1962?  

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    A conversation of Personal Un -Natural Experience Based Happenings

    in Lifestyle

    This is Part 3 a continuation of our conversations.  Our Guest will be unidentified as he is a public figure that wishes to be anonymous. You wont want to miss this-this is a conversation with a person that has very rare unheard of experiences into Meta-Physics and Meta-Knowledge. Trained in one of the doctoral level sciences and practicing in this professional role he brings a practical scientific experimental view into his happenings.   What this means for the average individual to develop such skills will be discussed-please call in with questions.

    Claiming to have been spoken to/with some form of a universal force/God.  Astrological his chart shows a Grand Trine and a Yod Pointing to the house of groups in Aries.  Curious in the development of a relationship with what he terms the "Truth" and our "Relationship" with it, he has experienced profound  "Non-Causal and Effect" windows into these matters. 

    At his 28th birthday upon Saturn return,  he proceeded for the following 14 days to have a dream which came true the next day.  

    He will talk about what happened next and how he developed these "Conversations" with the "truth." 

    This is a non-organized spiritual conversation! Don't be deceived by the mention of "truth" this is a practical conversation. His beliefs/theories our all developed out of non-cause and effect experieinces they are not a pure thought experieiment!!! Tune into www.blogtalkradio.com/lindasconscioustalks to listen or you can call in and ask questions at (347) 850-8423.

  • Un-usual Encounter with Pastor Fred

    in Religion

    Welcome to AUGUST, 2015, the Prophetic month of OUTSTANDING HONOR.
    Joseph was HONORED in PRISON; Moses was HONORED before King’s daughter;
    Mephibosheth was HONORED before King DAVID; Israel was HONORED before PHARAOH.
    David was HONORED before GOLIATH. LIGHT is HONORED before DARKNESS, the DAY is HONORED before NIGHT. This is your season to ATTRACT uncommon and extraordinary RESPECT, GRACE, FAME and LIFTING on EVERY SIDE. I love and CELEBRATE your majesties. Come on board to the top, cos the BOTTOM is too DIRTY!

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    Cindy Dobyns- Moving to St. Petersburg: The Un-Tourist Guide

    in Lifestyle

    Moving to St. Petersburg: The Un-Tourist Guide by Cindy Dobyns

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Cindy Dobyns. The original live interview was 8/7/15.

    When you consider wiggling your toes in the powdery sand beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida who can resist thinking about relocating?

    That's why Cindy Dobyn's parents piled four kids into a Buick Electra and headed south from chilly Chicago to seek fortune in Treasure Island, hoping it would be a lifestyle all would enjoy. Warm and friendly St. Petersburg turned out to be the best place to find a new career, quality of life and raise children.

    If you are considering making St. Petersburg your new home, this book provides all the vital information you need to settle in comfortably and quickly. Join a quarter of a million people who currently enjoy year round sunshine, waterfront housing, abundant wildlife and outdoor activities, while pursuing careers or retirement in what they affectionately call, “The Burg.”

    Cindy founded AboveWater Public Relations and Marketing, LLC in Naples, Florida after a whirlwind career in the hospitality industry. The marketing firm has grown to serve clients nationwide from offices in Naples, New Smyrna Beach, and Tampa.

    To order the book click HERE

    Cindy's websites are www.movingtostpeteguide.com and www.abovewater.com

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com


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    Emergency Prayer for Jerusalem; US Injecting LGBT Rights into DNA of UN

    in Christianity

    Anne Graham Lotz has issued a new 911 prayer call for Jerusalem.   Samantha Power discusses how the United States is Injecting LGBT Rights into the DNA of the United Nations.   Mission Network News is asking the question Is America a post Christian nation?


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    Sept-2015 / CERN,The Pope visits USA/4-Blood Moons/UN meetings/Agenda2030/JH

    in Paranormal

    Jerry Williams covers Sept-2015 as many new developments unfold and many are shown to be Biblical of The End.

    What will happen? Martial law? The End? Or nothing at all? 

    Spet-2015 does show to be a very intersting and Odd month. We will cover Each day to deliver any news that unfolds of a change that is coming. No Election could be possible. Market crash will likely happen.

    Find out and tune in everyday as we cover each timeline of these events.


    Sept-1st-2015 DAY-1

  • Do you remember the UN ACT 21?

    in Politics

    When the UN put Act 21 in play the UN is trying to bring about a communist one world government whereby socail justice is the only law and if you recall reading the Book by Karl Marks the Communist Manafesto the term and word socail Justice is used a lot and the meaning is government control over all human beings whereby the redistribution of wealth whereby there will be more taxes is to be made. 

    Now the UN wants to even have every human being live in an urban all in the name of the myth and biggest lie called "global warning" which is what the liberals and democrats and those republicans are say in which there is no proof of that even happening at all.

    Thge UN does want to remove all fredoms and liberties that we have and are entitled to by our Creator. 

    This the agenda and plain that the UN wantes to do.

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    Ingrid Martine: The Un-Game

    in Entertainment

    You don't have to work in the corporate world to get better at managing people. We all want to live our lives with clarity, focus, ease, and grace, instead of walking around in a mental fog. 

    This week's guest, Ingrid Martine, wrote The Un-Game, A Four-Play to Business As Unusual, a brilliant tool for unleashing human potential, helping managers and others alike get the most out of life.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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