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    Revival is Here Live

    in Christianity

    This is the first radio show in years of Revival is Here. Revival is Here Live is a live radio outreach of Revival is Here Church in La Grange Ky. The website is http://revivalishere.org to watch live services and more go to that link. Also, come out and be apart of what God is doing at Revival is Here Church. 

    God is moving in the land and pouring out His love. We need to jump into the River of God and have what He has for us. God wants to show you His glory. Let Him.

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    8 Smart Tips: Getting Your Music Heard

    in Entertainment

    More than even in the digital age there is a ton of new music out there. Over saturation is a term often used these days. So if you're an indie artist of today...One of the most important key to this journey is going to be getting your music heard! Not how great your track is or who produced it...cause what's the point of producing good music if no one ever gets to hear it...

    Getting people to listen to your music and songs seems quite impossible in the beginning of your career...So that's why we're going to talk a

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    Say's here 4 U ♥ 2 Help U ♥ so lets talk

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to Say' Tell Us! ♥

    Is it hard 4 you 2 discuss things with your family or friends? With me, Say' Tell Us you can discuss anything (friends-school-sex-drugs-parents-relatives-stress on the job-a cheating husband-wife-boyfriend-girlfriend) & you won’t be judged or looked down upon; we all make mistakes ♥  I'm here 4 U ♥

    I was in your shoes & didn't have someone 2 talk to & it was stressful 4 me I don't want you 2 go through that ♥ When we talk, YOU will feel better ♥ there's always a solution! I will enable to help YOU realize YOU matter and YOU will accomplish EVERYTHING POSITIVE that YOU desire with a plan - a goal – with determination - hard work - honesty & honest communication I always look forward 2 talking with you!  ♥ (call TODAY, JANUARY 16, 2015.....ON "MY 51st BIRTHDAY 323-580-5709, AT 11pm Eastern Time ♥ You will be given advice YOU need 2 hear that will set you up 4 success & never failure ♥ My advice is given 2 U out of love-respect-fairness & honesty, I'm here 4 U ♥ ♥

    call 323-580-5709, TODAY, FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015.......ON "MY 51st BIRTHDAY", 323-580-5709, 11pm Eastern Time ♥


    Sincerely, Say ♥

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    Our 1st Show!! Your Prayer Requests, Divine Mercy Chaplet & more!

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Our Merciful Savior Radio!!  Our 1st Show will included your prayer requests, The Divine Mercy Chaplet, Saint of the Day, Daily Scripture & much, much more.  Please tune in & God Bless You!

    Call in with your prayer requests during our live show @ 929-477-3316.  You can also send your prayer requests to OurMercifulSaviorRadio@aol.com

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    Do You Value Your Own Opinion Or Someone Else's?

    in Entertainment

    Are you doing what you wanna do...or what someone else suggest you should do? Really when you think about it; why do we even care what others think? Their thoughts are someone else's opinion. People can tell you to shut your mouth  but that doesn't stop you from having your own thoughts and opinions about things...So on this episode of the Get Heard Show the question is...How do you communicate authentically from a judgement-free space so others will stay in their own lane and be real with you? Tune in 347-884-9973

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    Why Am I Here

    in Culture

    - I AM GallacticSoul who is here to assist others in discovering their Divine truth/truths. Some of you are opening up, thus becoming enlightened and might want to speak about it. I must say, this journey requires a courageous heart, discerning and an open mind. We will have topics about health, wealth and wisdom i.e. nutrition for well-being, spiritual empowerment, health products and sciences. As the show continues, the spirit will lead the way. Thank you for your interest. Love, Peace and Prosperity To Us All!

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    The View Up Here highlights "Not In Our Name" with @CDHill9

    in Politics

    How many wrong decisions can one nation endure? Every week there's a new story that shows a shocking lack in ethics or judgement on the part of the government. It’s open season on the environment, on science, the rights of veterans, it shames us all. Cuts to investigative journalism by most media outlets are allowing many stories to remain under-covered or untold altogether. Media consolidation has meant there are fewer voices reporting, with ever-tightening restrictions on what they can say. This is a critical threat to democracy, and it's the principal motivation for this film. Independent voices must pick up the slack.

    - The tradition of being at the forefront of scientific research and development, critical to the nation's properity, has been all but abandoned. Our prowess and innovation has been flushed because scientifc research is revealing the effects of destructive policies.

    - Since 2006 there has been an erosion of funding for veterans. The closure of 9 offices has resulted in having to drive for as long as eight hours to receive support. Lump sum payments have replaced life-long pensions, leaving veterans with less.

    - The Harper Government has spent over 40 million dollars on TV ads promoting the oilsands. They fail to mention NAFTA is investigating how Canada is ignoring its own environmental laws. Responsible development is crucial for prosperity, but allowing oil giants to pollute without limit is leading to tragic results.

    "Not In Our Name" (NION) will explore the axis of Industry, Media and Government, which prioritizes corporate interests over the peoples' interests. NION will show similar tactics around the world. The footage will directly contrast the pristine beauty of Canada with the damage that has been caused by de-regulated industry. We will work as hard as your contributions will allow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1916096034/not-in-our-name


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    Relationships 101: 1st Date & Do's & Don'ts"

    in Radio

    Did you miss our classic special on "Dating 101: 1st Date Do's & Don'ts"? If so, tune into "The BEST of "The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast  To hear, what factors could be the difference in you being viewed as someone's future wife and just someone to have a good time with, call 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide 7 nights a week at www.dedantolbertshow.com..."Real Radio that Matters for over 10 Years".

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    I Heard Chicago Crying

    in Christianity

    I Heard Chicago Crying was influenced by the Don’t shoot I want to live campaign taking place in Chicago. It is an outcry from our children begging to once again be able to play freely in the streets, parks and their own front yards without fear of being shot. Many have spoken but few have listened. Now that our children are crying out, it is definitely time to listen and make some changes. Our children are crying out all over the nation. I Heard Chicago Crying gives them another voice. Its purpose is to make us more aware of the current issues with gun violence and give us hope to end this horrific trend. It is time to get real America! Gun violence isn’t just an issue in Chicago or overseas. We see it every day on the news, shootings in elementary schools, high schools, college campuses and drive-bys. It isn’t even safe to take a jog anymore. We blame gangs, bullies, presidents, the government, hunters and the internet. When will we realize responsibility falls on all of us? You may not be pulling the trigger but you’re ignoring that it’s being done. Wake up! Educate yourself on what’s happening out here. Open your eyes and turn off the denial. Make yourself aware of who and what your children are listening to and watching. Stay in tune with whatever may be an influence to them. This is a collection of short stories and poetry influenced by real life events and individual’s stories. This is dedicated to our children.

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