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    Ugly is an attitude not a physical appearance. Folks say alot... Social Media

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    Today, we live in a society of OCD and I want what I want, rudeness. I've never been so exposed to selfish people in all my life. If your under forty your entitlement issues are horrible, If your over forty, your so stuck in your ways, get over it. And, I'm sorry, some of us are aging extremely hard and should not neccessarily brag but, step back and reassist our situations. Ugly is an attitude and not a so called physical appearance. Some of us just suck to social interaction and some of us need to get a grip upon the reality is, you need to pump your brakes and humble yourself ladies and gentlemen.     

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    DTBM: Marriage: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    in Spirituality

    Next on "Dying to be Married" with Winston & Sondra Lewis

    Brought to you by "Kingdom United Ministries Network"

    Good times!  We all want them when it comes to our marriages, but are they guaranteed? Even in Holy matrimony, we vow to stay committed through the good and the bad times but what do you do when things get "ugly"?  What constitues a Holy marriage, and  is there a such thing as un-holy matrimony?  Join us as we discuss this and more on this episode.  Call (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak or join us in the live chat.  You are welcome!

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    Are You Ugly?

    in Christianity

    Are you ugly? Does that question offend you? What do you look like? There is a strong drive today to be beautiful in the eyes of men. But I'm not talking about in the physical realm. Spiritually speaking, what do you look like? How does God view you right now? Sin makes us all ugly in the eyes of Almighty Jehovah. But no matter how ugly, you can be made beautiful, today! Join brother Jim in the preaching message on the ugliness of sin and the beauty of holiness. Amen.

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    The Kyote Ugly Show Ep. 26 - Josh Stansbury, Alec Hohman

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    The Kyote Ugly Show returns tonight with Episode 26, featuring a preview of one of the busiest times of the year in the Local MMA community. Tonight’s show is sponsored by Intimidation Clothing and MMA Somnia.

    As always, David McKinney will be co-hosting the show, and he'll be joined by special guest co-host Dave Klick while Kyle Rozewski is still training in China. Klick is the matchmaker for Pinnacle FC, which hosts its next event one week from today in Pittsburgh.

    Joining the show as guests tonight will be professional fighter Josh "The Sandman" Stansbury and undefeated amateur fighter Alec "The Showman" Hohman.

    Stansbury joins to discuss his upcoming title fight this weekend, as he travels to Colorado to face Jeremy Osheim for the PFC light heavyweight title. It will be the first time that the Ohioan has competed since he blew out his knee competing on "The Ultimate Fighter 19."

    Hohman, a Western Pennsylvania native, will look to stay unbeaten as he takes on Victor Guarriello for the Pinnacle FC flyweight title next week. The 27-year-old has been impressive thus far in his amateur career, securing a pair of wins inside the Pinnacle FC cage earlier this year.

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    The Ugly Daughter - Thriving Despite Adversity

    in Business

    An inspirational story of overcoming adversity that you won't want to miss!  Join us this Friday, July 11th at 1:30pm PT, as we welcome Julia Legian - who will share her moving story.

    Julia was born in 1972 in South Vietnam. Truth be told, nobody in her family really knows her real date of birth as during war time people had other priorities than birth registries.  Julia endured a horrific and extremely tough childhood. This is the subject of her memoir The Ugly Daughter. In the early 80's, her family managed to escape Vietnam as one of the “boat people” and after a few years in a refugee camp in Malaysia, they immigrated to Australia, where Julia lives to this day.

    In the mid-90’s, Julia found herself a single mom struggling to pay bills, about a 100 thousand in debt and almost homeless. She met her husband in 2001, became a successful property investor and started her own real estate business. She retired in 2013 to focus on writing. She recently published her memoir and has become an internationally bestselling author.

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    Who The Hell Is Guarding Obama ! /I Finally Watched Scandal/Ugly Woman at Club

    in Culture

     Another White House breech ! This is getting ridiculous !

    After missing about 52 episode I finally sat down & watched Scandal. I'll give my take on it.

    Also, women on the internet discussing what's it like to be ugly & my favorite couple (check out episode from 09/19 at the 49 minute mark) may be going to jail ! All this & some current events thrown in.  :o)


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    The Kyote Ugly Show Ep. 25 - Mark Cherico, Khama Worthy, Jesse Saxon

    in MMA

    The Kyote Ugly Show returns for Episode 25, featuring part 2 of our preview of the upcoming Pinnacle Fighting Championships 9 card on November 26 in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Joining us first will be White Belt Survival Strategy author Jesse Saxon, who will discuss his event previews that appear on StandThemUp.org. 

    Then main eventer Mark Cherico will call in to the show, discussing his bout against Brian Kelleher.

    And finally, Khama Worthy will discuss his co-main event bout against Matt DiMarcantonio.

    It all begins at 9pm ET, and is presented by Intimidation Clothing and MMA Somnia.

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    The Kyote Ugly Show Ep. 24 - Justin Steave, Brian Kelleher, Dave Klick

    in MMA

    The Kyote Ugly Show returns for the first time since September. With co-host Kyle "Kyote" Rozewski still in China, joining David McKinney this week will be special guest co-host Dave Klick. Klick serves as the matchmaker for Pittsburgh-based Pinnacle Fighting Championships, which will host Pinnacle FC 9 on November 27 just outside of the Steel City.

    Also joining the show will be two fighters who will compete at that event, as Justin Steave discusses his featherweight bout, while Brian "Boom" Kelleher will call in to discuss his main event bout against hometown favorite Mark Cherico.

    It all goes down starting at 9pm ET and is presented by Intimidation Clothing and MMA Somnia.

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    Social Media and Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly with Queenfg

    in Relationships

    Let's have candid, open, and real conversations about Love, Lies and Relationships!  Join your host Queenfg Dointhedayummost for an open forum about Social Media and Relationships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    At a glance:

    There are many social-media offenses that can lead your senses astray when evaluating a potential mate. Maybe your new man has perfected the art of portraying himself as a lover of travel or has multiple pictures of himself carrying the cutest kids you've ever seen on his shoulders. It would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with this catalog husband on your computer screen. So before you even sit down to dinner, visions of your perfect children and your exotic honeymoon to Bora Bora are already swimming around your brain. The problem with falling in love with someone's two-dimensional Facebook profile is that you never know what lies beyond that sparkling smile in front of the Taj Mahal.

    Then there are those rare occasions where you meet someone through that archaic medium for interaction: in person. He is charming and makes you laugh, and you leave him excited to learn more. But you just can't wait until he returns from his work trip, so you decide to perform a harmless little Internet search on him, and like many attractive guys, he's just not very photogenic. All of a sudden you are questioning the real connection you had with him because you are having trouble picturing your wedding photos. Or maybe his status updates leave a little to be desired. Forget being witty in person; his interests utterly bore you. So even though your first impression of him was solid, your little date with his social-media presence leaves you second-guessing your connection.

    (source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/tyler-curry/how-social-media-are-ruining-your-love-life_b_4317987.html)

    We'd love to hear your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences...

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    The Kyote Ugly Show Ep. 20 - Rob Hanna, Chris Lozano

    in MMA

    The Kyote Ugly Show returns tonight at 10 p.m. ET for Episode 20, featuring professional fighters Rob Hanna (4-0) and Chris Lozano (10-3).

    The show will kick off with hosts David McKinney and Kyle "Kyote" Rozewski discussing fight week for Kyle, as he prepares to step into the boxing ring for the first time on Friday night to make his professional debut at RISE Fighting 1 in Toledo.

    Then undefeated professional fighter Rob Hanna will call in, as he will discuss not only his fighting career, but also promoting his first event, Elite Fighting Series 1, which takes place on September 20 in Dayton, Ohio.

    Also joining the show will be Bellator MMA veteran Chris Lozano, who will join the show to discuss what he's been up to since his last fight in 2012.

    All of that, and we'll also discuss multiple fight bookings and event announcements in and around local MMA.

    Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing and iControlEnergy.

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    The Kyote Ugly Show Ep. 21 - Justin Edwards, Mojo Horne

    in MMA

    The Kyote Ugly Show turns 21 with this show, and we're bringing out the big guns to celebrate.

    First up, UFC lightweight Justin Edwards will join the show to discuss his upcoming bout against Yancy Medeiros. Edwards is a longtime Ohio MMA veteran who has become a fan favorite in the UFC's deepest division.

    Then, veteran fighter Billy "Mojo" Horne will join the show to discuss his recent victory. Mojo earned a dominant decision over Donta Wade in the main event at Turf Wars 20 in Kentucky over the weekend.

    All of that, and we'll also discuss Kyle's pro boxing debut.

    Sponsored by Intimidation Clothing.

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