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    UBUNTU: Exposing the Global Banking Fraud w/Sid Organe

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    Please join us for a 2hr download of HOPE with Sid Organe, the Global Coordinator of the Ubuntu Liberation Movement. Ubuntu is spreading like wildfire around the globe as an answer and solution to the great challanges we face as a species. Ubuntu, a Swahili word which loosely means "I am because we are", is a new global ethic being embraced by good people worldwide who are coming together and strategizing to boycott, divest and unplug from the Global Control Matrix of the diabolic Babylonian Trifecta of the Vatican (Religion), London (Banking) and Washington DC (Military).

    Ubuntu envisions decentralized power worldwide where local communities are self-governed by local Councils of Elders and where sovereign people return to the Lnad, to the simple Laws of Common Sense and Nature and who exist 100% outside of any and all control systems.

    Ubuntu is the blueprint for the emancipation of humanity from the controllers who have been the source of all human misery and woe since the dawn of civilization and envisions a future without money and where all society is based upon noble "Contributionism".

    Ubuntu will take us into a new era of true freedom from financial tyranny and towards true prosperity on every level of human endeavor.

    Please share this link:http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/07/31/ubuntu-exposing-the-global-banking-fraud-wsid-freeman

    Connect with the Ubuntu Movement USA here:


  • The Investigators Report 12-27-2014 Show Promo

    in Spirituality

    This is an audio promotion of our upcoming show with Mr. Michael Tellinger on Saturday 12-27-2014 at 1pm est.

    In this edition, Michael will be discussing his latest book: Ubuntu, Contributionism: A Blue Print To Human Prosperity. 

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    Networking Squared Featuring LBN Sterling Hts UBUNTU

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    LBN Sterling Hts UBUNTU

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    The Investigators Report, With Special Guest: Michael Tellinger

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    In this final edition of 2014, best-selling author and activist Michael Tellinger returns to discuss his latest book: "Ubuntu Contributionism: A Blue Print For Human Prosperity, and Exposing The Global Banking Fraud".

    Michael has shaked the very foundations of our world with his first 3 books (Slave Species Of God, Adam's Calendar, and Temple Of The African Gods).  

    In 2014 Michael has once again shocked the world with a book that is sure to challenge the way we look at our every day lives under a system that was created to enslave.

    We will also take an "in-depth" look at the Ubuntu Movement which Michael has founded, and is trail-blazing this monumental effort across the globe...

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    Computer America - Linux Show with Correspondent Marcel Gagne!

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    Computer America

    Both Hours: Marcel Gagne is the author of several books including "Moving to Linux: Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!", now in it's 2nd edition!  Other books include " Moving to Ubuntu Linux." And his newest title is " Moving to Free Software."  He was also a Linux Journal monthly columnist.  His column was titled, "Cooking with Linux."  Please welcome author and columnist, and now Computer America Correspondent… Marcel Gagne to the show.

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    The Physics of Lawful Exchange w/Christopher Christiansen

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    Join us for a 2hr JamSesh on Law and Life with Christopher Christiansen, a polymath and autodidact who never spent a day in the public school system. Chris is going to take us into the metaphysical matrix of contract law and will be discussing balanced energy exchange, reciprocity and Symbiosis: mutual exchange for mutual benefit.

    Topics to be discussed~

    ~The Nature of Energy and Energetic Exchange

    ~The Second Law of Thermodynamics

    ~Reciprocity as a primary Law of Nature

    ~What is a Contract and What makes a Contract Binding

    ~Vattal's Law of Nations and Grotius' Law of the Free Sea 

    ~Parasitism and Symbiosis

    ~Pure Givingness: Nikola Tesla and Free Energy Revolution

    ~Ubuntu Contributionism

    "Fundamentally, the contract is the embodiment and codification of an agreement. In order to achieve an agreement, all parties must understand the full scope and nature-the full terms and conditions of the proposed contract, or no agreement, and hence, no contract, exists.

    Parties must arrive at a "meeting of the minds" for any agreement to exist. People enter into contracts in order to better their position. No one enters into a contract to be diminished, cheated, or destroyed.

    Any purported contract that fails to be characterized by mutual good faith, a meeting of the minds, and open and full disclosure of all terms and conditions, is either void, or voidable. It is flawed from inception and it can be rendered null and void by the election of the deceived or defrauded party.

    The crucial and incurable flaw in all government, and the "laws" which issue therefrom, is the nonexistence of genuine agreement between the parties due to absence of full disclosure, a true meeting of the minds, and mutual good faith." ~ David E. Robinson

    Please Share: http://goo.gl/7ExDct

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    Direct Courtroom Activism~ Stealing Back Gold from Smaug's Lair w/Rand Cadmus

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    The "powers that were" cut Rand's phone line. He said he usually throws aways phones and renews them but went too long with this phone. He will be obtaining a new phone and continuing the show tomorrow Friday November 7th at 6pm EST- Join with us again for PT.2~ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/11/07/direct-courtroom-activism-stealing-back-gold-from-smaugs-lair-wrand-cadmus-pt2

    Join us for yet another ground-breaking 2-hr. Law Jam Session with Courtroom Activist and Legal Scholar Rand Cadmus. Rand is modern-day hero and advocate for victims of the corrupt and fraudulent Legal System. He recently has brought a case to the Supreme Court of Virginia and will be sharing war-stories, victories, strategies and accounts of how people just like you can become involved with direct action and activism in a courtroom setting. Most would tremble at the thought of entering such a Dragon's Lair to expose corruption, exercise rights and to firmly secure and establish the reign of Justice for future generations, but more and more people like Rand are educating themselves and taking honorable and lawful actions to reclaim the American Legal System from the fraudsters, crooks, pimps and gamblers who currently occupy American Jurisprudence.

    Topics to be discussed:

    ~ Law and Tyranny: When "Laws" Violate Rights

    ~ The Legal Fraud: How Best to Expose it?

    ~What Constitutes a Crime?

    ~How To Stand Your Ground in the Courtroom

    ~Courtroom Nuclear Options: What works?

    ~Policy Enforcement vs. Law Enforcement

    ~How to Get a Corrupt Judge Removed from the Bench

    ~Jury Nullification

    ~Common Mistakes and Courtroom Entrapment: What to Avoid

    ~Violation of Rights Under Color of Law

    ~Conspiracy to Deprive Rights

    ~Lawful Rebellion

    ~BAR Attorneys and the Titles of Nobility Act

    ~When Courts are used for Terrorism

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    Sexy Leadership with Ruth Sinkeler

    in Entrepreneur

    Ruth Sinkeler CPCC, ACC, Human Developer, Expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership, Happy MKB, Executive/ Business Coach,Speaker, and Author shares her insight on making Leadership sexy again.

    What does leadership have to do with sex?

    What makes you sexy and attractive as a leader? This is the BIG question waiting to be answered.

    Leadership has everything to do with being your most authentic self and living according to your values first. When you live your life from your core values and you act from them.

    Leading from authenticity creates trust. And trust is one of the biggest things anyone who calls him or herself a leader needs. To create trust with people you want to follow you is one of the biggest challenges of any leader. There is nothing to lead if no one trusts you.

    Is being a leader exclusively for an elite group? No it is not. There are many examples of people from all parts of society, genders and races, who stepped into their authenticity, lived according to their core values, created trust and have followers.

    Another thing leaders have in common is that they truly live by their passion. Whether it is a passion for garbage cleaning or for politics. It does not matter. Anyone who has a great passion and inspires others to do the same or achieve their dreams has leader qualities

    A true leader is aware of his or her  impact on people and takes responsibility for his or her actions. It might happen that even if acted from authenticity, core values and passion the impact on others is not that positive. Taking responsibility is of big importance in that case. Leaders don’t just create an impact and walk away. They stay and find ways to turn things around, the positive way. After all, it was all about creating trust, right?

    What does this have to do with sex? Maybe not much, but this sexy way of Leadership sure sounds hot.

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    I Am Some Dude~ Law Q&A w/Boris Erickson

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    Join us for. 2 hr Q&A Legal Jam Session with Boris Erickson aka. I Am Some Dude, Mr. Completing the Usufruct, Mr. Peaceful Inhabitant, Mr. Assign the Reversionary Interest.

    Boris will be taking your toughest questions on all matters of Law- be sure to queue up your most burning questions for the Dude.....for he Abides

    Please share the link with your friends: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolvequest/2014/10/23/i-am-some-dude-law-qa-wboris-erickson





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    Getrude Matshe Born On The Continent Ubuntu

    in Lifestyle

    Author Getrude Matshe goes Onlinewithandrea to discuss her book Born On The Continent - Ubuntu.  Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Law of Attracation - What Makes You Glow?!

    in Spirituality

    Join Anna K. as she interviews guests weekly about what makes them GLOW...inside and out!  Every Friday, 10am EST.  This week join her as she hosts the CEO from The Hippo Kitchen!

    Angela Anderson, President and CEO of The Hippo Kitchen, studied health-supportive culinary arts at The Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and has an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree from Houston Baptist University. After studying in New York, Angela went on to cook at the Michelin starred vegetarian restaurant Ubuntu, in Napa, CA. She then moved out of the restaurant kitchen and into the home kitchen, working as a health-supportive private chef with individual clients. It was in this role that Angela had the opportunity to cook for cancer patients and survivors, and became passionate about creating a prepared foods business that enabled people to support themselves with their food choices in every phase of cancer treatment. She then strategically created and launched The Hippo Kitchen in Houston, TX, home to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center and the most advanced cancer treatment in the world, in June of 2013. The Hippo Kitchen works closely with health care professionals and cancer support groups to develop its offerings and to create awareness, and has become becoming a trusted brand within the cancer community.


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