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    To Twerk or Not to Twerk

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    HollyWoods of Hartford gets callers to discuss the old phenomenon of Twerking

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    Twerk Session

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    Twerk Music

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    Twerk Team

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    Twerking. Women around the world have been going viral with videos of themselves "twerking" on camera.  As of late however,  young girls have began to partake in the internet phenomenon and have raised the eyebrows of some concerned parents.  Most recently a father found his young daughter creating a twerk video and his disciplining of her caught national attention. Call in this Tuesday to comment on the HOT TOPIC ~ "How Would You React If You Caught Your Young Daughter "Twerking?" Call 760.283.4647 or click www.eblockradio.com to see us LIVE on uStream! DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW THE CREW ON TWITTER @HoodHowardStern and @RealMonkMoney

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    Interview with YungYungYungN™ - Twerk Fight Single

    in Music

    YungYungYungN "The King of the Club Banga" was Born in Durham North Carolina as Deon Burton. YungYungYungN found a sound, lane and  look that has even the most picky music listener taking notice. 

    YungYungYungN has a chainsaw like voice that slices, cuts and bleeds over his hot new single "Twerk Like You" with passion and purpose.

    YungYungYungN's new up and coming album "Twerk Fight" is a no brainer pick for any lady that is ready too show everybody that can't nobody "twerk like her".  

    YungYungYungN has a stable of mega platinum producers like Zaytoven producer of  Drake's hit Versace, M16 Beats producer of the Grammy hit "I Do" with Jay Z, Andre 3000, Jezzy and Grammy winning Producers.

    L. A. Mcknight, CEO

    Twitter follow me @LAMcknight

    The Mid-Atlantic Region"

    YungYungYungN Blog

    Twerk Fight

    YouTube Channel


    Twitter @Yung_Yungn_XO 



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    Season 5 Discussion: The End of Twerk

    in Television

    Discussion of the Season 5 epsiode titled "The End of Twerk" including a recap, our favorite moments, and some constructive criticism. Come join us by calling in using our call in number above or skype button to call in from any country for free. You may also e-mail your thoughts to gleeradio@live.com or tweet comments to @gleekspeakradio and @HarleyMitchell.
    Note: The show broadcasts for 30 minutes live and then live feed ends. We usually go into another 15 minutes of overtime for a total of 45 minutes to be recorded. It will be avaliable on the website an on hour after airing at 11pm central time.

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    To Twerk or Not to Twerk: What Kind of Man Are You Attracting?

    in Spirituality

    Twerking and stripping are popular but how do they affect the men a woman attracts as a mate? Should twerking only be for the marriage bed? Do we women overexposed ourselves to men and expect them to be loyal to us? People are jumping on Rihanna about her latest attire. What are we asking men to assume about us regarding our style and should we really care? We want you, our listeners to dig in and analyze why you attract who you attract - especially if you continue to feel you aren't getting the type of person you feel you deserve or commonly end up getting hurt. What about yourself can YOU change about yourself in wisdom, or do you feel you should change at all?

    Share this episode with a friend and tune in Sunday night. We will definitelybe taking your calls. 

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    TWERK & WINE--BODY & FACE TUNUP--#516-531-9238--BADGAL RADIO--9pm TO 11pm

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    Bad Gal Shawnte  will be taking all phone calls live tonight city to city, state to state, worldwide!! Your favorite DJ Ac.Money will be on the turntables keeping the music jumping!! We play indie music in the streets and the hottest music of all genres from Hip hop to Dancehall!! For advertisement inquires, sponsorships, or radio spins email us at ammoneytree9@gmail.com Serious Inquires Only!!! We welcome all sponsors!

    Keep checking our official website www.AcmoneyRecords.com for new music, video, event and photoshoot updates!!

    So So Easy, i See U Haterz

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    in Current Events

    The owner of a Michigan party space has canceled a “Freedom 2 Twerk” party after the event’s promoter began circulating promotional flyers featuring a Photoshopped image of Martin Luther King, Jr. wearing a large gold chain and medallion and flashing what appears to be a gang sign.

    The January 18 party at Flint’s Social Network Event Center was organized by a group calling itself Mid-Michigan Teen Parties, according to the flyer.

    After learning that King’s altered image was used in promotional material, the center’s owner, Vincent McEwen, contacted the promoter and canceled the party. The promoter, McEwen said, did not think there was anything wrong with using the late civil rights leader’s photo to publicize a twerking celebration.

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    "Class vs Ass: The True Definition of Beauty"

    in Radio


    Did you miss last year's special on "Class vs Ass...The Definition of True Beauty", where we discussed exactly what being a beautiful, respectable and classy woman is all about and how men view women who do things like: twerk, make duck faces, play sexual games, flirt and have sex on the first night? If so, tune into "The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show" TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com..."Real Radio that Matters".

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    Divine Inspiration with your Hosted Alicia Monet

    in Spirituality

    Rebirth: Energetic Womb Cleansing via Ritualistic Dance
    My Ancestors had ritualistic rites of passage dances, mating dances, fertility dances, etc. These dances involved lots of hip movement, vibrating, popping, gyrating, and action in the womb region. This was not just because it looked and felt good, it's due to the energetic/spiritual benefits. Now a days we, as a whole, no longer share in these ritualistic dances which aid in our womb health. Twerkin is the closest thing we have {on a massive scale}to the ancient sacred dances. Not all of our women feel comfortable enough to twerk though, so we have a whole lot of sisters with stagnant energy that needs to be worked out through moving those hips!!!!! Tonight my very special guest Makeda Voletta a.k.a The Body Scientist, will enlighten us. I'm so ready!!! Are you!!! Ladies, MOVE THOSE HIPS!!!! Shake, Twist, Twerk, Werk!!!! Call in to listen at 516-590-0975 #Goddess #RitualisticDance #DivineFeminine #DivineInspiration #Married2ChangeRadio #LifeLucid #TheBodyScientist

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    The Evolution of Spring Break!

    in Current Events

    I live in the Spring Break capital which is Panama City, FL. The events take place on Panama city beach but if affects the whole city. I am a local born and raised. I can remember when Spring Break was about coming to cruise what is known as the Strip and enjoy fun & the sun. Now it has evolved into to something that are some are ready to see come to an end. By the time I hit my college years we locals couldn't wait until our week to go out and hang but we felt like we were get the both of two worlds because could hang the other weeks too. BET & MTV began to come down along with some big musical acts and then things really begtan to get out of control. Massive crowds and the crowd changed to a more rowdy and rambunctious group. Hence the start of Spring Break jail. In the last few years we have had the BK brawler, the Sean Hannity Fox News report that hightlighted the twerk that went viral, and several balcony falls, along with missing college students. If you speak to some they will tell you that we need their money for our economy. Most are not locals but I will and can say at what cost