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    The Roger Taylor Show Ugh the Mondays!

    in Politics Conservative

    The Roger Taylor Show is a live internet broadcast dedicated to those who are holding the line against tyranny. Our show is politically driven with the usual amount of Rabble Rousing. What are you doing to move our cause forward? Get involved in keeping your Liberty safe! Email me at patriotpodcastiii@gmail.com

    Ugh it's Monday! What will we talk about today? Harry Reid? Constitutional Issues? How about you call in and we talk about what's on your mind politically?

    Want to be a guest on our show call us at (646)716-7074

    Our live show will be here starting at noon tomorrow and will always be at noon unless otherwise noted.







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  • Poydras Street FB & Social Club #47: Ugh

    in Sports

    The gang returns to break down the good and bad of the Saints' loss to the Cardinals. Plus preview of the Saints/Bucs

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    The Raw Reaction

    in Wrestling

    So, we're having a tournament to determine who will be the next WWE Heavyweight champion. The quarterfinals are tonight and they will determine who goes to Survivor Series with the opportunity to compete for the title. In addition, we continue setting the stage for the Wyatt Family-Brothers of Destruction tag match (Really? A tag match at Survivor Series? Ugh) and we fill out the rest of the card for Sunday's show. Also, the "Most Valuable Producer" Jimmy Christopher defends his predictions title against the guys. You can also join in by calling 914-803-4532 to make your Survivor Series predictions.

    So, join Harry Broadhurst (PBP voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling), Tony Acero (411mania's Raw Reporter) and Rick Beslin (Facebook's Fantasy Wrestling League) as they present the November 16th episode of the Raw Reaction, brought to you by Facebook's YES! Wrestling and sponsored by DeMarco Wrestling at 11:30 PM (EST)

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    The Commissioner's Office

    in Football


    Why are we even here?!

    League overview

    Sim...Ugh here we go


    Flame Wars 

    Phone Calls? 

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    Ep. 47: Ugh

    in Baseball

    There Is No Offseason is a podcast that focuses exclusively on dynasty and long-term keeper formats. We talk major leagues, minor leagues and we never miss an opportunity to take a jab at Craig.

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    KINGS IN THE MORNING/News/Lamar Odom/The Price Of Fame/Clinton Or Sanders?

    in Radio

         You ever see a three-legged horse win a race?  Well Rob Redski, is that three-legger.  Back if he is still on today, THURSDAY, Oct 15, with that breathing that is so disgusting, unless you're on a sex call and that breathing comes in handy.  Back with that snoring, ugh!  Back with calling REESE the residential blah blah blah.  I'm getting to feel like Robert Redwine, is like John Davidson - and for those of you who don't remember John Davidson - YOU'RE BETTER OFF, believe me - Hey, by the way - THIS SHOW IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY, but everybody can learn something.  Here are the digits - 347-205-9366.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast 2015-16 Season, Episode 1

    in Soccer

    We're baaaaaaack! Gabe Lezra and Josh Zeitlin are back with the first episode of the 2015-2016 Managing Madrid podcast season. Real Madrid made some moves during the offseason--though not as many as some would have liked. The guys are here to chat coaching changes--really, Rafa Benítez?! ¯\_(?)_/¯ --player acquisitions (from Asensio and Vallejo to Kovacic and Danilo and even style changes. They're both worried about the direction the club is headed, though they are optimistic about some of the acquisitions. Listen on to find out exactly how they feel about certain aspects of Real Madrid's circumstances. 

    The guys then transition, chatting about Madrid's disappotinting 0-0 draw to open the season against Sporting Gijón. What went wrong for los blancos? Is this just an anomalous result? Or is it the beginning of a worrying tred for Rafa Benítez (ugh ¯\_(?)_/¯) and company? And what exactly is going on with the offense? 

    We apologize for the timing of the show--ideally we would have gotten it up earlier, but we've had some technical issues. Additionally, we're sorry for not being around this summer--Gabe took the New York State Bar Exam, the qualifying test for becoming an attorney in New York, and Josh applied for and was accepted into Medical school. So yeah, not the easiest couple months. On the bright side, this is the first of a two-part Managing Madrid Podcast, and in the second part we'll talk David De Gea, Madrid's crushing victory over Betis, and the magic of James Rodriguez. 

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    Do you know what you see? Or do you doubt yourself?

    in Self Help

    When people first get into recovery, it can be a daunting time.  So many emotions and all the damage from the past seem to hit at the same time.  Plus, if you have told any lies....UGH....those are coming to the surface too!

    How to learn to trust yourself again can be achieved though work and trusting others.  Listen to the "I SEE" level as Sandra Kozlowski, the author of Building Blocks of Recovery shares with you tips and tricks for learning how to trust your own instincts again!

    Building Blocks of recovery is on Blogtalkradio every Monday night at 8PM PST.  You can stay informed on the website http://www.buildingblocksofrecovery.com.

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    And the GOP Debate Cometh! +More Topix 4 The Mid Week, Wed@7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Can this Wednesday be considered a type of holiday "eve" as the first of many GOP debates starts up this Thursday? Well, while you ponder that question, remember to log on to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review show, airing at 6pm EST.  Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they chart a course on another fact finding mission whereby the following topics are to be discussed:  GOP hopeful, Donald Trump's racially tinged remarks are levied toward more folks of color (it's our turn now...ugh) just in time for Thursday night aforementioned Repub debate; Dburt waxes on his thoughts on the Bobbi Brown tragedy and the family feud/funeral; unpacking American crime stats.....the truth; a continuation of the antiracism as religion theory; singer/actor, Tyrese has a number one album but White radio airplay eludes him.  And POTUS intends to build the world's largest supercomputer by 2025.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.  

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    Eighteen: Ugh

    in Hockey

    I don't have much in the way of wittiness or humor to share with you today. Given the rather awful news surrounding Slava Voynov, I'll be joined by Nick & Langluy from our own blog to try and discuss it. Maybe we'll also get into some other Kings stuff. Guess you'll have to find out.

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