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    Mark Gooden: UCEA President 2012 Interview

    in Education

    UCEA Headquarters doctoral student Amy Reynolds interviews UCEA President Elect Mark Gooden.
    Candidate Bio: Mark A. Gooden, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Educational Administration Department and Director of The University of Texas at Austin Principalship Program. His research interests include the principalship, anti-racist leadership, urban educational leadership and legal issues in education. His research has appeared in BYU Education and Law Journal, Education and Urban Society, The Journal of Negro Education, EAQ, The Sage Handbook of African-American Education and The Principal’s Legal Handbook.
    Mark’s life in academe was notably impacted by the good work of UCEA in 2000 when he had the honor of being selected as a Clark Scholar. Mark has served in many capacities in UCEA, for example, he has been an interview editor for the UCEA Review, a Jackson Scholar Mentor, a Clark Seminar Distinguished Faculty Member, a Jackson Scholar Advisory Board Member, a PSR and is currently an EC Member. Mark has also served on several ad-hoc and standing committees like the EC Nominating Committee and Bridges Award Selection Committee. Mark is particularly proud of what he has learned and been able to contribute by being a part of the Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners Project. That work led Mark to co-develop (with Ann O’Doherty) a curriculum module for UCEA entitled Building a Community of Trust Through Racial Awareness.  This module helps professors and leadership students understand how examining their beliefs, attitudes, and awareness relative to race can improve their ability to support diverse learners. If elected President of UCEA, Mark would continue to work to support the three goals of UCEA while exploring how UCEA’s values of equity, diversity, and social justice can be better integrated to support those goals. 

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    The Collapse Of The Old World & Why Adam Must Die

    in Current Events

      This show is to give you a deep explanation of the systemic corruption and economic collapse of the Western world and how this corresponds to the time given to the Adamic people mentioned in the Bible as having 6days(6,000years) to labor(live and work) & on the 7th day(or the 7,000th year) they would cease from their mischief-making and succumb to the inherent corruption ingrained in their flawed system and help to bring about their own demise.- We will show you how this collapse of death of the world order produced and maintained through white supremacy is corresponding to biblical prophecy and the death of that people, culture, and system of governance.

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    Hanne B. Mawhinney: UCEA EC 2012 Candidate Interview

    in Education

    UCEA Headquarters doctoral student Erin Anderson interviews Executive Committee candidate Hanne B. Mawhinney
    I am honored to be nominated to serve on the Executive Committee of UCEA.  I have represented the University of Maryland on the UCEA Plenum since 1999 when I joined the Department of Policy and Leadership.  UCEA has had a profound influence on my personal and professional development since 1990 when I was invited to attend the 11th Annual Graduate Seminar prior to receiving my Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa.  Since then UCEA has provided multiple opportunities for me to further my efforts to advance through my research, scholarship, and teaching a critical and an interpretive approach to the institutional analysis of the organizational leadership, administration, governance, and policy change.  I have organized symposia, participated in panel discussions, reviewed proposals and presented over 30 papers at UCEA conferences.  I have published in, been a reviewer for, and on the editorial board of EAQ and a member of the UCEA publications committee.  I have had the great pleasure of participating in the Clark Seminar faculty mentorship, and working with Jackson Scholars.  For the past four years I have represented UCEA on the audit and steering committee of the Education Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC).  In 2011, I received a service award from UCEA for work with that committee in developing 2011 ELCC Standards for School and District Leadership.  I deeply appreciate the opportunities I have had through UCEA to participate in vibrant debates that have created new spaces for discourses and actions that open possibilities for everyone.  As a member of the Executive Committee I would continue this tradition.

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    in Education

    Show Overview:

    An interview with DR. GWENDOLYN J COOKE

    Dr. Gwendolyn J Cooke will be discussing her new book, "A Ninety-Day Empowerment Journal for Young Women".

    NCEBC wants to welcome the full village to question, understand, and ask questions, about governance, educational policy, finances,  resources, and  the basic democratic principles of equity, fairness, and justice. It is important (if not, vital) that we have this conversation to continue to dispel the myth that black children are incapable of achieving high test scores,  therefore public schools are incapable of providing quality education.

    "We believe in accountability. We believe that data drives decision-making. We believe in research-based practices. These principles have been used for generations by high performing schools, principals and Superintendents; especially those working and succeeding in urban communities were poverty and race are the dominant elements. This conversation is about the politics, power, economics, and restructuring of a public school system into a charter school system."

    Diana Daniels, Executive Director, National Council on Educating Black Children

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    11-23-15 ACCOUNTING CONFERENCE REPORT via Andy Schell a/k/a "The Profit Doctor"

    in Finance

    Today's special guest, ANDY SCHELL, also known as "The Profit Doctor", will be providing us a report from last week's MBA Accounting & Finance conference in New Orleans.  Here are some of the topics covered at the conference and we will do our best to get an brief update on as many of these topics as possible:

    Mortgage company financial trends and outlook
    Governance, CMS and Simplicity
    Regulatory, financial and accounting issues
    A FASB Update
    Internal audit inclucing vendor management in the mortgage banking industry
    Update on GSE representations and warranties
    Financing warehouse, MSRs and Ginnie Mae buyouts

    Also, please e-mail me any questions you would like us to discuss on the broadcast.  My e-mail address is David@TMS-Advisors.com.  

    David Lykken, Host of "Lykken On Lending"

    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program styled “podcast” hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of IMFnews.com & Sam Garcia of MortgageDaily.com giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update and Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry.  

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    in Current Events

    Join Austin Thomas Sat 11/21/2015 on UNRAVELING THE MATRIX as we discuss Nationalism, Patriotism and Collectivism...6pm pst / 9pm est   OPEN LINES #347-855-8301 only on Truth Emerges Radio...

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    Who Says It's a Constitutional Convention? (Part 1)

    in US Government

    Today's episode will begin a series considering the phrase "Constitutional Convention", as it has been used for decades to describe the second mode of amending the Constitution as defined in Article V.  This will be an introductory presentation, laying some basic ground work, highlighting both opponents and proponents of an Article V "convention for proposing amendments" using the phrase "Constitutional Convention", and beginning the discussion regarding whether that is helpful, or harmful, to the understanding of the meaning of Article V.

    The news segment will be a bit longer, as we missed last week's news, so we have two weeks of news to cover.

    We will definitely allow time for phone calls as well.

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    Dianne Taylor: UCEA EC 2012 Candidate Interview

    in Education

    UCEA Headquarters doctoral student Amy Reynolds interviews Executive Committee candidate Dr. Dianne Taylor.
    Candidate Bio: Dianne L. Taylor is an associate professor of educational leadership at Louisiana State University. She has been active in UCEA, serving as Program Co-chair for the 2000 annual convention, as a faculty mentor for the 2002 David C. Clark National Graduate Student Research Seminar in Educational Administration, and as a Plenum Session Representative from 1997-2005 and from 2010 to the present. She was a member of the UCEA research team that was formed in 2010 in response to an NCATE requirement that the empirical research related to the revision of the ELCC standards then under development be summarized to describe how the findings applied to the proposed revised standards. She is participating on a similar research team for the upcoming revision of the ISLLC standards. Taylor’s research interests are school improvement, leadership, social justice, and policies affecting these areas. She has published her research in  such journals as Journal of School Leadership,  Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Equity & Excellence in Education, and Journal of Educational Administration and History and has served on the editorial boards of Educational Administration Quarterly and the Journal of School Leadership. 

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    O YE DRYBONES ; Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao

    in Current Events

    Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. I think we’re being run by maniacs for manical ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.”

    John Lennon

    Will the Brotherhood actually play the fake alien invasion card? No one knows for sure what the future will bring, but based on their history, the elites doubtless hope to continue their process of “Order out of Chaos,” to further centralize and globalize their control.

    This term Order out of Chaos, in Latin Ordo ab Chao, is the slogan of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry.

    “Secret Societies have a great motto ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Agendas are formulated designed to give the powerful more power. Chaos is created, and media blitzed. Then cries go out for solution. Laws are passed which could never have been passed without the chaos. The order, has reigned through deception of the masses, and the agenda is accomplished.”
    “The Latin inscription on the banner around the Judaic eagle's head (below the Star of David) E Pluribus Unum ("From the Many – the One") In other words, first they combined all the ancient stellar cults, now they’re going to combine the world’s governments, militaries, currencies, banks. Don’t be silent or scared. It is now or never if free humanity is going to overthrow the global elite and their world governance systems. Speak up, speak out, be active and creative. Write articles, post on internet message boards, speak at community meetings.

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    Agenda 21, The United Nations Takeover of America: Victoria Baer

    in Politics Conservative

    Southern Sense is a show of conservative talk on news and events, with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis as host and Curtis "CS" Bennett, co-host.  Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

    Visit our website at http://www.Southern-Sense.com, become a member and follow us here and on Facebook.

    Nationally recognized Agenda 21 speaker Victoria Baer informs attendees of the UN-sponsored
    plan to abolish private property and other Constitutional rights

    What is Agenda 21?  

    It's big government, REALLY BIG government- as in global governance to "achieve justice in the world economy, environment, and society".  While many of the goals stated in the 1992 world plan sound desireable, implementation by over-zealous activists in national, state, and local governments (and advisors to those governments) is resulting in unacceptable restrictions on individual liberty.

    Shall the United States be governed by the Constitution, or Agenda 21? Sounds far fetched, but federal mandates from the Environmental Protection Agency, with additional rstrictions from state & local governments, are increasingly dictating limitations on private property and business.


    Dedication: Marine Sgt. Chad Frokjer was killed June 30, 2011 when he stepped on an improvised explosive device in southern Afghanistan's Helmand province, on the Pakistani border.

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    April Peter-Hawkins: UCEA EC 2012 Candidate Interview

    in Education

    UCEA Headquarters doctoral student Carmen Foster interviews Executive Committee candidate Dr. April Peters-Hawkins
    Bio: April L. Peters, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor of Educational Administration at the University of Georgia.  She is a former teacher, Dean of Students, and high school principal.  Her research interests include: mentoring and support for early career administrators; women in school leadership; and leadership and small school reform. April’s research has appeared in the Journal of School Leadership, Teachers College Record, Leadership and Policy in Schools, Journal of Educational Administration, The Journal of Research on Leadership in Education and The Journal of Research for Students Placed at Risk. April is the recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Teaching Award in the College of Education at the University of Georgia.  In addition to being recognized for her teaching at her home institution, April was an invited adjunct instructor for the Dallas cohort of the UTCULP (University of Texas Collaborative Urban Leadership Project) Urban Principal Preparation Program, Summer 2011. April served as a consultant to the Atlanta Public Schools for the past four years providing professional development for principals leading high schools undergoing reform. April has been active in AERA since 2001 and is the AERA 2012 Division A: Section 5 (Leadership Development) Program Chair. April has been active in UCEA since becoming a professor in 2006.  April is an active member of the UCEA Plenum and has been elected to two terms to serve as plenary representative by program area colleagues. April also currently serves as a Feature Editor for the UCEA Review.