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    When Crowdfunding Fails, Get 20 People On The Web To Give You Tuition For School

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    Matthew Lesko of http://leskofreeradio.com/ interviews Vikas Lalwani of http://thenextweb.com/dd/2014/03/22/t... about how he tried to crowd fund his tuition but instead got 20 clients for his business.

    Article: http://thenextweb.com/dd/2014/03/22/t...

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    Stop Paying For Private School Tuition

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    ·School Choice is choice for the mind – free from the oppression of forced participation in unproductive schools. 
    ·School Choice, at its essence, is simply employing “whatever works” for the child and having the government pay for it!!!
    Let’s stop paying for public school tuition (through our real estate taxes) and then a second tuition for our own kids.
    School Choice allows families to choose where to send their kids to get an education and have the government pay for it!!!
    We have a tremendous opportunity this year to make this a reality.

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    How to get College Scholarships to pay Tuition/Fees 100% w/ Expert Marvis Burns!

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    Summer-Break Rewind HOT PICK!    Original show aired in 2/2013.  All offers still available....

    The True Purpose Development Show is here for 2 hours to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and ENTERTAIN you!  

    1st Hour:  A young Detroit native that won $500,000 of scholarships, graduated from Cornell University and currently getting my MBA at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania with 80% of his tuition paid on SCHOLARSHIPS, is LIVE with us TONIGHT!  His book, The Insiders Guide to a Free Ride is #1 on Amazon in 3 categories and is currently in numerous schools throughout the country! He is 25 years old and making a HUGE DIFFERENCE!  Providing the Resources and Tools that our children ...and even adults need to make it HAPPEN!  You don't want to miss this OPPORTUNITY tonight! 

    2nd Hour:  It's time for ENTERTAINMENT with the Doc and MomoB on Keepin' It Real with the Doc and MomoB! QOD tonight....Is it Love or INSECURITY?  Are you confusing your own codependency with LOVE?   Hmmmm Interesting....Interesting...so let's talk and have some fun!

    Visit Marvis Burns:  http://educationalkeys.com and get the INSIDER'S GUIDE to a FREE RIDE TODAY!!! 


    Sponsor:  Bountiful Opportunities Group, Inc. , Home of the Global World Peace - True Purpose Movement - Global Transformational Tours and the True Purpose Team!


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    Learn what's happeneing with Veterans Assistance Tuition.......so important. DETC's Leah Matthews is our guest. We'll discuss other matters as well regarding Distance Ed

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    Channeled Insights From Arch Angel Michael With Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

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    Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard joins Brenda Pearce on This VERY SPECIAL edition of E Factor Radio!!!!

    Join Sage as she gifts us with a Teletunement and insights regarding the Law of Abundance and  and so much more!!!   Stick around as a few special and lucky LIVE call in listeners will also receive direct channeled messages from AAM!

    Sage has also graciously offered the following...   Want to change what you are attracting to you?  Then consider gifting yourself, or someone you love with the #1 LoA course in the WORLD!

    Angelic Abundance is the BEST Law of Attraction program on Earth for a reason!
    Science meets Spirit reSOURCES - Over $2500 of the best
    Mind Body Spirit transformational tools to accelerate your prosperity
    AND your life purpose AND spiritual enlightenment and intuition.
    Go here now for details, discounted tuition and your special bonuses
    including a Money Reiki healing transmission!
    (expiring soon, rates are going up in 2015 so enroll now even if you want to start the program later - And be sure to sign up quickly to get all the bonuses!)

    I highly recommend this program and encourage you to join us 
    because Sage and Archangel Michael can absolutely help you
    magnetize more abundance and experience more love, 
    more joy and more prosperity so don't miss this special opportunity!


    Your link for the free gift:

    Manifest Anything! 
    Law of Attraction Success Kit
    Value of $297 - FREE for Efactor listeners



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    18 Year Old Girl Sues Parents

    in Religion

    An eighteen year old girl is suing her parents in a New Jersey court.  The girl said the parents kicked her out of their home and refuses to provide any financial support although they are clearly able.  The parents say she left on her own will because she didn’t want to follow their rules.

    We air programs on Blog Talk Radio at the following times: Sun 2:00pm, Mon 8:00pm, Tue 8:00pm, Wed 7:00pm, Thu 8:00pm, Fri 7:00pm & Sat 9:00am.  All times are Eastern Standard Time.

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    The P.Missick Encouraging Show / Overcoming Helplessness

    in Spirituality

    There are a lot of things in life that you want to do but you have feelings of helplessness. You want to go to school but you don't have the money to pay for tuition. You want to play an instrument but you don't have the instrument to practice with and you don't have a teacher to teach you how to play. You want to have a good friend but you feel you have nothing to offer the friendship. You want to have a good job but you don't have the skills necessary to hold the job. You want to help the sick but you don't know how. You want to have extrta money but you don't have a job. There are many reason why you feel helpless, but you have to go on! How do you pick yourself up from a negative position of helplessness? You can do it and we will talk about different ways to do it.

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    My King's Service Worldwide Fellowship Network - Rev. Dr. Kanya & Kim Hubbard

    in Religion

    Rev., Dr. Kanya Hubbard. My topic of choice for the evening will be on “Generational Blessings” I think we have lost sight of the blessings that can and have been passed down from generation to generation, because we are focused on the generational curses. I am going to bring to light generational blessings still exist.  I come from a long line of Pastors, Evangelist, Ministers and Bishops in my family. I have been an ordained minister since 2007 and I currently support several online ministries in several states. I volunteer with CASA-(Court Appointed Special Advocate Unit) in the state of VA and TN. Many may not know what a CASA do, but we help to protect children and go to bat for their well-being ensuring they are in a safe environment. I also volunteer with SARP-(Sexual Assault Response Person). .


    About Kim Hubbard: Women’s Ministry, Single’s Ministry and choir. I basically went back to what I knew. My grandparents raised me and my older sister in the church. Whenever I stray I know that I can always come back home.

    After being out of work for about three months I finally got a call from an old high school acquaintance. She told me that her company was hiring and asked if I was interested. I jumped at the chance of having steady income again. I took a pay cut. But, within a year I was almost back to what I was making at my last job. I moved up the ladder pretty quickly. I started off as a Credit Representative and now I am a Resource Management Analyst. Although this is not what I expected to be doing at this age this company has helped me out a tremendously.

    They provide tuition assistance and I was able to obtain my Masters of Science degree in June of this year. I am now searching for something in the Human Resource Management field. But, my heart is still in the entertainment industry. 

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    Coversations with Emergent Studies Institute

    in Spirituality

     Emergent Studies Institute is a dynamic non-profit online learning environment. We employ innovative Internet technology to connect students and teachers in new ways. Educational programs may include experiments in sustainability (permaculture, ecological housing, humane animal husbandry), youth projects, community arts projects, and more. In addition to rigorous academic studies, our students practice engagement in heart-centered community service, supported by credible research and grounded in personal experience. Our programs are designed to be in-touch with the needs of students’ local communities, as well as recognizing our connection to a greater global society. ESI’s collegial environment encourages student/ faculty collaboration on mutually beneficial learning experiences supported by an affordable educational system that addresses each student’s needs and circumstances. We offer work-study and volunteer opportunities to reduce the cost of tuition. We believe both academic and practical training is built upon participants’ connection with Spirit.  It is this universal spirituality that connects us with ourselves and everyone around us. We all walk upon the path of Spirit, and just as the nautilus shell represents the soul’s journey, so do our graduates emerge with the understanding and commitment to build bridges in an ever-changing world.

    Social Networks:

    Facebook Page
    Google+ Business Page


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    Paying For College & Managing Student Debt

    in Family

    Our Kitchen Cabinet Financial Expert Lurie Davis is back to discuss three important ways that you can finance your child’s college education in a painless methodical way. He’ll walk us through the various programs that you can consider regardless of the age of your child.  

    And for our listeners who have mounting student debt, Lurie will walk you though a reasonable and painless way to manage your student debt while building your career at the same time.

    With costs rising now more than ever every family (even grandparents like me) need to listen to this show and share it with others as you plan the educational pathway for your youngsters.


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    Shark Tanks Across America: We Pitch & Fund Business Ideas for Profit & Fun!

    in Business

    Shark Tanks Across America is a nationwide community network of everyday people who are interested in learning first-hand, how to become a profitable Entrepreneur and/or Small Business Investor. No experience is necessary to participate. If you would like to learn how to pitch and fund business ideas for profit and for fun, you should consider joining a local chapter of Shark Tanks Across America. 

    Did you know that every time a small business start-up earns a dollar, YOU could be getting a piece of the action? Not just in YOUR community, but a piece of the action from start-ups in communities across America? Do you know anyone with a great business idea but lacks the funding, know-how, or connections to launch it properly? 

    Shark Tanks Across America is an earn as you learn educational training program for Investors and Entrepreneurs. STAA provides GRANTS for small business start-ups, which have to be paid back over time, plus a minimum 10% donation to STAA. Traditional, online, home-based, & not for profit businesses ideas are accepted. 

    Shark Tanks Across America Chapters are made up of 100 everyday people located in communities across America, who collaborate each month to brainstorm, pitch, fund, promote, and launch business ideas for profit and for fun. Members make small financial contributions to the program each year in the form of Tuition, which is used to fund the Grant Program. At the end of each training cycle year, each Chapter will receive perks and rewards for participating in the program. Opportunities for advancement are built into the training program. No experience, income, or credit is required to participate. 

    For Info: http://www.iTrainInvestors.com

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