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    Roy Tuscany Starts the High Fives Foundation After Life-Altering Injury

    in Finance

    On April 26, 2006 at 9:05 a.m., everything shifted for Roy Tuscany. He was at Mammoth Mountain for his 2nd Coaches Retreat. On his first run of the day, he hit a jump he'd hit a 100 times before except -- this time -- he overshot it. The people who did the accident investigation told him he traveled over 130 feet and flew more than 30 feet in the air. It was not a good crash.

    Roy suffered a burst fracture of his T-12 vertebrae and severed the artery in his right thumb. HeI was life-flighted to Reno and told he was an incomplete paraplegic. Someone said that being an incomplete is a lot like purgatory -- you're stuck somewhere in the middle between a wheelchair and moving easily on two feet.

    Roy knew from the beginning he wanted to walk and ski again. He had health insurance, but just a few weeks before the accident, Roy turned down a chance for disability insurance. There were a lot of things that health insurance didn't attend to -- alternative medicine treatments, gym memberships, acupuncture, rent, food, adaptive sports equipment and the insurance deductible. 

    Roy decided in the hosptial he would start a fund to protect other risk-taking winter athletes who wound up on the wrong side of crashes. The name for the fund -- the High Fives Foundation -- came from his early hospital experience. Doctors and therapists would come into his room and hide behind their clipboards. It was as if they didn't want to interact with him. So, he made them give him a high five. Hand to hand, skin to skin, forced them to connect. It also made them friends from the get-go.

    If there were one way to sum up how Roy lives his my life and what the foundation is doing, it would be this. He's breaking the boundaries of purgatory.

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    Kim Mlinarik-Women's Growth Group Touring Tuscany in May

    in Moms and Family

    Kim Mlinarik LMHC CDEP joined Lon on Dec. 5, 2014 to explain the upcoming women's trip to Tuscany this May that will be conducted by her organization Alchemy Adventures, headquartered in north Idaho. Alchemy Adventures has been leading groups for two years to provide transformational travel experiences to help the participants transform the way they see themselves and the world.  This May 23-30, 2015 trip is a women’s adventure for the body, mind and soul. With Colleen Russell MATP helping lead the group guarantees there will be plenty of spiritual insight discovered from their experiences.  Also helping lead the group of ten women will be Eric Fulgenzi WFR for a playful, life-changing adventure.

    Contack:  Kim Mlinarik 208-352-2242, kim.alchemyadventures@gmail.com  www.alchemyadventures.com 

    This is one of a series of short interviews with innovative leaders in private parent-choice residential school or program helping struggling teens and young adults. To hear this whole series of interviews, click on "Follow" or go to www.strugglingteens.com

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    Il Palazzone in Montalcino, Tuscany with Laura Gray

    in Travel

    Imagine yourself strolling amongst the manicured rows of grape vines bursting with this year's harvest for the Brunello to be bottled and set to age for 5 years.  This is the dream of so many of us and Laura and her husband Marco are living the dream.  To be fair there are many others that work hard every single day, year round to make each lovingly crafted bottle of some of the world's most delicious and sought after wine, Il Palazzone's Brunello di Montalcino DOCG.

    Join Laura and I as we talk about dialy life at the winery and how to arrange a trip to visit Il Palazzone while you're in Italy.  We'll talk about some great local places to eat or stay while you're nearby as well as other great day trips near the winery.

    You can find their delicious wine today at Italian Wine Merchants and have it shipped directly to your home to enjoy while you listen to the show.

    Visit their site www.ilpalazzone.com to learn more about the team that makes this wonderful wine, the estate, and how to arrange a visit while you're in Tuscany.  Be sure to read their wonderful blog too.  Lots of great insight about wine, living in Italy, and they even bust a few myths here and there.

    Let's all tip a glass to Laura and her husband Marco, and of course the owner Mr. Richard Parsons and the rest of the Il Palazzone team for making such a great wine and sharing some other their secrets with us on the show.

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    The Romance Bookmark with Renee Bernard presents: Patricia W. Fischer

    in Books

    Life, Laughter and Romance!  Texas style means it'll be bigger and better tonight as Patricia W. Fischer drops in to talk about her upcoming projects, the writing life of mom/authors and how we do it without too many insane moments (or just enough insanity to make it fun, right?) Whether you love her for her Tuscany Texas series or her In Weighting books, you'll love to spend time with her on The Romance Bookmark!  Listen in tonight to find out why Patricia is such a fan favorite! www.patricawfischer.com

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    Strength & Italy in February

    in Spirituality

    For my meditations most of this month will be based on Strength and as we go through the year, I believe unless deterred for some reason or feelings I will follow Unity.org's 12 Powers for the year. Look for wisdom, power, love and imagination in the upcoming months.

    Our power this month is represented in the color green, spring green to be exact, and is situated in our loins. When I think of green, I see health and the green of trees, fields and progress. More than half my life I've had the call to go to Italy. When you see pictures of Italy isn't it always filled with the green rolling hills of Tuscany Valley, then the various tourist spots. Italy almost connotes a beautiful green tranquil destination.

    This morning come with me on our mind's eye journey of the Italian  Amalfi Coast. Release the stressors of the previous week or wedding planning for a walk along its beautiful lush green coastline, filled with flowers, green grass the water's edge and regain your strength.

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    Joy Lies on the Other Side of Fear

    in Motivation

    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Lisa Condie for "Joy Lies on the Other Side of Fear" Tuesday, January 5th at 6:30 pm EST.

    About Lisa Condie:

    Lisa Condie is a featured contributor to both the Huffington Post and TUT.com.  In 2014, she was named one of Huffington Post's '50 Over 50', and featured on the Today Show. 

    Lisa went to Italy on vacation in 2012. On her last day there, she made the decision of a lifetime to move to Florence! She wrote about her adventures of life in Italy and, as her readership grew, women started writing to her. They were asking Lisa to show them around Tuscany. Interested in her story, they also wanted to discover their own inner strength and courage. To answer that request, Lisa co-founded A Better Way to Italy, and recently founded, Find Yourself in Tuscany.

    Lisa Condie is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, now living in Florence, Italy. While raising two children, she enjoyed a career in the fitness industry that spanned thirty-two years. She was an instructor, personal trainer, presenter, and owned two fitness related companies.

    In August of 2012, she sold her home and most of what was in it, left her business, retired her aerobic shoes, said goodbye to friends and family, to head for Tuscany. Being a resident of Italy has allowed Lisa to cultivate relationships with the very people that FYI Tuscany will depend on. By knowing them, the culture and the city intimately, attendees will have an experience beyond that of a regular tourist. She has hand-picked the tours, hotel rooms and restaurants.
    But, most of all, she wants to share her passion and skills with other women.  While every chapter in our life comes with challenges and curve balls, every woman can find a way to be joyful. Lisa is a seeker of joy and a believer in serendipity. 

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    Mind Your Feet with Helen Ryan - Premiere Episode

    in Motivation

    In this week’s program we will be exploring what happens when we get ‘attached’ to our lives, even when that life is not what we’d really hoped for.

    My guest this week is Carl Brooks. Carl helps to provide clarity for women coaches who mean business, and is running a fabulous retreat called Eat, Pray, Learn in Tuscany later this year. But Carl has not always been a coach and he is going to share his journey from IT Project Manager, through a life changing illness, to his current life as a coach. He will share his tips for how to get through that incredible life change.

    You can find Carl at

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    Gianni Stanghellini of Walk About Tuscany

    in Travel

    my name is Gianni. I own my small tour company. I am an experienced guide and travel agent.

    if you are looking at my website certainly we both share the love for walking or hiking and the love for Tuscany.

    I'm offering you exclusive tailored walks and hikes for small groups

    (individuals, couples, families, groups of friends) to suit every request.

    I provide single day or multiple days excursions and walks.

    Perhaps  you'd like to follow the pilgrims' routes in San Gimignano or to sneak into the Chianti area vineyards to see the harvest of the grapes. Perhaps you prefer to walk to a springtime food festival in the Florence countryside. Perhaps you'd like to hike on remote nature trails or maybe you'd like to learn all about the making of alabaster statues in Volterra. Perhaps...

    I will bring you to the authentic off the beaten path places. Walking and hiking with me you will  see not only how beautiful is the "back road" Tuscany but you will experience the warmth of a country and of its people. You will be part of my everyday life. I will share my family, my friends and my favorite spots with you.

    You will fall in love with Tuscany just by interacting with the locals...farmers, shop owners, people on the streets. No panic, I will provide some help with the language.

    My goal is making your visit to Tuscany an unforgettable experience!

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    Explore Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany - Simply Amazing

    in Travel

    Sheila Parry of CiaoLunigiana.com joins me to discuss why Lunigiana in Northern Tuscany is simply amazing.  Dotted with hilltop castles, majestic views, delicious food, a short drive to the coast and the Cinque Terre, the Lunigiana is a perfect spot in Tuscany for a visit for any Italophile.

    Be sure to visit CiaoLunigiana.com for lots of fun details on the region, to book hotels, learn about the region's delicious food, and book your tours.

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    Talk with author, Richard Paolinelli about his book series

    in Spirituality

    Richard Paolinelli is the author of Reservations, published in September of 2015 by Oak Tree Press, and it is the first of a four book series involving the main character, FBI Special Agent Jack Del Rio. He is currently working on the sequels to Reservations: Betrayals, Shades, and Endgames as well as a novelization of Seadragon and a sci-fi novel, Escaping Infinity.

    In addition to the Del Rio series, he is the author and self-publisher of the sports non-fiction From The Fields: A History Of Prep Football in Turlock, California (Tuscany Bay Publishing), a sci-fi novel Maelstrom (Tuscany Bay Publishing) and two short stories: sci-fi short The Invited (Tuscany Bay Publishing) and the mystery/thriller short Legacy of Death (Tuscany Bay Publishing).

    He served as the story writer for the first two issues of the Elite Comics series, Seadragon: Seadragon #1 (Elite Comics, 1986) Seadragon #2 (Elite Comics, 1986). He is also a retired award-winning sports writer for newspapers in California and New Mexico and has written for many magazines and websites across the country.

    The 51-year-old native of California is married to his wife Cheryl and has two children and one grandchild, who all live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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    Serena Giovannoni of Wish Versilia in Tuscany

    in Travel

    WishVersilia is Travel consultant, Wedding Planner and Personal Concierge. We provide customized services to individual travellers, small groups as well as business travellers in Tuscany. Our consultancy is aimed to grant our customers with safe, relaxing and serene stay.
    Some of the tours & experiences we offer are:
    Versilia Tasting Tour Sailing and Tasting Tour Private Cooking Classes Picnic and Tasting in Chianti Sensations Tour of Garfagnana Wine Tasting Tours with Vineyard owners in Lari, Crespina, and Terricciola Music Footsteps Tour following Giacomo Puccini and Andrea Bocelli Puccini Tour of his famous home and theater Art Deco Tour exploring the Art Nouveau Movement Tour of Leghorn Shopping Tour to enjoy the boutiques of Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Pietrasanta, and Lucca Wellness tour to enjoy the markets, Spa, and artisan shops Wedding Planning and services Personal Concierge services.