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    Radio Drama "Tug Of War: Episode One" - 5pm PST

    in Entertainment


    The semi-autobiographical story about an autistic young woman and her everyday adventures in the Philadelphia special-needs system.  In this premier, we meet our main character and learn of her goal to just make it through another day while juggling the company of two friends competing for her attention.


    Rated PG-13 for language and intense situations


    Written By:  Phoebe Murer (Original Source)

    Adapted By:  Tim Pylypiuk (Radio Adaption)

    Starring:  Phoebe Murer and Tim Pylypiuk

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    Pinkney to Pinkney Tug of War Continues part 2

    in Politics Progressive

    The tug of war continues between corrupt corporations/ deceptive self serving politicians vs. the poor & disenfranchised. Rev Pinkney, the community activist from Benton Harbor has been bind over for trial. Rev Pinkney charged with a crime, five counts of election fruad that is felony and face up to twenty -five years.   

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    Season 2 Week 2, The tug of war for the top slot in the myEcon league

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    Welcome, as our season progresses there will be battles than reign supreme, and the Cardinals look like a team on a mission to keep the top slot in our league. An impressive win over the tough Seahawks makes him a contender for sure. There are literally lots of teams that have a shot at winning the whole thing. The Rams who hasn't played an opponent yet due to technical difficulties is still the champ until someone knocks him off, but the Texans, Broncos, Steelers, Panthers, Skins, Browns, Chiefs, Niners, and a list of coaches are vying for that slot. I just listed a few, but there are so many more, and this is why we play the game. So get ready for week 3 radio show next, its coming here soon. Stay blessed. 

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    NLL 007: The Tug of War of Our Mind And Actions by Chad Schapiro

    in Entrepreneur

    Chad Schapiro discusses the tug of war we face in our busy lives.  Not the original tug of war that we are use to playing with a rope and trying to pull one side of people across the line but rather a tug of war in the mind and our actions.  We have to commit to doing more of certain things and less of others so we can win in our daily lives!  Listen as he lists the actions we should be incorporating and the actions we should be doing less of. 



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    023: Tug At My Heart with Deb Hart

    in Self Help

    An inspirational survivor! Deb Hart has overcome major life challenges from the loss of a child, to breast cancer.  Now through her book and non-profit, Pink Sistas, she's touching the hearts of many.  Listen to the hear how the POWER of choice and community make all the difference. Go HERE >> http://bit.ly/1xDQ7IE

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    P&P Talk to the Twins with Producer/Actress Kyrstal Lee

    in Film

       Krystal Lee live on P&P Talk to The Twins

      TUG Productions LLC is a company that produces social, educational, and informative media projects that impact the world. CEO & owner, Krystal Lee, is a young entrepreneur motivated to change the world with her gifts of writing, leadership, and producing. She has a rich corporate history working with several stations to include: Telemundo, New Screen TV, TUG Network, Word Network, and The Golf Channel. In addition to her TV production career, Krystal is an established C level executive that has worked with Legacy Worldwide, the second largest media company in North America and Business Radio ExE the 4th largest online business radio station. She leads a team of successful young and mature professionals. Collectively, the team has over 40 years experience in their respective space. The team is made up of 5 core members and 15 supports. Total Restoration is one of the many projects created by Krystal Lee in connection with TUG Productions LLC. She had a vision to help small businesses because this sector is the foundation of the US economy and what’s the value of financial wealth if your life is in shambles!

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    Rundown March 26

    in Football

    1.       Dan Bernstein

    2.       WV Daxtor Miles Quote and picks for tonight

    3.       Donatello Got Killed

    4.       Congress Woman Sucks At Parking

    5.       Canoe Tug O War

    6.       SAE Press Conference

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    The Single Parent Dilemma

    in Family

    Join My Rays of Light Radio with LM Young and Nadiyah, on Tuesday at 10pm est

    Call in to speak with our hosts live


    Or listen online at 


    Is there a difference in being a single parent and being a parent that is single?

    Is there a way to set aside our differences for te sake of raising healthy children?

    Should we do more talking before deciding to have sex?

    At the end of the tug of war, called marriage...who is the real loser?

    Let us know what you think!!!

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    Sapphire JBlue chats with Author Fanita Moon Pendleton "Open Marriage ".

    in Entertainment

    Lust and Love are in a tug of war in this tale of a marriage stretched to its limit. 
    Meet Briann Jennings, CEO of Glamour Girl Inc., an unapologetic independent woman, but how long will she continue to let the demons of her past dictate her future? 
    Enter Jason Matthews, owner of JM Advertising, tall dark and handsome; every woman’s dream and the envy of all his boys; but has he met his match in Briann? 
    Hudson Duke, heir to the Beauty Mark throne, is trying to out run his families’ secrets while he hides his passion for another man’s wife. 
    Lies and Deceit threaten to cause cracks in this marriage as everyone wants in and no one wants out. 

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    A Muslim and a Catholic wake up in Merica

    in Politics

    Tonight 7 pm cst on Werisisters radio and JREV join us as we talk about current affairs and the state of Israel. With our government in a tug of war over Uncle Bibi speech. Also we will be talking about Obama and his brash actions lately. Is it because he knows he has nothing to lose or is he trying to prepare the people for the coming of Hitlary by making the majority fall in love with the Democratic party? Cal will be taking some one to the corner and beating them from with in an inch of their life. So tune in call in just be there tonight.

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    The Power Struggle

    in Self Help

    The power struggle on an energetic level looks like two energy fields competing to take energy from the other or one energy field trying to take energy and the other trying to keep it.  We often get caught up in the drama's of relationship including the words spoken; however beneath the surface is most often a power struggle that if recognized can change the dynamics of a relationship.

    In this episode of Pandora's Box Kaleah will be talking about the power struggle; how to recognize it and stop the tug of war that keeps your precious life force energy from going out the window.

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