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    Al Tubbs joins SGWS

    in Sports

    Blue Collar Wrestling manager and color commentator Al Tubbs joins Sign Guy's Wrestling Show for the first time. He's been in the professional wrestling buisness a long time and has done everything there is to do in the buisness. He has moved from the midwest to the Pacific Northwest where he found a home in BCW. From managing tag teams to calling the action for radio broadcasts, Al Tubbs is a valued member of the BCW roster. Find out the latest with him as he joins us for an explosive interview.

  • 01:23

    Fear NOT! Ladies Bible Study Part One - Cathy Tubbs

    in Christianity

    Don't let the things of this world bring the spirit of fear into your life!  Learn from the Bible how to identify, combat and eliminate the spirit of fear from your life.  We all face battles in this area at one time or another in our lives.  Learn how the way in which we live our daily lives prepares us for the times when we need to stand strong in faith.  Join us in this four part series as we explore what the Word of God says about the matter.

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    Ken McCoy Radio: Guest: Charlie Tubbs -Actin' Up Entertainment

    in Music

    New shows Events and Originals on the Horizon! The CEO of Actin' Up Entertainment will share info on New events and schedules audition dates etc about events to Come! Tune In! His Next LIVE Event Is Friday Night at 7pm at FULTON 55

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    Dekorah Rocks :)

    in Indie Music

    Featuring  Awesome tunes, via Dekorah,  Boots, Caffeine & Candy :) Go Dekorah! - dekorah.com The beginning is NOT Dekorah, opening tune on sports-show, tech issues, then played some Dekorah, @ 1:45ish mark; Great songs! 

    Nashville, TN

    Dekorah is an introspective Singer / Songwriter / Musician out of Nashville, TN, who has captured audiences with her signature haunting ballads and vocals, enigmatic yet heartfelt lyrics, catchy melody lines, captivating harmonies, and world music influences. Her debut album, 333, produced by Anton Music Productions is available on iTunes & Amazon & on her website (www.dekorah.com) . In 2015, she has released a duet with singer/songwriter Jeff Radi entitled "Send Me Your Smile", a quirky, cute "i miss you" love song. Dekorah also released her ballad "Quite a Love" featuring Rudy Z with his melodic and emotional basslines, that have put a new haunting twist on the song. A 3rd heart felt release came out in July 2015 with co-writer Carl Martin entitled "Lay Down My Life." All of these singles have been produced by Justin Ray Miller of Yellow Hammer Studios in Nashville, TN & are available on iTunes, Amazon, and Dekorah.com. More single projects are available with bassist Rudy Z & Yellow Hammer Studios (featuring Garrett Goodwin & Shawn Tubbs of Carrie Underwood) and guest vocalists Jeff Radi, Tracey Candisuperstar Sparks & Mark Nagode. More projects being planned in 2016, as well as a solo "chill-out" Dekorah concept album entitled "Parallel Universe". 

    She writes about matters of the heart, love in all forms, soul-searching & reflection, addiction, forgiveness, "parallel universes", personal failures & redemptions/revelations & more. 


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    in Self Help

    Authoress Tonya Wilson of, "The Time Is Now", sheds light on Issues of Addictions, Recovery, & Deliverance. On Sunday, January 3, 2016 @ 7:00 PM EST and 6:00 PM CST. If you need Inspiration, Answers, or Support, The Time Is Now!!! Her guest panelist this week is, TAMMIE TUBBS......Tammie Tubbs is the Executive Producer and TV Host of The Tammie Tubbs Show on Christian Television Network (CTN), on WEPH TV 49 in Mississippi. Tammie is a Leader, Writer, and TV Personality, who experienced two losses in 2005, that would devastate any parent, her two sons, to Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Join us as she shares her story of how, through her Strength and Faith in God, she realized that her purpose was to help others. She decided that she was going to live and help others during their process to celebrate life. The call in number for the show is 1-347-884-8924.You can also listen on your computer and chat with us at this link > http://tobtr.com/s/8189021

    The Recovery Corner is proudly brought to you by, "The Literary Corner." We also provide a diverse platform to bring awareness to socioeconomic issues within our Community, Christian Values, promotion of Small Businesses & Support of Non-Profit organizations. Our Partnering NOP, The Theodore House, provides invaluable services for people who suffer with addictions, mental health, homelessness, and HIV. For information, please contact, Ms. Tamikia Randall, at www.theodorehouse.org

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    Bruce Weinberg: Chamber Chairman of the Board | New programs for your business

    in Business News

    On this show we interview our very own Coral Springs Chamber, Chairman of the Board


    Bruce Weinberg is the President and Stockholder with Weinberg & Company, P.A. a regional accounting firm with offices in Boca Raton, Fl. West Palm Beach, Fl., Los Angeles, Ca, and China. He has over 29 years of experience in the field of accounting and tax through his work with Weinberg & Company and prior to that with Weinberg, Tubbs & Company.

    He shares a few of the newest programs and initiatives the Coral Springs Chamber has rolled out. One of the initiatives is Coral Springs Chamber Business Academy: www.cschamber.com/pages/cscba  allowing an incredible opportunity for our members to take advantage of business expertise in the areas of: social media, leadership development, improving web presence, and so much more.

    So much to share about our chamber- join us!


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    Gay's PSA

    in Self Help

    Tammie Tubbs, host of The Tammie Show, will be here to discuss the #1 genetic killer of children under the age of 2: Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Tammie lost 2 children to this terrible disease and will be here to share her testimony in an effort to raise awareness.

    Cassandra Harris-Gray will also be here to help me to kick off my "Cuffing Season" series! This dynamic counsellor will tell us more about how to achieve self-awareness prior to entering relationships.

    This show is going to be diversely incredible and I simply cannot wait for them to share what they have with you.

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    Lynette Norris Wilkinson, Sharon Tubbs & Bruce Mills

    in Books

    At the top of the hour host Cyrus Webb welcomes author Lynette Norris Wilkinson to Conversations LIVE. At 15 min. past the hour, Webb talks with author Sharon Tubbs. Then at 30 min. past the hour, join Webb in welcoming author Bruce Mills to the show. Finally at 45 min. past the hour resident chef Bruce Tretter brings this week's "Quick and Easy Cooking Tip".

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    Episode 4: With Ricardo Tubbs and Trey Herbert

    in MMA

    Ricardo Tubbs is the president of Da Firma Kimono Company, which specializes in custom grappling gear and apparel as well as sponsors many fighters in grappling and MMA events all over the country. He is also a BJJ brownbelt under Marcello Alcantar. Trey Herbert is a broadcast radio producer and sports talk radio on-air personality in Hampton Roads, VA. 

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    Live in the Cage: Ron DeLeon, James Gray, Brandon Ruffin.

    in MMA

    Tonight, your host Dave "The Butcher" Clifford welcomes Ron DeLeon of Capital City Cagefight Championships to talk about his event this Saturday in Lansing. Next up on the Every Victory Earned hotlines is James Gray of Team SFS to talk about his active roster and upcoming contest in Brazil for the XFCi tournament semifinal. After that, Brandon Ruffin stops in to talk about his contest for Shiloh Blu's Masters of Combat this Saturday. Live in the Cage is brought to you by Genco Boots of Jackson, MI and Every Victory Earned for the ACSLIVE.TV podcast network, powered by Baker College.

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    Live in the Cage: Travis McClellan, Dan Hoogerhyde, Lamar Foster, D. Humphrey

    in MMA

    Tonight on the ACSLIVE.TV podcast network (Powered by Baker College), inside the Stars Sports Bar and Adult Entertainment virtual studios, and brought to you by Genco Boots, host Dave "The Butcher" Clifford will be welcoming SSFL competitors Travis McClellan and Dan Hoogerhyde. Dan is also co-promoter for the Spyder Submissions Fight League, and they have another stacked card coming to Midland, MI this Saturday night. Next up, and competing for the Prison City Fight League, also on Saturday night, is Lamar Foster of Team Tubbs. Lamar is making his comeback fight this Saturday in Jackson vs. a very tough Gilbert Reyna. Our final guest of the evening is Team SFS' Darryol Humphrey. Darryol is making his debut as a professional mixed-martial-artist on Jan 23 for the WXC.