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    Kingdom Konversations: The Turnaround

    in Religion

    So, you've witnessed/experienced spiritual abuse or church hurt and need to move forward. What do you do? How do you embrace change? The solution, two words...TURNAROUND!

    Join Truth Talk with Lady Tae for Kingdom Konversations with special guest, Elder Raymond Hudson who will be sharing some powerful tools of getting your breakthrough from manipulation and control issues in the church. Call in to engage in the conversation. Allow God to 'turnaround' your trials into a testimony of deliverance. Happening at 6:00 pm.

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    School Turnaround for Children in Poverty

    in Education

    High-poverty schools require considerable resources and deliberate action to adequately support children and families, to address the institutional barriers to opportunity children face, and to ensure students' academic and life success. While the challenges are many, there is a blueprint for what works.

    Turnaround for Children, Inc. Founder, President, and CEO Pamela Cantor, M.D. talks to us about school turnaround and about why it is necessary, especially in high-poverty schools, for turnaround experts to partner with schools and educators and with students and families to systematically address the impacts of poverty on teaching and learning.

    Host Allison R. Brown is a civil rights attorney and President of Allison Brown Consulting (ABC), which creates education equity plans with schools and promotes equity in education in compliance with federal law.

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    The 1 2 3 Apartment Turnaround with Stacy Kennedy

    in Real Estate

    In 2003, Stacy Kennedy was rapidly climbing the ladder of corporate success… but going in the wrong direction.

    After spending many years getting her accounting degree and CPA license, corporate America became her life. Stacy learned how to tackle chaos within companies and create systems to turn them around financially and operationally.  She knew there had to be more to life than a 60+ hour a week job where her efforts built shareholders’ wealth, rather than her own.

    Struggling financially, mired in student loan debt and feeling like she was missing out on life, Stacy was introduced to the world of real estate investing.

    Over the next several years, Stacy started educating herself on multiple ways to invest in real estate and became an expert in creative financing.  She acquired a masters degree from the School of Hard Knocks and found herself being drawn to working in the area of multi family real estate and property management.

    Stacy Kennedy is a CPA, Multli-family investor nationwide and investor trainer.  Over time and through the school of hard knocks, she applied her corporate learned systems and professional training to develop her “Letter of Intent” to protect her when acquiring underperforming properties.  

    For listeners of CREPN Radio, Stacy is providing this Letter of Intent for FREE!


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    Episode #360 - The Big Turnaround

    in Music

    Tonight's episode is all about turning it around.
    Call in - 7148887437

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    Debt forgivenss. Turnaround consulting, Capital formation

    in Business

    What every stressed small business needs to know to survive, emerge and succeed once again.

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    Breakthrough Turnaround/ The turning point

    in Books

    A drive through turnaround should not be mistaken for a spiritual breakthrough that occurs during a season or period of a believer’s life.  It’s a revelation that will cause a change or prompting that something of significance is about to happen.  A break down should not be confused with a breakthrough or causing an ample amount of stress.
    From a spiritual view of a believer all things are possible with the creator or focused upon.  Doing those things because it’s the right thing to do.  Demonstrating kindness, love, hope and forgiveness to one another.  It does not mean reestablishing a past soured relationship.  There are biblical principles in place for our specified awareness.  
    You as a believer will know but perhaps not fully understand how the breakthrough transition physically occurred.  The main subject of concern is I am now standing on holy ground and God has my prayer petition.  It does not matter how long I wait because I am still learning what he intends for me to know.  It’s study, learn, teach, mastery and excellence.  What you have just experienced is a confidence in God that the prayer petition is in the right hands.  Repentance, co

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    Business Turnaround Guru Shares Secrets

    in Business

    Host Lori Wilk welcomes our business turnaround expert ,Patrick Rettig to the show for this live call-in episode. You're invited to talk to the expert at 347-237-5638. Follow our show on Twitter@Successipes and connect with Lori's business network on LinkedIn and http://www.Xeeme.com/loriwilk. To reach our guest, Patrick Rettig for his turnaround expertise and solid track record of not losing a case in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in more than 20 years http://www.TheRettigCorporation.com

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    Your Miracle Turnaround

    in The Bible

    Darrell Johnson, Pastor of the Cathdral of Prayer, Praise and Power, teaches that God can miraculously intervene in any insurmountable circumstance in the life of the believer using unconventional methods foreign to the traditional thinking believer; when we release our faith in the promises of the Word of God we can expect to see the miracle working power of God unleash healing, deliverance, restoration, prosperity and salvation in our lives and the lives of our family; if we can simply believe and put our trust in the Word of God, we can expect to see the Lord turn any difficult and dying situation around in our lives.  We must walk by faith until we see the manifestion of the promises of God in our lives.

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    Your Million Dollar Turnaround

    in Business

    What if you could stop desperately chasing the money? And instead, get in front of the money that is desperately chasing you!

    That's your million dollar turnaround.

    And that's Profit Seduction: A powerful avenue that takes the "salesy" out of selling. And not only unleashes the desire for your products and services already inside your ideal prospects. But channels it … right into your business! 

    It not only activates your prospects' desire for their most profound dreams. It positions you and your business as the fastest path to achieve them.  So this profound promise of success is infused into your products. Your launches. Your marketing. Your positioning. And everything you do. 

    So your ideal prospects want you like crazy!

    During this powerful provocative interview, Profit Seduction creator Rob Schultz presents the most pivotal principles to creating unprecedented demand for your products and services: 

    How to reverse the client chase. Its simple … when you know how!
    Your $10 Million Dollar Business: Why its your pivotal key to success (even if you never make $10 million!)
    Why no one cares what you do. And what they do care about (passionately!) that turns everything around
    Why seduction turns "hype" on its head. So instead of trying to convince your prospects to buy, they actually sell themselves on you!
    Why tactics, tools and trends DON'T drive profits. And the one crucial thing that does that drives unprecedented demand for your offers.

    "Your Million Dollar Turnaround" will revolutionize the way you think about making money.  

    Remember:  When you get out in front of what your prospects are already rushing towards … they rush towards you! And this powerful presentation will show you how you can make it happen!

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    Turnaround and Cash flow Management for your Small Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us as guest Brendan Major is joined by David Smith of Expense Reduction Coaching. David and Brendan will dive into a topic that every business owner worries about: financial crisis. David will share some insights into turnaround and cash flow management in times of crisis, including economic downturn, declining product or market, entry of competition, etc.

    About Our Guest

    David A. Smith, CPA, CMA is a ERC franchise owner, graduated from the University of Toronto with a Specialist degree in Business and Economics, and has been a Certified Management Accountant for over 20 years.  With the unification of accounting in Canada, he’s recently been granted the CPA designation.

    David has held several CFO or Controller positions totaling over 20 years with medium sized public and private companies, in Steel Manufacturing, Telemarketing, Entertainment and Telecommunications.   David’s focus has always been operational oriented and on profit maximization.  David has been on the Senior Management team for a number major corporate turnarounds, and has developed a reputation as a specialist in this area.  David is married and the father of two grown children.

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    The Giants Beat Podcast: Free Agency Review

    in Football

    Join David Aitken, Aaron Yorke and Dan Schneier as they discuss the Giants' moves in free agency. The Giants were surprisingly active, but will that translate to a legitimate turnaround? Who are the potential steals and duds? Should the Giants be worried about the lack of progress on Eli Manning's extension? 

    Just over a month away from the draft, the team's needs are coming into focus. Where should the Giants go in the top ten, and what areas should overall be a priority in free agency? 

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