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    DRONES! Part I

    in Science

    In this episode, Dr. Livesay goes over the June 22nd, 2015, USDA's Crop Progress Report, before discussing the recent ruling of the WHO regarding the cancer threat posed by 2,4-D.  Next, we get an update on the conditions in Oklahoma when we check back in with our Dynamite Grower Correspondent and NCGA champ, Chris Ledbetter.  The main segment of today's podcast is Part I of a 2 part series in which Dr. Livesay interviews Agricultural drone expert, Chad Colby, about the use of UAVs in agriculture.  We discuss such topics as FAA regulations, whether UAVs are toys or tools, which drone you might want to buy, and what you really need to know about the use of drones in agriculture.  

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    Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration

    in Business

    Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration

    Applying Complexity Leadership Theory to Drone Airspace Integration

    This book examines the leadership challenge created by the requirement to integrate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into the national airspace system (NAS). The overall lifecycle of leadership does not lend itself to a simple definition or a defined timeline that anyone can follow. As much as society enjoys creating, all of the processes and technology to simplify our lives (although this is debatable), leadership deals with humans and humans are not that simple. The challenge is that the FAA follows a leadership and change management model that is authoritarian, linear, and evolutionary.

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    Episode 33 - #OpUnmanned or Playing a Deadly Game of #Drones

    in War

    Tonight we tackle the multifaceted issue of unmanned aerial vehicles, or Drones. They have gained a place in history as one of the most hated, loved, and misunderstood pieces of equiptment our society has ever created. It is important to distinguish what a person is referring to when they talk about drones. This is due to the fact that the term is a blanket reference to pretty much anything that has locomotion, and is either remotely controlled, or runs a predetermined program for it's operation. This means that everything from a small hobbyists $20 RC helicopter to General Atomics multi billion dollar fleet of Predator drones all fall under this banner. 

    Though we will touch on the topic of smaller 'flying camera' drones, but our main topic tonight will be the larger, CIA and military driven UAVs and their role in the so-called 'War on Terror'.

    We have Brandon Bryant as our guest tonight. He knows all too well how these are used and how the operations are carried out. He should, he used to be a drone pilot. He will talk about his experiences with turning targets into 'bug splat', and the consequences, not just to those on the ground, but the scars he now bears daily with the resulting PTSD. Many studies have revealed that the PTSD most drone operators suffer from might be worse than those in hand to hand combat. It is an honor and with much gratitude that we welcome him to the show tonight. 

    While Brandon is not a leaker of top secret documents, he is definitely a whistleblower in the truest sense of the word. He is calling attention to the hipocrisy and deceit being propagated by the US and it's President, wherein they contend that drone strikes are a precision surgical instrument, equal to excising a cancer while leaving the remaining tissue intact. This is a lie. All males over 13 years of age are not 'militants'. Weddings are not target practice. 

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    Using Your Dreams To Write

    in Dreams

    Have you ever dreamed of writing? Join Kelly as she interviews Dr. Christopher Harz all about how to use your dreams as inspiration for writing today on The D-Spot.

    Dr. Christopher Harz worked in research at the RAND Corporation, the military think tank in Santa Monica, on national defense problems including communications, advanced weapons, combat robots, and UAVs. He also worked for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, on virtual reality and simulations, including the very first MMOG, Massively Multiplayer Online Game, which cost $240 million, and developed the technology for today's World of Warcraft and other videogames. 

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    Defence IQ - Pilot training and UAVs

    in Military

    Defense consultant and retired RAF Group Captain Chris Granville-White and retired RAF Air Marshal Sir Dusty Miller head up a discussion on their respective experience, views on the recent development in the field of pilot training, the UK's MFTS programme and the new requirements to train personnel in operating UAVs.

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    Putting Your Best Bot Forward - Robots Duke it out for Fun & Profit

    in Internet

    You may have missed this on the TV news, but on dec. 20-21 seventeen teams duked it out at the DARPA Robotics Challenge for a chance to win $2 million.  Sporting monikers like RoboSimian, Valkerie and Atlas, these droids looked something like a cross between a tinkertoy and the Terminator.  Like the T1, these bots have articulated arms and legs.  This is vital to the DARPA contest, since these droids are designed for search and rescue.  Contest rules state that they must be able to climb ladders, open doors and turn valves.  Only the best will go onto the finals in 2014.

    During this episode we will also discuss the quantum leap that has recently taken place in everything from domestic robots to industrial bots and aerial drones.  So if you want to know where this technology is headed before it comes knocking at your door, tun into this episode of Working the Web to Win.

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    The Surveillance Society

    in Internet

    Have you noticed that everywhere you look CCTV cameras are popping up?  They are located on buildings, at intersections and even dangling beneath helicopters and UAVs.  Not only is it getting to the point where you can no longer venture outdoors without being surveilled, but the technology now exists where clothing, car doors and walls become transparent.  So if you want to know who could be watching you and how you can fight back, tune in, turn on and tweet.

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    Ed Ross Radio #111 The Chinese Gambit

    in Politics Conservative

    Conservative commentary from the outskirts of the hub of Western Civilization. 

    The Obama administration’s “pivot” or “rebalancing” to Asia is intended to counter China’s strategy, but it will only work if Washington firmly stands its ground when China challenges it. China extending its air-defense identification zone (ADIZ) to include the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, of which Japan has administrative control, is China’s latest move in the strategic chess game for power and influence in Asia. It’s one more step in China’s strategy to erode U.S. and its ally’s military superiority in the region.

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    MILITARY MONDAY With Host John D. Gresham

    in Military

     Like the rest of the US military, the Navy has been working hard to integrate unmanned systems into their inventory for operational combat use. However, the unique challenges of operating unmanned systems in the maritime environment has forced the Navy to be somewhat more methodical and systematic in their development/deployment of such systems, especially unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Despite what some have said has been overly cautious approach, the Navy's efforts are yielding excellent results and promising capabilities for the future.
     To learn more about the Navy's UAV programs, especially the recent success of their X-47B stealth prototype, joining host John D Gresham and guests Capt. Chuck Nash, USN (Ret.  and Fox News military analyst) and SEAPOWER Magagine writer Rick Burgess (of the Navy League). Please join us at 1 PM EDT for military Monday, and call in with your questions, thoughts, and comments.

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    Outbreak Edition - Science Fiction to Science Reality

    in Religion

    The 1900's predicted a lot of things for the world in the 2000s that never came true but we've advanced in many ways. Jason Sorrell and BeastXeno go over the nifty gadgets that we have to play with.<p>
    Stun Ray
    Android Sex Slave
    Laser Cannon
    Anti-Personnel Lasers, Forcefields, and Stun Devices
    Artificial Intelligence
    Body-Enhancing Armor
    Flying Car

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    On Point with Colonel Chris Carlile, Director, UAS Center of Excellence

    in Military

    Col. Carlile serves as the Director, U.S. Army Unmanned Aircraft Systems Center of Excellence and joins us today to discuss his commands efforts in the UAS spectrum. Col. Carlile is an aviator by trade and brings to the fight his decades of experience in the helo community.