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    Al Diaz, Julie Daigle Rewrite Your Story with Clear Intention and Passion

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    Al Diaz and Julie Daigle share their insights on Rewrite Your Story with Clear Intention and Passion.

    Tuesday, Dec. 23rd  11am PST

    Julie Daigle is a Teacher, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, and Healer. Gifted with extraordinary intuitive abilities, Julie empowers those who cannot express their needs or wants through language.  

    Whether she’s tuning into an Alzheimer’s patient, an autistic child, a family pet or connecting with a deceased loved one, Julie can clearly hear their inner messages.

    Julie is pioneering a model program based on a longitudinal study she conducted regarding focusing on one’s passions from an early age.

    Having grown up in foster care with elderly parents, Julie is inspired to offer her program nationwide to both foster children and the elderly living with dementia with the intention of enhancing their quality of life.

    Julie holds a BS in Education, is the former co-owner of 2 Montessori Schools, and has been praised by UCSF neurologists for her work with dementia patients.


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    Wanda's Picks Radio Show: Africa is more then Ebola

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    Guests: Sriram Shamasunder completed his residency in Internal Medicine at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in June 2008. As a physician who trained at a public hospital and has provided medical care abroad, Sri is interested in the delivery of comprehensive health care in resource poor settings. In addition to his clinical work training medical students and residents on the medical service at UCSF in San Francisco, he spends much of his time abroad. In 2009, Sri spent five months in rural Burundi and Rwanda with the organization Village Health Works and Partners in Health providing comprehensive primary and HIV care as well as designing innovative clinical programs. Following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, he led a group of Harvard surgeons in Western Haiti providing medical and surgical care in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. In 2012, he was a Fulbright-Nehru scholar to India studying innovations of care among tribal health organizations throughout rural India. In the last several years, he has split his time between UCSF, Liberia, Haiti and India. Currently, he is co-founder of HEAL initiative, which aims to support workforce capacity in limited resource settings, both in the United States and internationally. Clementine Ntshaykolo – Program Coordinator Clementine is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). She is fluent in English, French and Lingala. Ms. Clementine holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and a Minor in Sociology from UCSC. She most recently worked as an Event and Outreach Researcher for the Center on Contemporary Conflict (CCC) at the Naval Postgraduate School. Clementine Coordinates AAN’s activities including fundraising, grant writing, outreach and communication and direct assistance to clients. Clementine is in her last year of a Masters in Public Administration at San Francisco State University

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    Mindfulness Practice for Caregivers

    in Caregiving

    In this weeks episode, Mindfulness Practice for Caregivers we are excited to be joined by Kari Snowberg, currently directing the LEAF (Life Enhancing Activities for Family  Careivers) Study at UCSF; and Marguerite Manteau-Rao, CEO and founder of the Presence Care Project. 

    What is mindfulness? It is a way to improve your mood or simply stop your thoughts, right? WRONG! These mindfulness trailblaizers, Kari & Marguerite help us dispel some of the misconceptions we've been taught about meditation - opening the doors to less stress and greater well-being for you. It is possible! 

    Tune in this Thursday, October 30th at 5 pm (PT) or 8 pm (ET) and listen to previous episodes here





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    In Short Order -- Dr. Michael Arata

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    A graduate of UCSF School of Medicine, Dr. Arata completed his residency at Duke University Medical Center and fellowship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Arata is double board certified and internationally recognized for his work in venous medicine and autonomic dysfunction. Recently the focus of his practice has been Functional Medicine. Dr. Arata has several years of experience using LDN in his practice.

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    Wealth thru Health-Healthy Living for the Whole Family

    in Entrepreneur

    This week our guest speaker will be Dr. Ivy Fisher,  She is a Pediatrician (38 years) at Keiser Permanante Medical Office in Daly City, California.  She also teaches at UCSF for over 20 years.  She specializes in autism, ADHA and Developmental Delays in Children..  You can check out your story by calling this recorded interview at 661-673-8609.  The Pin is 983579#.  When prompted for the code just hit # again.

    With school starting it is more important than ever to give your children the nutrition they need to stay focused and healthy.  We will also be offering some healthy lunch box and after school ideas.  

    Also, if you wish you can go to our facebook page Wealth thru Health and post any questions you would like for us to address or call into the show live at 347-934-0581.

    Dont just live...RELIV!


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    Exercising with Cancer, Why and How it Helps

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    We are beginning our series on Cancer and Exercise this June with a discussion on how exercise can help cancer patients/survivors. The discussion will be co-hosted by prostate cancer survivor and advocate Richard Davis. We have an amazing panel of experts - Dr. Donald Abrams and Dr. June Chan from UCSF, Dr. Lee Jones from MSKCC, and cancer fitness trainer Carol Michaels.

    The discussion will touch upon various aspects of exercising while being treated with cancer and try to answer questions like, Why and how does exercise work to help fight cancer?, What should you know about resuming exercise after surgery? Should you continue exercise during chemotherapy? and even provide practical advice on how and where to exercise, and how to find cancer specialized trainers.

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    NipTuck Talk: Shaping Up Your Bod

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    It's the middle of the summer -there is still time to shape up. From Liposuction to non-invasive devices. There is a lot to choose from and much mis-information and hype. 

    Dr. Jerome Potozkin joins me on Friday to discuss how to make an informed choice when deciding on Body Contouring procedures. Truth not the Hype.  We'll be discussing Liposuction and non-invasive devices including the most recently FDA approved device called UltraShape. 

    Jerome R. Potozkin is a board certified dermatologist practicing dermatology and dermatologic surgery in Danville, CA.  He is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCSF and has specialized in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures since 1997.  He has serves on the board of directors of The California Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery as well as the Association for the Accreditation of Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).  He is committed treating each of his patients as if they were a member of his own family.


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    Viruses and Breast Cancer - What's the Link? With Dr. Kimberley Baltzell

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    Welcome to this week’s iNurse Radio episode where we discuss the link between Viruses and Breast Cancer featuring Dr. Kimberley Baltzell. In the United States, research has shown that 1 out of 8 women will experience invasive breast cancer at some point in their life. Although the diagnoses rate of breast cancer has been decreasing in recent years, more than 200,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with nearly 65,000 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.

    Dr. Baltzell is currently an assistant adjunct professor at the University of California, San Fransisco and Associate Director with the Global Health Science Masters Program. Her current research consists of overseeing 40 student projects throughout the world. These studies are designed to understand effective diagnoses and treatments for children in sub-Saharan Africa with limited resources. While focused on various student projects, Dr. Baltzell continues research on viruses associated with increased risk of breast cancer.

    Find out more at globalhealthsciences.ucsf.edu and nursing.ucsf.edu

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    What is Lynch Syndrome and Its Emotional Implications

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    On The Curepanel Talk Show this week, we launched a new talk series on rare cancers/diseases, discussing Lynch syndrome and its Emotional implications with Megan Myers, a genetic counselor at UCSF, and Georgia Hurst and David Dubin who are Lynch syndrome survivors and advocates. 

    Lynch Syndrome is characterized by the inheritance of genetic defects in the MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2 genes, and predisposes families to developing colorectal cancer and endometrial cancer in women.

    The panel discussion educated the audience about the genes linked to Lynch Syndrome and their association to other diseases, including the diagnosis, treatment and management of Lynch syndrome. In addition the panelists emphasized the importance of seeing a genetic counselor before and after testing, who can help deal with the emotionally taxing diagnosis of the disease, explain about its implications and screening measures, provide information about support groups, and also encourage other family members to get tested.

    The Cure Panel Talk Show Team thanks the panelists and the audience for a very informative discussion.

    For details of our upcoming shows please mail priya@trialx.com.


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    Innovation HealthJam - A Virtual Brainstorming Event!

    in Health

    Our guest today is Bob Dobbins, Vice President, New Business Development at Panasonic Corporation of North America.  We will be talking to him today about Panasonic's upcoming Innovation HealthJam.

    The Innovation HealthJam is a completely virtual event that brings together a diverse and knowledgeable group of people from the healthcare and technology fields to brainstorm ideas, improvements and innovation in healthcare.  The event is co-hosted by a group of healthcare industry leaders and led by Panasonic's Innovation Group.  Sponsors include leading healthcare industry organizations:

    The American Medical Association
    The Center for Technology and Aging
    The Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS)
    Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
    Personal Connected Health Alliancs (PCHA), a collaboration between Continua Health Alliance, mHealth Summit and HIMSS; along with technology providers Intel and Panasonic, and academic institutions UC Davis and UCSF

    There are eight focus areas for the Jam:

    Patient Engagement and Healthcare Design for Consumers  
    Technology and Older Adults: The New Era of Connected Aging
    A Mobile Health Agenda for Transforming Healthcare Delivery
    Compute for Personalized Medicine: Finding the Cause and Cure through Genomics
    Telehealth and Telemedicine: Emerging Opportunities in Addressing the Triple Aim
    Your Physician of the Future
    Health Innovation for Vulnerable Populations - Worldwide
    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

    Join us for an exciting discussion - Mr. Dobbins will be taking questions on air.

    This episode is sponsored by Panasonic USA.

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    National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    ElTyna McCree, affectionately known as "queen of the airlines", because of her innate ability to walk on water and create some of the most astounding airline testimonials. McCree now celebrating 45 years as a travel icon, began her illustrious career with United airlines in Pittsburgh, Penn, in the late 60's. There were few blacks working in the industry then, and she continued her career at Allegheny Airlines (now U.S. Air). Her position at Allegheny was Director of Convention Services. She was named official travel coordinator of the Church of God in Christ in 1968.  She started her first travel agency in 1978 in her beloved Oakland, Calif., and quickly became known as the travel agent to the stars.  She booked travel for the late Alex Haley,  Earl Fatha Hines, Dr. Benjamin Hooks, and Bishop Walter Hawkins, to name a few. She served as official travel agent for "Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame" and became personal travel agent for the late Robert Hooks, Vonetta McGee, Whitman Mayo and many other stars. In the late 90's, McCree had the golden opportunity to book travel for the radiology department of UCSF San Francisco to all of their training conferences in the US and abroad. When the corporate account was removed, Dr. Roy Filly, Drs. Charles & Gretchen Gooding, and numerous other doctors continued to use her services. She is possibly the oldest African American travel professional in the nation, and was featured in Upscale Magazines' August 2000 issue. She was named a power broker for the new millennium in the field of entrepreneurs. She shared the honor with such luminaries as Earvin 'Magic' Johnson, Isaiah Thomas, Bernard Bronner, and the late Attorney Johnnie Cochran.

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