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    Charles Heller, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms/ Joe Walsh Invited

    in Politics

    Mr. Charles Heller, a radio broadcaster from KVOI in Tuscon AZ and former Executive Director of the organization of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership is making a Torah, as well as legal, case along with constitutional arguments for firearms ownership for all Jewish people in the United States, as well as all others. Part of the supporting case for ownership would be the rise of antisemetic acts throughout the nations and others and traditionally, we have been the targets of hatred world wide. The Jewish people who have been armed have survived many SHOAHS. If anyone wants to come on and debate, please feel free to call during. the 2nd hour.

    Other guests have been invited like conservative talk show host Joe Walsh.


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    The Tragedy In Tuscon/The Death Penalty

    in Lifestyle

    I think just about everyones heard about the tragic shooting that took place last Saturday, at what was supposed to be a peaceful political speaking engagement in Tuscon last Saturday. A tragedy that took the lives of 6 people, including 9-year old Christina Green, who was interested in politics and wanted to see Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords speak.

    Many are saying that the 22-year old gunmen should face the death penalty for this horrible act.

    a religious group threatened to picket the funeral of the 9-year old victim. And said what I believe to be reprehensible, about this little girls death and the shooting in general. It's a dual-topic week, this week, "On-Air".

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Has Christianity been attacked by Google by displaying Christianity as negitive and Islam as positive? Also President Obama is waiting for Congress to vote and allow him to send billions of dollars of weapons and training to the Syrian Rebels to fight ISIS. Also "Indiana Zombie Apocalypse" has come to Jeffersonville , In as a man kills his ex girlfriend and eats her heart, lungs, and brain. Also Hurricaine Odile has destroyed much of Baja, Mexico and then turns right and heads for "Tuscon, Arizonia. Also now a new Hurricaine Polo is headed for Baja, Mexico again. Also House Committee is conducting a hearing on Benghazi. Also NASA is supposed to spot 90% of the Asteroids by 2020, but admitted that they can only see 10%. Also is Apple's new "Apple Watch" invading our bodies? Are the technology of today catching up with the bible prophecy of the bible? Also two American's have been killed by a bomb near US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Also a study of the "Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America" warn the world to expect the unexpected 9.0 megaquakes are coming soon. These events and much more along with bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana.

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    in Entertainment

    Once called the “Crown Prince of Smooth Jazz” Rick Braun releases his 16th album, “Can You Feel It” with some help from his friends, Brian Culbertson, Jeff Lorber, Euge Groove, Randy Jacobs and featuring American Idol contestant, Elliot Yamin.  

    Rick will host a New Year’s Eve Gala at the  JW Marriott Star Pass Resort and Spa New Year's Even gala, "A Night In New Orleans" Decemeber 31, 2014, in Tuscon, Arizona.  Joining Rick this year are Richard Elliot, Peter White and special guest, Larry Braggs.  For more information, visit RickBraunNewYearsEve.com.

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    Tuscon Thoughts

    in Business

    A perspective on the Tucson tragedy with author, speaker and consultant Carole Copeland Thomas.

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    Tuscon Shooting Rampage

    in Politics Conservative

    Covering the Tucson Shooting rampage.

    The days of The Political Jungle on BTR are almost over. Come join the fun! This special Sunday show will be a celebration of all things NANCY PELOSI HAVING TO TURN OVER HER GAVEL!!! And more, get the poster for your wall.

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    Double K's Classroom Episode #15 S02

    in Basketball

    This week on the Classroom I will be discussing the Pac 12 Basketball season so far. Are the Golden Bears still looking good this season as the conference part of their schedule opens up. The Wildcats out there in Tuscon,AZ are putting themselves together a perfect season with freshmen phenom Aaron Gordon has them at 20-0. The Bruins don’t want anyone to forget that they are the ones who made the Pac 12 years ago in the era of Wooden and Co. So listen in as I will be joined by 4ACES resident coach The Doual to discuss our favorite subject basketball at the college level. All this and Double K’s “Lesson of the week” on this week’s Double K;s Classroom  on Thursday at 8pm PST/11pm EST on the 4ACES Network on Blogtalkradio.com….

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    Primetime: Women's Cycling Association Robin Farina

    in Sports

    The WCA was formed in 2013 with an intent to the advance the interests of professional women athletes withing cycling. WCA President Robin Farina is currently in Tuscon to help promote a new documentary by Kathryn Bertine, Half the Road, which was feature on Primetime early last year.  Robin began her cycling career over 10 years ago after graduating from the University of Tennessee. Robin is the 2011 National Road Race Champion and a 2012 Olympic long team member. Robin owns an elite coaching company, RF Training, where she trains cyclists and triathletes of all levels. She is also the is co-owner of Uptown Cycles in Charlotte, NC, one of the premier bike shop/training centers in the country. When not on the bike, Robin spends her time helping the Women’s Cycling Association grow and become a global movement for women’s equality in sport and life. She is also an avid yogi and loves all things outdoors!

    The show also feautues an interview with reknown mental training coach Dr. Kristin Keim.  Keim recently finished her dissertaion on athletes with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI's) and has been working with professional athletes mental approach to their sport for the past several years. Keim discusses some of the best practices and pitfalls to help develop a strong mental game for your cycling season. 



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    Unity America Radio Live with Dino from Surprise Arizona

    in Education


    Just outside of Phoenix Arizona in a city called Surprise we met a lot of great people at the local Home Depot and experienced the best Chicago dogs in AZ by Windy City Dogs. Mike Pattelle a Vietnam Marine Vet shares some insight about his battle with PTSD and we cover a few stories off the AP.

    Next stop Tuscon!!!!

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    Mike Syfritt: A Man in Arizona's Cosplay

    in Pop Culture

    We will be talking to Mike Syfritt, who is an active cosplayer, and a part of two cosplay groups, AZA (Arizona Avengers) and JLAz (Justice League of Arizona). He participates in comicons, charity events, and movie premieres on a regular basis.
    Mike is an adept prop builder so most of his costumes start with these. He went to the recent Tuscon ComiCon as Doc Ock from the Spider Man franchise, thrilling and frightening fans of all ages.

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    Truth and Conspiracy Theory: Current Events Tuscon Shooting

    in News

    Tucson shooting? Political Party bickering. Drug testing 12yr olds? These topics and more with Mr.Nscinse, VfromVegas, and B-mo. You got topics you would like to talk about? E-MAIL THEM! MR.NSCINSE@VINTAGEMUSIKRADIO.COM OR VINTAGEMUSIKRADIO@GMAIL.COM Call in 347-215-8653 7:30PM (PST) 9:30PM (CST) 10:30PM (EST) E-mail: MR.NSCINSE@VINTAGEMUSIKRADIO.COM OR VINTAGEMUSIKRADIO@GMAIL.COM Twitter.com/@vmtr

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