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    BeSimply...Dreams {UCan}

    in Dreams

    Join 'She' for a segment where she will inspire the mind's eye to imagine and 'she' will share the importance and significance of 'our dreams.' Exploring deeper into the 1st and 2nd attention...Revealing waking states within the dream. Then, we will effortlessly explore simple methods to clear the mind and heart before and after dreaming by shining a light on TEA and the WAY there.

    Shining a LIGHT on National Dream Center

    Music: U Can Dream Apl.de.Ap Florante and Album Leaf

    The Art of Dreaming by Carlos Castaneda

    Living Tea

    Connect with

    Suzanne Toro

    Bare Naked Bliss

    Sessions with 'She'

    Banyan Botanicals


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    Grace Coach Live-Freed From The Law

    in Christianity

    Join the conversation as Mike discusses how to be freed from the Law so yo ucan stand in the grace of God.


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    LGBTQ Believers Part III

    in Religion

    In August, 2014 The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry’s  African-American Roundtable and Many Voices hosted the Souls a’ Fire Conference focusing on the next generation of Black Queer Theology.  The conference encourages young scholars in their current work and seasoned theologians and preachers as they explore the intersections of African-American culture, the church and LGBTQ identity. As a follow up to CAN WE TALK FOR REAL’s “Black LGBT Believers” series which aired in May, CWT4R cohosts Teresa Adams, Ina Anthony and Michelle E. Brown will once again be joined by Rev. Roland Stringfellow (Detroit) and Rev. Anthony W. Sullivan Jr. (Chicago) as well as Rev. Gwen Thomas (Atlanta) to continue the conversation.Finding solace and strength in religion, Black LGBTQ Believers often find themselves at odds with the very faith communities they were born and raised in. Besides sharing their personal story, they will talk about the safe harbor LGBTQ churches provide, how to build more inclusive and supportive communities of faith outside the LGBTQ community, and how to remain strong/be agents of change in the face of attacks against the LGBTQ community.Rev. Roland Stringfellow is Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church in Ferndale, Michigan (a suburb of Detroit). Rev Anthony W. Sullivan, Jr. serves as a Regional Consultant for the United Church of Christ HIV/AIDS Network, Inc. (UCAN) in Chicago, Illinois.Rev. Gwen Thomas is currently the Executive Director at the S.H.E. Experience and a minister at Victory for the World Church, Atlanta, GA.  Part Three of CWT4R series on Black LGBTQ Believers .

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    Oprah: "The Life You Want Tour" ... Taj #UCantBullyMe Movement

    in Entertainment

    The Zion Da Fro Show "Real Teen Talk From a Real Teen Perspective" #GOTTOKNOW

    GOT TO KNOW: Oprah's "The Life You Want Tour" Was there ever a life you wanted to live but you never saw it happening? Well, Oprah is here to make it happen for some lucky people. Oprah Winfrey is one of the richest women in the world. Check out my insider pictures. What is the life you want to live? Call In (347)237-4630
    Talk It Up: Taj #UCan'tBullyMe a movement trending all over and on social media. The crip walk made popular by the west coast has a new  meaning and new name for a new generation of kids, The Bully Walk. Signed to Epic records, Taj got this opportunity that most teen artist dream about.Tune in for this awesome interview. 
    The Rumble new music knockout. Email your music http://www.rumbleknock@gmail.com call in and vote on who won The Rumble.
    Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 p.m. We are also accepting music to put in rotation. For consideration all music must be radio edited, no explicit lyrics and mp3 format.  Email us: http://theziondafroshow@gmail.com Subject: Music rotation
    Follow me on Instagram: Zion Da Fro Show Twitter: IamZionDaFro 


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    #11 Meeting Generation UCAN, Auckland & Du Medoc Marathons

    in Fitness

    This week on The Partnerunning Show we meet Generation UCAN and explore the amazing background to the development of the Generation UCAN philosophy and next generation sports energy business.
    We also interview the Auckland Marathon Race Director and Travelling Fit takes us to the Marathon De Merdoc in France.
    Regular segments include:
    Over the Shoulder Ask Sue Lessons from Running The Road Ahead

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    STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against bullying

    in Motivation

    Leshundra Robinson co-founded UCAN of Memphis in 2005 & became president in 2006.  She also manages the mentee referrals from parents, physicians, medical clinics and Memphis City Schools while serving as a mentor herself. UCAN currently mentors 20 young ladies ages 12-18 primarily in North Memphis.

    Leshundra grew up in North Memphis under the guidance of her grandmother, and later moved to the Whitehaven area where she graduated in the Top 10 percent of her class at Hillcrest High School.  A mother of three, Leshundra has spent 21 years guiding young lives, which has motivated her to reach out to others who are in the vulnerable teen years.   Her own children embrace her energy and ambitious determination. Leshundra wants teens to live a “purposeful life” and to understand that one’s environment does not make a person. Rather, a person can positively influence his or her own environment while reaching beyond neighborhood boundaries.  Leshundra’s brother committed suicide in 2011 due to what he felt his environment did not accept him.  He felt lonely and hurt which became a long term depression until he was 27 years young.  Since his death, Leshundra has started an anti-bully play that helps other teens understand everyone is different and unique, STAND UP and SPEAK OUT against bullying.

    Leshundra is Six Sigma Greenbelt certified and a graduate of Mid-South Peace and Justice Center’s Grassroots Organizers for Power.  She is a member of the Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence and Memphis Urban League Young Professionals.  She was recently nominated for a NEXUS award for Mentoring Organization/Nonprofit in the same category as Leadership Memphis and Memphis Grizzles.


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    cheaters and jealousy

    in Radio

    come and spill your drama come talk bout ur jealous bf/gf come and speak your mind on ur relationship madness or ur cheating spouse ur romance or ur breakups and best part is ucan remain anonymous 

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    From The Basement To the Boardroom w/ Brian Joubert

    in Self Help

    THIS SHOW I WILL BE talking about “IMPORTANANCE OF RECORD KEEPING FOR PERSONAL TAXES AND BUSINESSES”. ALSO, Businesses and tips to better your business WHICH WILL Increase your tax refund or decrease your tax liability.

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    Suicide effect on families

    in Family

    Suicide effects families on a daily basis; however, the effects are long term. After burying their loved one, the family must pick up the pieces and try to get a grasp on what has happened.
    Join me as I speak with a young lady whose family was strucken by the damage of sucide.
    Lashundrea Finley brother committed suicide two years and his family are still wrestling with what has happened.
    Join me as I speak with Lashundrea about how they have put the pieces back together.

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    'Open Mic' global community forum 4-6pm PST

    in Education

    Great Open Mic show today with host Leonora Gregory-Collura (Friday August 31) at 4pm PST - 6pm PST with special guest Keisha Allsop Founder of united communities autism network UCAN. Keisha will be sharing her views on the need for increased awareness in underserved communities and the need to take on a more aggressive approch toward awareness and education in these communities. Keisha speaks and provides educational workshops on the subject of raising a child on the autistic spectrum at churches, schools and community centres in her region of Brooklyn, USA.
    We will also have our regular panel from the UK, Canada and the USA - Sara, Kirsty, Andy, Tim, Maria and self advocates from BC, Canada.
    Follow us on ANCA  twitter,  FB,  Youtube,  autismvancouver,  Naturally Autistic ANCA,  ANCA Radio,   ANCA magazine

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    Wildin Out Weekends pt2 wit ya girl Mz Ladybug314

    in Radio

    Today is Wildin Out Weekends pt 2 wit ya girl Mz Ladybug314 I will be Blazin Hip Hop & RnB & Unsugned Artists Music!!! So call in & kick it wit ya girl Ucan listen live thru ya phone at 9178897412 or click the link at www.blogtalkradio.com/DubolRyngzRadio Tonight from 7pm to 9pm est

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