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    Parent Talk Live: Tuition Free Community College

    in Education

    Dr.  Mike Robinson, host of Parent Talk Live will discuss President Barack Obama’s proposal America’s College Promise which if approved by Congress would provide free community college education to nearly 9 million students.  Dr. Robinson’s guests are Dr. Susan Gardner, Assistant Dean School of Pharmacy at the University of Charleston and Reginald (Reggie) N. Nichols has been a higher education professional for 18 years as an admissions officer and academic counselor.

    Bio: Susan Gardner has more than 17 years of higher education experience in academic and student affairs. She has taught at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the areas of communications, social science, and leadership. Past experiences include serving as a community college vice president where she oversaw student affairs and enrollment. Prior to her community college experience, Gardner served as assistant dean of students at the University of Charleston (UC). Recently she returned to UC and its School of Pharmacy where she is as an assistant professor and assistant dean for professional and student affairs. Gardner earned her BA from Oakland University, MA from Central Michigan University, and PhD from Capella University. She lives in Charleston, WV with her husband and two daughters. 

    Bio: Reginald (Reggie) N. Nichols has been a higher education professional for 18 years as an admissions officer and academic counselor. His previous careers have been in human services and banking. Reggie has dedicated his career to helping at risk, first generation and multicultural students map out their educational, career and financial paths.




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    We Have 3 Lovely Daughters, My Wife Wants One More Boy! Tuition Is Not Cheap Oh!

    in Relationships

    Is this really a point of contention? 

    My wife and I have been married for 7 years and we have 3 beautiful daughters. Lately my wife has been bugging me about trying for a boy to carry on my family name but to be quite honest, I don't want any more children. I am very content with my princesses and college tuition is not getting any cheaper! 

    Now, my wife and  mother have joined forces against me about having a male child because I'm an only son. My house is always on fire over this now. Please help because I truly can't afford anymore children!!!

    Join us tonight at 8pm as we discuss..... let's swap tales! 


  • 'Social Classes' ...The Effects on Performing Arts

    in Entertainment

    Listen as host Alisa Nicole discusses the effects that social classes have on performing arts.  Perhaps you are considering investing money in a college tuition toward an education in performing arts, and would like to know what are the issues surrounding this industry.  Maybe you are looking to work within this industry and would like to take look at what are some elements involved that you may experience. Did you consider social classes within this industry and are you prepared with the knowledge needed to get where it is you or someone you know needs to go?  The performing arts industry is a competitive area. Join in on the discussion and discuss this industry, the social classes involved, and how it shapes society.   


    Alisa Nicole Hickenbottom has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Social Justice. She spent half of a decade working professionaly in the Health Care industry.  Alisa Nicole also has extensive experience within the small business area.  She helped manage a printing franchise for many years.  Most recently, she co-owned a retail clothing store.  Alisa Nicole first became a talk radio host years ago working during the summer on an internet radio show for Toginet Radio.  During her time as a radio host for Toginet she got the opportunity to interview business owners, celebrities, and entrepreneurs.  Alisa Nicole also enjoys writing song lyrics and writing in general.  She has written one short story Diaries of A Text.  Alisa Nicole is now excited to do talk radio again and take her radio personality further as she has now started working towards a career in Film/TV. Alisa Nicole enjoys posing intellectual conversations with a laxed feel.  She is known for having a comedic style at times when discussing a non-finite amount of topics.




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    4 card readings

    in Spirituality

    3 card readings & 1 for what its all about. What good is 3 cards if you can't sum it all up.

     Even a one card reading can be very powerful. It really depends on the  Quorenth that's YOU.

    So stop by, check in wave hello or sit and relax either way it's going to be fun and very educational..

    .That's where you come in again

  • Everything Is Expensive!! Call In (619) 924-0977 Press 1 To Talk

    in Current Events

    Food, Healthcare, Tuition are just some of the soaring costs we all have to deal with.  Can we do anything about it?

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    in Relationships

    I know that it is hard to believe, but many "kids" are on their way to College in a couple of weeks!  How do you manage the transition from childhood to Young Adult-Hood?

    Guest Speaker:  Adil Mian

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    The Blessing of Stress

    in Family

    Today we're talking about stress and what we can do about it.  Back to school stress,college stress, commitment stress, family stress, they all can be messages to change you life in the most amazing ways if you will let it.  Join us to talk about how being stressed can transform into being blessed.  See you there!

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    FutureCollegeFund.com presents...'Conversations' w/ Entrepreneur Desiree Shank

    in Entrepreneur

    DTong welcomes special guest Entrepreneur & Mom Desiree Shank, Founder of 'Future College Fund' & successfully funded on the CNBC hit show 'West Texas Investors Club'.  We'll talk about her business, the vision of her company/website/app, as well as the future of education funding.  We'll also talk about her experience on the show & let her tell you how FutureCollegeFund.com is changing the way people acheive full/part of their childrens college tuition & how your kids college can be completely covered by the time their ready! 

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    "Up Close & Personal" with "Gregory Abbott" & Saxophonist "JaZmin Ghent"

    in Music

                       Gregory Abbott

    Platinum recording artist, songwriter and producer Gregory Abbott’s roots stem from Venezuela (his mother) and the Island of Antigua (his father). Raised in Harlem in New York City, he is a dual citizen of the USA and Antigua. Abbott released the single and album “Shake You Down” shaking up the music industry with countless honors and awards.

    “Shake You Down” has the distinction of reaching one million radio air-plays faster than any song in the history of BMI (now well over three million), and won BMI’s Pop Song of the Year award as the most performed song. Gregory has also won two ‘Soul Train” music awards for Best Male Singer and Best New Artist.

    JaZmin Ghent

    Jazmin Deborah Ghent is a gospel, jazz and contemporary saxophonist. Born in Heidelberg, Germany and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, she became interested in music at age 5 when she began taking piano lessons. She became the Sunday School pianist at the age of 8 and often practiced with the adult musicians and church choir members. After being introduced to the saxophone in Middle School, she progressed to becoming the church pianist and saxophonist. Once in high school, she discovered her passion for performing and teaching and began playing professionally in the Huntsville, Alabama area

         Jazmin won National awards such as the NAACP's ACT-SO competition and was chosen to perform at the NAACP closing ceremony in Orlando, Florida in 2008. She was chosen for 3 consecutive years as 1st chair tenor saxophonist for the All State Jazz Band. Jazmin was offered a full tuition scholarship in 2009 to Berklee School of Music as well as Florida State University School of Music.

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    Hales Franciscan High Starts School Year Offering Scholarships

    in Women

    Historic Catholic High School Hales Franciscan ended last semester on a tentative note, with fears it may be closing, but valiant efforts from alumni along with new Board Chairman Melody Spann Cooper, President and CEO of WVON Radio Station, the school has remained opened. It's $7,500 yearly tuition cost will be supplemented by scholarships in the amount of $3,500 for incoming Freshman. There are still 20 more slots available for Freshmen enrolled. Today, the Principal of Hales Franciscan High School, Dr. Nichole Jackson, discusses her vision to make this school one of Chicago'a premier learning academies. We're also joined by three current students, Nick McKenzie, Dakhaari Ingram, and Alfred Lott, all seniors, who explain the benefits of learning with a small, close knit student body where each student receives personalized attention from the teacher and administration.


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    Saving Dyett: Are Public Schools Being Taken Over By Private Business?

    in Women

    Has public education become big business at the expense of our children? Dyett High School in Chicago is just one of many public schools in danger of closing and being reopened as a privately owned institution. Some say that's good - the more private institutions we have, the more control we have over our children's education. But private schools, unless heavily financed by large corporations, tend to fail because schools rely on families to meet budget requirements through tuition. When tuition costs rise, families leave the school and this creates a greater financial burdon on the remaining families. The downward spiral effect leads to good private schools closing. In areas where coporations have taken over the schools and made them private, many local children are excluded from attending. Jitu Brown, National Director for the Journey For Justice Alliance, is working with the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization (KOCO) to insure that Dyett remains a viable public school, and is not closed and reopened as a private, corporately owned school that excludes neighborhood students.

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